August 26, 2010
By NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
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I am jolted awake when my alarm clock goes of. I grumble and sleepily stand up and turn off my alarm clock. I look back at my bed to see Jason laying on my bed still sleeping. I sigh and pet his back making him jolt and stand up on all four legs looking at me with blue eyes. "Wakey wakey." I say before turning around from the wolf. I hear him jump down off my bed and trot beside me as I walk to my dresser. I open up my top draw and pear into it seeing a few tank tops, some shirts, some long sleeved, and my school uniform. I grab a tank top and a short-sleeved shirt and lay them on the floor as I close that drawer and open the one below it. There I find my three pairs of skinny jeans and four pairs of shorts. I pause and walk over to my window and sticking my hand out. Its chilly out, i go with the jeans. I go to my smaller dresser with only two slots and open up the bottom one and pick out under wear and a bra. I look down at Jason as he eyes me intensely. "what?" I ask. He barks. "I cant understand you!" I yell. He shakes his head and trots to my bed and hops back on it. I sigh. "Well, i'm going to take a shower. I'll be out shortly, than I will get us some breakfast." I explain. Jason barks. I nod and pick up all my clothes and walk into the bathroom. I start to strip my clothes off. I look at myself in the mirror. My pale skin and blue eyes framed by my blond hair and diagonal bangs. I sigh to myself. I know I'm pretty, I just dont feel like it. I turn the hot water on and with a touch of cold. I leap into the shower and let the burning water drench my hair and roll down my slender, naked body. I close my eyes and push my hair back and out of my face than I pat the ledge searching for a shampoo bottle. My fingers hit the shampoo bottle and it falls to the shower floor with a thump. I bend down and open my eyes to pick it up. I spot it in the water, open pouring out. "shoot!" I grunt picking it up and closing it. I watch as half of its contents float around in the water til its completely sucked in by the drain. I sigh and pour some into my hand than gently massaging it into my hair. After I feel my hair coated in it I wrinse it out and do the same with the conditioner. I grab the soap bar and slid it across my fingers than I run my hands down my body cleaning myself off. I wrinse myself than I hop out of the shower and grab my towel off the hook wrapping it around myself. I look at the fogged up mirror and i pull my towel to my hair and dry my hair. I put on my clothes and walk into my bedroom to see Jason sleeping, I wish I could fall asleep like that. Once I wake up, theres no going back. I throw my wet towel at him making him leap up and stare around alarmed. I laugh and walk to my vanity pulling a brush through my hair. I hear Jason growl in the background and I look in the mirror to see he's growling a the door. I turn around and look at the door as it opens and my brother steps in my room. "Nikki, its breakfast, get down here, and tell your pet to calm down." He says looking at Jason with calming hands. Jason barks loudly and Darius hurries out of my room. I look at Jason with a disapproving glance. Jason whimpers and hops off my bed and presses against my legs. I laugh and pet Jason. "Alright, lets go eat." I give in. I walk downstairs and Jason follows behind me. I glance around and see my little sister, Vanessa and her freind Amy sitting at the dining room table eating pancakes and playing with their barbies. I look at the kitchen and see Darius and Luke making pancakes. I sit on the stool by the counter and admire Luke. Luke, the football, baseball, and basketball player. Every girls hopes and dreams. Besides me being Darius's little sister, he doesn't notice me. And who am i to like him? He has a girlfriend and we live on complete different worlds. His world consists on cute girls, preppy friends, rich parents, and parties every night. Not crushes on out-of-league-guys, weird friends, dead parents, and spending all times with Jason. Where ever I go, he goes. Jason notices my continuous staring at Luke and he growls. I shift my gaze to him and pat his head. He shakes his black fur. Darius, also noticing the growl, turns toward me. "You need to teach that wolf/small bear some manners." He laughs. Jason snaps at him. Darius looks at me. "Hungry?" Luke says behind Darius. I nod not trusting what would come out of my mouth. Luke strolls over to me and hands me a plate of pancakes. How he's friends with my brother, the world may never know. I eat half of the food on my plate and pass it over to Jason. He greedily chokes it down. I laugh as I watch him. "Alright, I'm leaving, Nikki, will you drop Vanessa and Amy over at hannah's? Thanks!" Darius says fastly than runs out the door Luke trailing close behind. I open my mouth to protest but I know that I'm to late. I look at Jason just as he finishes the plate off. Vanessa and Amy tug on my shirt. Jason hops off the stool beside me and strolls to the door. I follow behind him. Jason is a very big wolf. He saved my life one day. I was in the forest when A big man was there. He was a middle aged deranged-looking man...with an axe. I was little. About four years of age I remember a big black wolf, and lots of blood. I shivered at the memories and Jason looked up at me. I shrugged and picked up Vanessa and put her on Jason's back. He's a big wolf, I could even ride him. I scoot Vanessa over and than put Amy. They giggled/ "Yah, yah, pony!" Amy commanded and Jason looked at me with a look I know to well, the 'your lucky, i love you' look. I laughed and we left the house. But Jason has a secret. One that nobody knows besides me. I sigh as we approach Hannah's house. I pick Vanessa up in one arm and Amy in the other than I drop them to the ground and scuttle up to Hannah's house. Hannah's mom opens the door with a smile and lets them inside. She waves at me and I smile and wave back. After she closes the door and I know that no one is watching I look down at Jason. "Wanna go to the woods?" I ask referring to the woods behind my house that everyone uses to either spook themselves or hunt. Jason barks happily and I climb on his back looking around once more and no one is around. Once I'm on and steady, jason takes off sprinting to my house. Once we get semi close to the house I jump off of Jason and run beside him. He slows his pace enough for me to catch up. I'm fast for me, but not nearly as fast as Jason. He barks a gleeful bark and I quicken my step speeding off outta sight from my house.

