The Downer Family Chronicles Vol. 1 "Bite" Ch. 6: A Flawless Plan?

August 12, 2010
By Robert_Downer SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
Robert_Downer SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
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My attempts at convincing Greg of what we are and what really happened to Ryan were totally useless. Not only did he not believe us, he also thought it was all a joke. I came up with a plan, though. Greg doesn’t want to believe us of what we are, so I’ll make him believe us. My plan is consists of only Anthony and I. Greg likes to hang out at the high school after midnight, so Anthony will arrive at the school first so he and Greg can chat a little to set the mood. Anthony will bring up something to start a conversation about something spooky or scary. After about ten minutes, I will arrive and politely greet them both. Greg won’t recognize Anthony as my brother because I will have Anthony let his hair out and wear his on-stage attire.
After I chat with them, I will talk to Greg about the whole “me being a f***ing vampire” conversation and I will ask Greg if he believes me yet. Chances are, he will say no and continue with his beliefs. If Greg chooses to accept my accusation, I will tell him that Anthony is my younger brother who along with the rest of my family, are all vampires as well. But, if Greg chooses to not believe me, I will pretend to “kill” Anthony who will be portraying a human. This should scare him into the fact that I wasn’t kidding. My personal theory is that he won’t believe me, I “kill” Anthony and Greg out of shock, calls the police.
Here’s the best part; if Greg calls the cops on me, I will kill him and take the body back home as our meal for this month. I told Jarett and Jenna about my plan and they told me it would be risky, but it has to be done if we want to fulfill our “mission”. As I told Anthony of his part in my plan, he freaked.
“You want me to fake my own death as you pretend to drain me?” He asked. How did I know he would ask that?
I sighed, and said, “Look, all you have to do is act like I killed you in front of him and fall down. And there’s a plus to this,” Anthony moved in closer after I said that. “If he calls the cops, we get fresh blood.” He snickered, and made the deal. My plan is flawless. Anthony and I will launch our plan at about one this morning. We shall have our freedom once again; my family will live once more as human, even if I have to die for it to happen. Now we have only five more hours until the plan takes action. Anthony decided to take some rest until we left, so he went up to his lair to sleep. Jenna, Jarett, and I were watching television when the doorbell rang. Jenna got up to get the door, and Jarett and I were lost in the TV. The door opened and I heard a man’s voice over Jenna’s. There was a police car outside. I heard low murmuring but I couldn’t make out any complete words. Jenna gasped, then the door closed and she approached us. I looked up to her and she had a gloom look upon that beautiful face.
“What’s going on Jenna?” Jarett asked, still lost in the flickering screen. A tear rolled its way down her cheek. This startled me, “Hey, what’s wrong Jenna? Who was that?” She burst into tears and fell into my arms. This isn’t good. “Hey, look at me,” I whispered to her as I glared into her eyes. “What’s going on?” Jenna wiped her tears and our eyes met. “Robert, Greg is dead.” Wow, major decrease in morale. Did I say my plan was flawless? I didn’t mean it. Just great, our one and only source to cheap plane tickets to Rome just died. You know, if I am to do the Devil’s work, he should have at least provided me with some tickets.


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