Destiny: Midnight Moon Ch.8-14

July 23, 2010
By Ary707 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
Ary707 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
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Chapter 8

What does this mean by me being chosen? I read the rest with that question in my head. Life or no life, what has happened to me? Then these words hit me “A couple hours after you have woken up, things will change a little more. You will feel more powerful than ever before. Be extremely careful to not lose yourself. Your power will depend on you. Everyone has their own special power.”
That was it. I looked up to find I was now alone. I got up and went to the door to find it locked. I started to think what did that mean. Am I a super hero or something? And what do all the newspapers and books have to do with this? I read the walls in search of an answer then it hit me after hours of standing and reading. Vampires. I’m something like a vampire. But that’s impossible there’s no such thing. But what else is there besides that. Everything made sense this way but why me.
The door swung open and in came Zac and Cathy waiting for me. I felt so tired from standing, but I still tried to walk and instead I fell. They ran in so fast I could hardly see them coming toward me. Then I blacked out. I woke up but I was too tired to keep my eyes open. So instead of straining myself, I listened voices around me.
“She might not make it”
“She will”
“But Cathy no one has ever reacted this way before”
“I believe in her she’ll be okay maybe it’s just her ability coming in”
“Yeah maybe”
“Now be quiet before we wake her”
“You think her power is ice”
“No way it’ll probably be mindreading”
“I say she’ll get a power that will suit her”
“Yeah I agree with Damien”
“What it’s reasonable”
“Shh….. let’s go before we wake her”
That was weird. After a while my mind drifted into a dream. I was walking to school. I was alone. It felt weird I was so use to walking with Cathy and V in the morning. I was so use to being with them, it felt lonely now. I continued walking and when I got to school, I was expecting to see Jake at least but no one. I felt like I was only person in the school, besides a couple teachers and some kids I never talked to.
I went to my usual classes and found only a couple people in class. As sat down I noticed something. The people I saw around me were different. The whole class was here but the people I saw glowed in a way to make the others hardly even there. The people glowing must be really popular because they looked like they were gods.
I walked up to the girl closest to me. She looked at me then back at her paper. Then I realized that no one could see me. She wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at the board. Then her name came to me this was Amelia my mom’s ex boyfriend’s daughter. Before she tried to get to know me but I just ignored her. She was so pretty I felt guilty for not becoming her friend.
Then I walked up to the guy two seats behind her. He was cute like a little brother. This was Andy he had confessed to me but I rejected him. I walked over to girl across the room tat looked like the old me. She was sleeping in class like how I use to. She woke up. This was me the old me.
Then I wasn’t in the classroom anymore it was just me and her. But this time she could see me. We were standing face to face staring at each other for at least 5 seconds and then she was gone. Left in her place was a full body mirror. I looked into the mirror at the new me astonished by my own beauty. I looked like Cinderella when she went to the ball.
Chapter 9

Is this how I really look now? Then I saw a shadow creeping up behind me, someone was coming towards me. It was my mother she was coming to attack me. ME. I screamed with all my might hoping to be heard by someone. Then I woke up screaming awake. I started to think why she would try to kill me. I know we don’t really love each other but she doesn’t hate me enough to kill me for no reason.

I felt someone’s hand holding mine as a sort of reassurance that its okay. I had to blink a couple times to adjust to little light to see it was Cathy. Cathy was always like the mother I needed. She wasn’t alone, everyone was around the room waiting for me to wake up.

“Shane, Logan, Chase, she’s awake” Cathy said. Then three awesomely hot guys walked in with Mr. Lucas. “Good morning, Camille these are my three other sons” Mr. Lucas said. “Actually we are your half brothers” the tallest one of them said. Well that sucks. “Hold on what are saying, I’ve never had siblings” I said trying to understand. “Well yeah you do I’m Shane your older brother” The tall one said. “I’m Logan I’m your age” the guy with Joe Jonas’s hair said. “And I’m Chase your younger brother” the guy looked like a professional athlete.

“You should have remembered by now we grew up together after all” Shane said. “What are you talking about, if I grew up with you why am I finding out about you now” I said feeling reassured. “Your dad was having an affair with our mom when things were going bad between him your mom” Logan said. “What does that mean I’m Mr. Lucas’s daughter” I said feeling confused again. “Hahaha no your father died and I married their mother” Mr. Lucas said referring to Logan, Chase, and Shane.
“But I don’t remember playing with you when I was younger” I said

“You don’t remember three boys always trying to play with you” Chase said
“No, I grew up hanging out with no one. But I do remember some boys trying to give me bugs and mud. Ohhhhh” I said finally remembering that they were those boys at the park my mother use to bring me to, while my mother talked or argued with a man while I played.
“Yup that was us” Shane said

“So technically I’m related to you three guys”


“Okay, fine never mind about this for now, what am I”
“You already figured it out in the room he left you in and you are correct”

“So that means I’m a…..a vampire”

“Yes but so are all of us”

“But how”

“Check your left arm”

I lifted my sleeve just enough to see my whole arm. To see that I had crescent mark right above my elbow. It looked like I was bit by a dog. I tried touching it as to half expect it would burn or sting. But nothing it was like birth mark.

