The Seer

August 5, 2010
By Anonymous

They tell you things are different now. Look at all we've got now and compare it to what we had back then. They're emtpy words and I know it.

But they don't. That is what bothers me the most. Sometimes i look at the stars and i wonder if they know what they're missing.

The stars always shine brightly and i wonder what it would be like to visit a planet. We used to do that. Visit planets, I mean. Or so they say. That was before my time, but what i would give to have been born back then. Back before The Event.

I really don't know what the Event is exactly, or what happened during it, but one day (they say), the skies darkened and... they flinch and look away. Well, "look" isn't the right word, because no one here can see. They're blind. Except for me and a few others. But being a Seer is a dangerous thing these days. The Hunters are always on the prowl for us. Not just for us. but for Listeners, Dreamers, Tasters, and others they insist "interfere with the steadfast progress of our quiet civilazation. "

That's why I'd kept my sight a secret. To reveal it, would most likely mean my death. The Hunters were known for their absolute viciousness in pursuing their prey. I was different, for sure but I always made sure to spend enough time in company, to not arouse suspicion, even though I'd rather spend my time seeing the sun set rather than listen (figuratively)for the thousandth time about how we were lucky to have the Hunters because we didn't know what type of people those magtigste wat are.(They call us the magtigste wat, no one knows why or what it means)I would sit there, enduring insult after insult to my gift. At first it was hard, but as time passed, I cared less and less. I was used to being alone. That's why I was surprised to find another one of us. He was a Listener.

The author's comments:
decided it'd be a good idea to write a story in which no one had any sense (literally)

as to how they communicate, that will come later....

comment please :)

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