The Lonely Race of Mankink

August 17, 2010
By Anonymous

It had been twenty years sense man was suppose to be destroyed. Alice, Mark, and John were still living and well

John had become a powerful wizard, and lived in the woods by himself. John wore the type of clothes that all of the wizards before him had worn. All of the wizards had worn a pointy hat, and a black robe.

Alice and Mark were married and had three children. The five of them lived with Quonto for protection. Quonto had saved Alice, Mark, and John on the day the dwarves and elves came out of their hiding place in the hills and killed what they thought was all of mankind.

The Elvin government still had not found out that Quonto had saved them. He still feared the day when they would find out that he saved the human race.

One day when John was on his way to visit Alice and Mark, an Elvin government official crossed his path. Before the official saw him, John made himself look like an elf. The official stopped him, and said “young elf, have you seen any sign of the race of man in these parts of the forest?”

“No, I have no knowledge that man still lives,” John answered in fear. The official then went on his way. John ran to the home of Quonto without changing himself back to look like a man

When John opened the door of Quonto’s home, Quonto was on the floor dead. Alice, Mark, and their children were probably in the hiding spot Quonto had made years ago. He took Quonto’s body and used his powers to freeze the body and hopefully one day bring him back to life. John then noticed that he was still in the form of an elf, and then suddenly had an idea. He made himself look like a man then ran for the hiding place.

Alice and the three children had been in the meadow while Quonto was being killed. Mark had been looking for food when he had to return home and noticed Quonto dead on the floor. He then dropped the food and bolted toward the meadow to get his wife and children. Once he arrived at the meadow he told them what he had seen and made them rush to the hiding spot.

John ran faster and faster; he was so worried about Alice and Mark that he wasn’t paying attention to were he was going, when all of a sudden he ran into something that was very interesting. He ran right in to a young women who was wearing something similar to the clothes he was. She had a pointy hat, a dress, and had long dark hair. She was of the race of man. John was so scared he thought that all of man was gone except for, Alice, Mark, and himself. He stood up only to fall over again, and then he managed to ask who she was.

“I am Trinity, the daughter of Merlin, the wizard,” said the women.

“I am John Son of James the wizard,” said John. He then proceeded to tell her his problem, and she agreed to help him considering she was alone. They both flew to the hiding place. The hiding place was a cave underground with a whole only big enough for one person to crawl through as a door. John told the others about Trinity and his idea. He planed to go to the castle of the Lord Aragon, King of the Elves, and show him that man still lived.

Trinity’s parents were great with magic, and when the elves and dwarves came to destroy man they cast a spell on her turning her into dust for twenty years. In doing this they saved their daughter from a brutal death. And after twenty years just as the spell was intended she came back to life with all the powers her parents had once had.

While Trinity and John went to the castle Mark, along with his wife and children stayed hidden. When they arrived to the castle Trinity when before the king in the form of an elf. She told him where he could find a place were the race of man was in hiding. The king was so angry hearing of their existence, he sent out his men in order to find them. The following day they only returned with the frozen body of Quonto. When Trinity went to see the king she brought John in the form of man. When the king saw this he ordered his men to seize the human, at that moment Trinity told the king to stop them. When he did not listen she turned all of his men into dust. Now the king seemed eager to listen. She told him he was a fool for trying to destroy the human race and that he should leave them in peace. The king laughed and told her that the race of man was a race of barbarians, and he would never listen to one.

She responded, “Then why are you listening to one now?” She then turned herself into a human again, and the king was amazed. He was so surprised that the race of man was so smart. The king told her that since she was so wise and brave in order to free mankind he would no longer search to kill man, but rather live in harmony with them.

Now that man could exist again John brought Quonto back to life. Quonto then married John and Trinity. They had children and lived without fear for the rest of there days with there friend of every kind, including their best friends Alice, and Mark.

The author's comments:
IT was a class assignment to have a story published. Now that i know how i will maybe do more.

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