the time of storms

July 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Arise! Arise! All of you who cower to the sound of lightning that never comes.
Awake! Awake! To all you who close your eyes because of lightning. Here’s a tale that all you shall know after the time of storms.

Once upon a stormy night while the rain bashed and smashed through the air, striking everything that hid from its path; a young man looked down from the mountains and cried.
“For so long” He whispered, “I’ve wanted to feel the rain upon my skin but I can’t because I’m up here and the clouds are down there.”
For it was in the time before yours or mine; heck, it was even before your great-great-great grandfather! While his father, who was deaf and half blind, played the organ in the bottom of the clock tower, he would go and listen to the songs that his father played. Now, back then, there would be a small opening in the top of the roof of the clock tower for the sun to come in and help keep the place aired out. So, one night, this kid sat and listened to his father play. Looking up, he saw the brightest star of the night. Closing his eyes, he wished that he could someday feel the coldness of the rain upon his skin and see the awesome power of his maker through lightning and thunder. Suddenly, his father began to play furiously as if he was a storm. Ah, the music! How the sound was so beautiful! Still amazed that his father could play so beautifully, the boy wrote on a piece of paper:
What is that song?
The answer:
The song for storms
Baffled by the complexity of the song, the kid (his name was Jacob) soon found it a habit to often look down at the valley below in the abyss and hear the song that his father played when ever there was a storm. But as our tale continues, we may want to note that Jacob had the second love of his life, a girl named Esperanza. Her radiant beauty made all the other girls jealous of her and all the boys love her. Black silky hair poured over her tan skin and excellent build. Being a slim girl, she often passed the time by dancing in fields of white flowers in her white dress and straw hat. A blue bow held her tightly at the waist as she twirled. Yes, second to the storms below and third to his father, Jacob was in love with Esperanza. They often spent countless hours staring down at the abyss below or sat and listened to Jacob’s father play. Growing up very fast, Jacob soon found himself writing pieces for his father to play. But the most intense was the song that required all skill and pure craziness to play: The Time of Storms. Fiery fingers ran across the keyboard as Jacob’s father played with fury and all emotion. Bringing Esperanza into the tower, Jacob would admire her dance to the ferocious beats and melody. But sadly, Jacob soon found himself watching the rudest boy in the town marrying her right in front of his eyes. He made sure to madly kiss her right in front of Jacob while anger rushed through Esperanza for being so stupid as to marry this man. Finally, Esperanza decided to dance once again to forget her troubles. Oh, the passion! Jumping and twirling, she did not watch where she was going and accidentally fell off the ledge of the mountain. Jacob, after watching her fall, was so sad that he too, flung himself off the mountain. But something happened then that no one could explain. The two did not die but rather, they floated off into the storms of the world. He had gotten his wish.

So, whenever you see the worst off all storms, pay attention to the clouds, you may see the face of a young man and see the dancing figure of a woman. And sometimes, you can hear the furious song playing as well: The Time of Storms.

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