Destiny: Midnight Moon Ch.14-17

July 23, 2010
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Chapter 14

Someone walked in so I held my breath. They searched my room for something but when I looked around I saw no feet, I saw no one. Then I remembered everyone had a special power. But who was the one who told me they could be invisible? Then it hit me, Logan. But what would he be searching for in my room? Then my mind went blank when I heard my calming tune coming from my jewelry box.

Was he looking for the bracelet Zac gave me earlier? Or something else? After about twenty minutes my door slammed closed. But I waited 5 minutes before getting up from under my bed to find Logan sitting on my bed waiting for me. “Hi, what are you doing” Logan said leaving me speechless. After sorting through my head for an answer I finally said “What were you looking for”

He gave me a confused look like I had just asked him to eat worms. “What are you talking about” he said. I looked into his eyes for the truth and it was. But that didn’t make any sense; I knew for sure it was him.

Then suddenly Alicia stormed into my room saying “Your mom is here, b****”. What how did she know I was here, I can’t see her not now. “Follow me; Mr. Lucas is stalling her right now” Alicia said. I followed her to the gate outside where we found Mr. Lucas and my mother talking.

“Hi, mom how’d you know where I was” I said just remembering I look different now. She looked as if I was sort of stalker then finally said “Why’d you dye your hair and get colored contacts”. At least she knows it’s me. “I felt like a change” I said feeling sort of relieved while Mr. Lucas laughed a little but not enough for my mom to notice.

“I was just telling your mom about my boarding school and how you got a full scholarship to there” Mr. Lucas said for our cover story. “Oh really do you need, anything from home then dear” she said faking a smile. “No, they even gave me whole new furniture” I said hoping for her not to go in my room. “Are you sure you don’t need anything” She said wanting to go through my stuff. “No, I’ll just go home to pick up a couple things on umm…. What’s today” I said asking Mr. Lucas. “17th” he whispered. “I’ll pick it up on the 20th” I said trying to get away. “Okay just call me k” She said walking away.

Chapter 15

I went straight to my room after that, to find it was already 1pm, and to find a note on my pillow. “I can answer your questions, but to know the answers come to the dining room at 10, tonight” it said. I had to go I needed answers and if it was a trick I could always tell Zac to wait by dining room to make sure I wasn’t in trouble. He would gladly do it.

So I prepared everything and was ready for anything by 2pm. So I wandered the halls til I got use to where everything is. By 9:30 I was back in my room getting ready. I wore black skinny jeans and a dark purple dress shirt. I looked at myself for a minute and felt like I was missing something so I looked into my jewelry box. I found a long silver necklace and put it on; it tied all together with my moon bracelet.

I left my room getting Zac on the way to dining room ready for anything expect what was to come.
Chapter 16

When I walked into the dining room I was surprised to find not one person but three. Nick, Alicia, and Matt were waiting for me. I looked at them and felt like walking right back out as fast as I came in.

“Hello, Camille” Nick said making me suspicious.


“What do you want to know”

“Why me”

“Your Father”

“Why now”

“Because it was your turn”

“What are the other powers we all have”

“You will soon figure it out on your own”

“Why don’t I have a special power”

“At midnight you will”

“What do you mean”

“Go out onto your balcony and look to the moon at midnight”


“Your power will be revealed”

“How can I trust you”

“It’s up to you if you believe me or not”

“Why are you telling me all this”

“For you are the key”

“Key to What”

“Us, the Vampires, your father was one of us”


“And he made it possible for us to find others”

“So what does that have to do with me”

“You are the prophecy”

“What prophecy”

“The books in your room the green one is prophecy your father was only one who could translate it. It told of the great granddaughter of the king of vampires will gain the power to bring harmony in the world with humans, vampires, and many others”

“So you’re saying I’m the great granddaughter of the king of vampires”

“Yes you are suppose to find out how we began and why”

“No way this is bogus”

“Fine if don’t believe it then try looking at the moon at midnight and see what happens”

“Okay I will”
Chapter 17

That night, I did what nick said. I went out onto the balcony and looked up at the moon. And because I was worried Cathy came with me. I told her what had happened and she reassured me that I wasn’t alone anymore. At midnight I looked up to the moon and had the usual feeling I always had, but this time the moon and the stars were not shining alone my bracelet was as well.

Then there was a flash of light that blinded me and then me and Cathy were in somewhere besides Mr. Lucas’s house. I knew because people were wearing all black and the only one who had color in their outfit was sitting on a throne.

“Who are you” the man on the throne said to us. I looked at him and had a feeling that he looked familiar like relative of my father’s. “I am Camille, who are you” I said looking at him straight in the eyes. “I am the king” he said as Cathy got up and stood beside me. “King? Of what?” I said as I heard people gathering and whispering questions about me and Cathy.

“I am the king of vampires, Kevin Garcia”

“Garcia? Are you sure?”

“Yes why do you ask? Are you a vampire?”

“Yes and so is she” I said pointing to Cathy

He got up from his throne and said “Follow Me”. We did as we were told and he brought us to a room that looked little like mine but more old fashioned. He sat down onto a wooden chair then asked us “Where are you from?” We both said “We aren’t sure”. “Dear, you are my great granddaughter” he said to me.
“How is that possible, you look only 17?”
“We do not age after the change but I am 45 now. You looked at the moon at midnight on the 17th of January?”
“Yes to find out answers”
“To what”
“A lot of things”
“But you know all the answers you have all your relatives’ memories within you”
“I do”
“Yes even this one”
“But why don’t I have a special power that no one else has”
“You do, look at your bracelet, it is your power”
“What that doesn’t make sense”
“It does”
“So you’re saying that my power is locked within the bracelet”
“Yes along with all the answers”
“So how do release it”
“You have to realize the truth in your time. Some people are lies but some are truth, like your friend she would never be allowed to come with you if she wasn’t true, goodbye my child”. Then we were back, with even more questions than before.

What was truth and what were lies? Was Cathy the only one I could trust? Why did Zac give me the bracelet? Did he know of my power? Who was nick? How did he know of that time travel? What will happen to me?

To be continued

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