We enter the forest and are about a mile in when I fall to my knees gasping for air. Jason trots a circle around me before finally laying down by my legs. He looks up at me and licks my cheek. "-Eeesh!" I yell and laugh petting his stomach. "We're alone now... can you-" I ask but get cut off by him abruptly jumping up barking with glee. I sigh and know whats coming. I hear another barks from a different dog and I see a beautiful black wolf looking almost Identical to Jason stroll in. Jason hops up with glee and runs to her and they wrestle around a bit. I sigh and stand up walking over to Jason and the girl wolf. "Hello, Itala." I greet. She barks a greeting. "Jason?" I ask. He knows what I want him to do. He grunts a dog-like grunt and a flash of light and I sheilded my eyes. The light was gone in a second. I looked back at Jason, and I saw the real Jason. "HEY! NO LOOKING!" He yells covering himself up. I flinch and turn around. Oh, yeah, hes naked. I hear Itala barking and when I turn around to see him have some shorts on. Another bright light, I turn around. Itala... Itala with her long black hair down to her waist hugs jason tightly, still naked. I grunt. Gross. "Itala, wheres your clothing?" Jason laughs. Itala shrugs and looks at me. "Hello, Nikita, how are you?" She asks clearly bored. "Fine." I say through my teeth. She shrugs and glances back at Jason.Jason smiles that dreamy smile. If he wasnt her sister she would be all over him... wait! It doesnt matter, she is still alll over him.. Its sick. I growl a low growl to myself. Jason nods at me . "So, Itala, Whats brings you here?" He says. Itala shrugs. "I am now old enough to explore. So I told father that I will be visiting you." She explains. Jason looks intensly at her. "Itala...?" he whispers. She shakes her head. "I ran away. Please dont tell father, or mother!" She pleads. Jason gasps and looks down. "Itala! You know I must!" He says under his breath I gape at the fighting siblings. I open my mouth to say something but close it. I dont know what to say... "I... I understand. Call father tomorrow. Let me have on night of rest away from home, that is all I ask." She pleads. Jason nods and looks up at me. "May Itala stay with us for a night?" He asks. I close my gaping jaw and nod. He half smiles and turns back to Itala who is now crying. "You may stay with Nikita and I tonight." He says. She nods and looks at me. "Thank you." She whispers and she bursts back into her wolf form. I sigh. "Yeah, anytime..." I say. Jason walks towards me and hugs me tightly. "Thank you." He whispers into my ear and pulss back to look into my eyes than he kisses my cheek and he goes into wolf form. I sigh and climb on his back as we shoo towards the house as Itala is trailing us. I look back and smile and she barks at me. I laugh and look forward again as were aproaching the house. Five minutes pass and were at the house, Jason slows to a trot and he turns around as I climb off his back. I search for Itala, but she isn't in sight. "Where's Itala...?" I gasp looking all around. Then a gun shot shoots through the silence and my stomach curls and tightens. Jason barks loudly and shoots off into the forest. "WAIT! JASON! WAIT FOR ME!" I yell running after him. He barks back at me. I stop running towards him. He barks at me again and than runs towards the forest faster than I've ever witnesssed him run. I sigh and retreat back to my house. I slide my back door open and head upstairs and into my room. I sigh and plop down on my bed. I hope Itala is alright...

The author's comments:
I will probably not write on... unless I have some comments telling me too. Its just a spur of the moment story. Lol enjoy! :)

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