“That is our mark we all have one” Mr. Lucas said. Then everyone showed me theirs. “Well your power should have come in by now” Logan said. “What power” I said “We all have something that made us different when we were humans that becomes something like a power when you get changed”

“For example, mine is the power to move things with my mind” Chase said.

“Mine is the power to become invisible” Logan said.

“Mine is the ability to read minds” Shane said.

“Mine is the power to control nature” Cathy said

“Mine is the power to control technology” Jake said

“It fits his smartness, mine is the control over ice” V said

“My power is the control over fire” Caleb said

“My power is to be able shield my body” Zac said

“But we all have basic abilities like super strong, super fast, super hearing, awesome looks and a couple other things” Zac said. “And right now we want to know what your power is” Caleb said

“Well I’m not sure what mine is” I said. “Umm… about we all think of something but don’t tell you and you try to figure it out” Logan said. I thought hard and tried to figure out what everyone is thinking but nothing. Ugh. I gave up. “I don’t think I have one” I said feeling a little depressed by the fact. “No everyone gets one after the change, I’ve never heard of anyone not getting one” Mr. Lucas said.

“Why does everyone have to have one?” I said.

“You might die” this blonde chick said walking in.

“Who are you?”

“Your sister in law”

“Who’s sister in law”

“Yours, I’m dating Logan your half brother oh and my name Alicia”

“Alicia, how are you so sure”

“I’ve seen the process before”

“Whatever how can I trust you I just met you”

“Hey b**** what’s your problem”

“You motherf***er”

“Whatever s****”

“Bye h**”

As she walked away I gave her middle finger goodbye, as everyone else left as well to wherever. I started to think of ideas to mess with her but the question about my powers kept haunting me. Why only me? I felt so alone again so abandoned. Vibrate. Vibrate. What the heck. Oh my phone probably mom again. Fine I might as well answer it now instead of later when she’s even madder. “Hello” I said. “What happened to I’m on my way home” She said. I checked the time it was 4 pm.
“Hello why haven’t you been answering my calls you ungrateful b****”
“I’ve been busy”
“For 5 hours you piece of s***, come home now”
“NO, I won’t, I can’t”
“Why not”

Crap “I just can’t okay bye” I hung up on her knowing that it just p***ed her off even more. Why me? Why now? Ugh I was in the middle of junior year and everything was going great til this crap. Dang f*** this. I walked off towards the long hallway in front of me. Then BAM I hit into someone. Zac. “Hiya, Cami where you going” he said.
“Where’s this somewhere”
“None of your business”
“I wouldn’t wander around here without a guide it’s bigger than it looks. How about I give you tour and you can try out your basic powers like running super fast”
“Yeah, no thanks I rather be alone right now”
“Come on please”
“Fine that’ll be the only way to get rid of you then okay let’s go”.
Chapter 10

I was never a good runner but when I ran at that moment I felt like I was flying. I didn’t trip or fall behind I was like a professional runner. It felt great to run, I would run for fun before when I was younger for fun but that stopped soon after I entered high school. Running was fun again and I felt like I could run and actually be ahead for once.

After running for a couple minutes Zac grabbed my hand to stop me in front of a brown painted door. “Where are we” I said while looking around and finally resting my gaze on his hand still holding onto mine. “This is the dining room” Zac said still holding onto my hand as if I would run off if he didn’t hold my hand.

He opened the door with his other hand. But then let go of my hand because he probably just noticed he was squeezing it a little too much and blushed. I walked in mesmerized by the beauty of the room. It was just a bit bigger then the size of my house. It was so elegant I felt like I had just stepped into a prince’s dining room.

I wandered the room taking in all its beauty as Zac watched me. Then when I looked back he was gone and I was left alone. Huh. What happened to him I didn’t even notice him leave. Tip. Tap. Someone was walking towards the dining room probably Zac coming back. So I didn’t mind it until I felt the urge to hide but I knew I didn’t have time whoever it was they were right outside the door.

Then the door slammed open and in came Alicia and Logan they looked really angry with each other. So angry they didn’t notice me standing by the window listening in. “I hate her, don’t you” she said. “No, how could I, she’s new and my sister” Logan said trying to defend me.

“I’m back miss me” Zac said as he came running in with a small box in his right hand. Alicia and Logan both looked at Zac in surprise and confusion. He ignored them and walked straight up to me giving away that I was there that whole time. He handed me the box and said “Happy Birthday well it’s little late but I hope you like it”. It was a beautiful moon bracelet. “I love it”.

