When things are wrong (part one)

July 20, 2010
By Mason Saunders BRONZE, Ossian, Indiana
Mason Saunders BRONZE, Ossian, Indiana
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Hi I'm Trevor Jameson. I am a junior. I go to Harrison High school in Ramrod, Ohio. I own a 1961 Chevrolet Mako Shark I Corvette. It has a blue paint job that fades to gray at the bottom. I am on the Varsity football team, I’m a linebacker. I have six classes a day. The teacher I like the most is Mr. Web. Mr. Web teaches chemistry. Lots of weird things happened while I was there but one event stuck out the most. I am going to tell you the most interesting thing that ever befell Harrison high while I was there.
One day I was going to my third period. I turned a corner and a fist came out of nowhere and connected with my jaw just below my lip. Then I looked up and saw the attacker my best friend, Pete Stag. I was shocked, so startled it took me a few seconds to ask him why he did that. He just stared at me with blank emotionless dark green eyes. He walked away and I just watched him go. The punch left a short gash underneath my lip.
When I got to Mr. Web’s class I had just been to the nurses office and had the gash bandaged. The nurse had told me to see a doctor tonight in case I need stitches. I walked in during one of his lectures on how to use the lab equipment. He saw me and then jumped out of his seat. He told me to talk to him after class so I would know what I missed.
I sat in my usual place at Clara’s lab table. She asked me what happened I told her that I walked into an open locker and busted my chin. She made fun of me when we had free time. I couldn’t say anything to counter what she said because I was lost in her beautiful blue eyes. They were like two little oasis in a desert of tan skin and freckles.
“I have to admit something, Clara; I have had a crush on you since I first met you.” That’s what I wanted to say to her, I may be her friend but I have no idea how to tell Clara that.
When the bell rang I just sat there at the lab table. After class Mr. Web asked me what transpired. I told him what Pete did. He gave me a disbelieving gaze. We talked for about five more minutes on why this would have been done. He sent me to fourth period with a pass.
Little did I know that was just the beginning. In the next couple weeks "incidents," as I called them, would keep happening all over the school. Each time I heard of one, it made me think of Pete. I have known him since the fifth grade. He moved in to the house next to mine. We played football together, but he quit football after the hit.
About one week later, I walked past Pete in the hallway. He seemed different, like he had gained muscle. He never looked at me when I went by. About two weeks after the incident with Pete another incident occurred. I was surprised by who it had happened to. I thought I was the only one that it would have happened to but I was wrong.
The people this time were Clara Hensley and Bailey Winchester. Clara is one of my closest friends. She also didn’t know it, but I always thought she was the most stunning girl I’ve ever met. She is 5 foot 3 inches. She has brown hair. She has the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. Bailey is the daughter of the most powerful man in Ramrod. Her father is, yes you guessed it the mayor. She is about 5 foot 4 inches. She has blonde hair and piercing gray eyes.
When I asked Clara what happened she told me that she was just standing at her locker then Bailey pushed her over and said, “Forget about what you knew it all is about to change.” It scared her so much because Bailey had never acted like that before. Clara said, “I could feel the truth in those words”. It surprised me to hear her say that about her best friend.
“My Aphrodite has arrived,” I said to Quinn. This was a few days after Clara told me about the Bailey thing.
“Man why do you like Clara so much?”
I replied, “I feel open when I’m around her, and I can’t stay away from her, she just makes me feel like I’m not alone in a world like this.”
“What is wrong with a world like this, and why would you feel alone? You have lots of good friends; you’re the most popular guy in our class.” I stood up and started to walk toward Clara when Quinn gripped my arm and told me to be careful.
“Why do I need to be careful like you said I’m the golden boy?”
“You need to watch your back, you aren’t liked by everyone.” I pull away and stare at him with understanding in my eyes. I then walked over to Clara. She was at her locker getting out her Chem. book. It was the only class I had with her.
Her best friend Kendra was there too. She made a joke about me when I got there. Kendra was just the kind of people you loved to hate them, most of the time. What I remember most about her is that for show-and-tell in the first grade she brought the cadaver of her dead hamster. Everyone went home sick except Clara, Kendra, the teacher and me. I have no idea where she got the idea from. She actually thought that the hamster was still alive. She said it was sleeping, then she opened the box and the stench poured out like bubbles out of a shaken bottle of pop. I just call her Krazy.
Clara closed her locker and leered at Krazy after she said the joke. I asked her what she planned on doing after school. She said she was going to try to talk to Bailey. She told me to try to talk to Pete. I wanted to the only problem was that my parents wouldn’t let me go near Pete. I told her I would try.
That night I told my parents I was going to the mall with some friends and I drove down the road. Then I parked the car where they couldn’t see it from the house. I walked back to Pete’s house his dad answered the door. When he saw my face his expression lightened. He asked me how I was doing. I told him not so well since what happened at school. He looked bewildered to what I was talking about. He said that all he knew was that Pete had started slacking in his classes and he rarely talked. I finally got around to asking him if Pete were in he said no he left for a meeting for school. I asked what it was called he said he didn’t know. I told him I was going to find out.
I got to the school at 9 o’clock. There were six cars in the lot. I only knew who owned two of them one was the Ford Taurus that Pete drove. The other one was the Ford Expedition Bailey drove. I walked into the school and everything was just so quiet it made me skittish. I looked at the bulletin board and saw that there wasn’t anything scheduled for today after school.
I looked down the main hallway and saw a light near the end I started toward it but something in my head was screaming NO DON’T GO TOWARD THE LIGHT IT HOLDS DEATH!!!! I wanted to turn and run but the light drew me toward it. I kept going then I got to it and it came out of Mr. Web’s class it made me more okay. Then I looked into the window and saw the most gruesome thing ever.
Pete was standing there inside but he was different. He had had greenish skin with blood- red eyes. He was also covered in slime and breathed heavily like he had been holding his breath. He looked at the window and stared at me with those eyes but not with anger, but in pain.
Then Mr. Web came into view. He had been in the storage room. He carried something with him it looked like it had been there for a very long time. It was a flask covered in a couple layers of dust. In it was a dark liquid. It had a strange symbol on it. The symbol looked kind of like a cross with a lock on the intersection. It looked so familiar like I had seen it before. Before I could analyze it any more Mr. Web saw me at the door. He poured the liquid on the Pete thing before I could react. Pete all of the sudden changed back to normal but his eyes were still blood-red and it scared the hell out of me. Mr. Web tried to tell me something but I ran as fast as I could.
Did I mention I’m the fleetest of foot at our school? I ran for track and got done about two seconds before the next fastest person. I got out of school and was booking it to my car when I heard a crash. I looked back to see another demon like thing crash through Mr. Web’s window. It looked more feminine but it was fast. It could’ve caught me if it had been about three seconds faster.
I drove out at eighty miles per hour. It had jumped onto my car when I started to drive so it was hanging on for dear life. I drove under a low tree branch. I heard a thump then saw it fall when I looked into my rearview mirror.
I got out of my car and went back to look at the monster. I walked cautiously. I still wasn’t sure if it was dead or alive. I got close and saw what had just been a monster turn into Bailey. I checked for a pulse and found one it was light but it was a pulse. She was breathing hard like Pete I thought. Then she opened her eyes and said, “Ru…run for your l…life they are coming for…”

The author's comments:
I was doing a writing asignment for school and did finish in time and my friend liked the story and wanted me to give it more substance so hope yall like it

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