Zac was only one who knew that I loved to look at moon no matter where I was. I would stare at the moon feeling that it was my connection to someone. No matter what happened to me I would look at the moon and feel at ease. He put the bracelet on my wrist and it scared me for I could feel the love in it.

“Who’s this, is he your boyfriend” Logan said trying to hide the anger in his voice. “Probably not, she doesn’t look like the kind of girl that would date much” Alicia said. “He’s just a friend who knows me well” I said feeling a little embarrassed. “Sure he is” Logan said sarcastically. “You may be me my brother but you don’t know me at all” I said starting to get mad.

“K, calm down Camille you could kill everyone in this house if you don’t calm down” Alicia said surprising me by the actual worry in her eyes. It also showed me pain and sadness hidden within. I never noticed she never looked me in the eyes til now. I’ve never seen such sadness before. “Are you okay, Camille” Zac said breaking the silence and my stare at Alicia.
Chapter 11

After that Logan and Alicia left with worried faces. Zac showed me the rest of the house that he knew. I tried to act interested even though my mind was somewhere else. Alicia’s eyes told me everything but why. When it was over Zac gave me a key and showed me my room. “Good night, Zac thanks for the tour” I said feeling bad for not paying attention at all during the tour. “It was nothing and if you need anything just call me and I’ll be here in a flash” Zac said starting to leave.

I opened my door surprised by comforting all of it looked. It smelled like roses, my favorite and the walls were painted purple and blue it was my dream room. It even had a queen bed with music note covers. I was so happy I jumped onto my bed to find something under the covers. I removed the confronter to find a jewelry box. I opened it to hear a calming tune it was my favorite slow song Eternal Snow.

The box was full of jewelry with a note on the little mirror. It said “To my princess, I give you jewels though they don’t compare to you. I fell in love with you at first sight. I would risk everything for you. I will be there when you cry or even sigh. Forever I will be by your side. Love your secret admirer” That was beautiful it must have been Zac, he gave me the bracelet for a little preview.

I put the jewelry box on my dresser and checked my drawers for clothes. I found awesome outfits just waiting for me to wear them. I found some pajamas and put them on and grabbed a book off the huge book case I have on my wall then sat in my bean bag chair.

I chose Marked I last read it two years ago and loved it but never was able to finish the series. It had more feeling into it this time like I could understand the feelings Zoey had. After I finished reading the whole book I got up and grabbed the next one in the series. I wasn’t tired anymore; I didn’t feel like sleeping for a long time.

After an hour or two I had finished the series and explored my room to see what else was in there. I opened my night stand drawer to find 3 different kinds of books. They looked all really old but also they were all locked. Each one had different design and color which made me interested even more on what was inside.
Chapter 12

I picked the book with the red cover up and it opened on it’s own in my hands, and made dust fly all over my new room. It flipped through a couple pages on it’s own til it stopped and so I read it. It was biography on someone’s change.

I took out each one and they all opened one after the other. The blue book was a poetry and song book. The green book was full of all weird signs I’ve never seen before in my life. I felt like they were connected to me and my family. But I questioned why they were locked but they just opened for me.

I read the whole biography and found that it was guide book as well. It told of my thirst that I will soon experience. And that vampires can eat other food besides blood it told me we can eat food but mostly meat tastes best. Also, I won’t need sleep ever again for we don’t need it. And we aren’t immortal we can be killed but by only three certain things Wicca blood, a Wiccan spear, and by our own kind.

The biography was sad and painful but very helpful to me. It answered most of my questions like can we eat garlic and we can, it’s just strong for our noses. We can’t be hurt by crosses they are just another religion relic. But it didn’t answer what are all the basic abilities you get when you become a vampire.

Chapter 13

I felt suddenly hungry after reading so I got up to change, it was now 6am. So I changed and went to dining room the only place I remembered from Zac’s tour. As I ran there my hunger for food became worse and I felt like if someone were to stop me now I might kill them.

When I got there, there was a note and couple bottles of wine. The note said “Here my love, I heard you, and I thought you might be hungry. Love your secret admirer”. I picked up a bottle and opened it to take a waif. It smelled amazing like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. I drank the whole thing savoring every drop. After I finished I grabbed the rest of the bottles and the note and walked slowly to my room. I kept thinking is Damien really my secret admirer instead of Zac.

When I got to my room I grabbed the jewelry box and compared the hand writing with Zac’s hand writing I knew. It looked very similar but I couldn’t be sure it could’ve gotten better. So I put them on my night stand. As I drank the rest of the bottles I read through a couple more books.

When I finished, I got up and picked up all the bottles to bring them back to the dining room to recycle them. But suddenly my door swung open on it’s own and made me retreat to hide under my bed. Leaving the bottles on the ground like I left in emergency.

To be continued

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