A Fish Tale: End to Part 1: Mia

July 5, 2010
Come with me, my darling the moon is out before you change come figure out the way of the sea. When the full moon rises you’ll be shocked for your true love will do the unthinkable. These words echoed in my head the whole time I slept. How can I be this tired? I woke up cold and clammy, my head was full of sweat. The sun was going down and the smell of the sea lingered by my window. The house was quiet and there was no sign of anyone but me. I was not able to comprehend what my dream meant. Taylor was nowhere in sight and either was my mom. I saw a small note on the nightstand that said:

Mia went down to the beach for a stroll come join me if ya want.
It was in Taylor’s handwriting and I knew my mom wouldn’t care since she probably wasn’t working late like she said. So I grabbed a small cover up and started to walk to the front door. Suddenly a soft whisper caught my attention. The words were as cold as ice and gave me goose bumps. It was hard to believe it was also inviting. Following the whisper I ended up to the colorful conch shell that the witch lady gave me. Dumb me picked up the shell and decided to take it with me.


My bike ride to the beach was less than a five minute ride; it was also a peculiar cool evening for the end of June. I reached the beach to find my Taylor, that’s when I heard it. A voice so compelling, as peaceful as a lullaby, but as harsh as the witches words. I followed the voice to the edge of the surf, to see Jordan in mermaid form singing to Taylor. She was never much of a singer but this was the work of the siren part of being a mermaid. Tay was wrapped around her finger and all I could do is watch, frozen in horror, despair, and complete loneliness. I saw how they kissed; I saw each and every moment, and every touch. I couldn’t stop; my words were stuck in a lump in my throat. My dream made sense now, and all I heard were the words repeating in my head. “Take the shell and put it to your heart and all your despairs will repair.” The same creepy voice came back and I obeyed its orders. Just then I realized I was crying, I felt the water tracks down my cheeks to my neck, and I had to let a slight sob. The shell was a foreign object in my hand but it knew it exactly where it belong in the empty hollow between my breasts. Then nothing, there was nothing but numbness, I remembered shrieking in pain and falling to the water. I remember transforming, then seeing Taylor over me with tear filled eyes. My hearing was the first to go, but I saw everything. I saw him yelling, I saw his tear filled eyes, I studied every last feature of his pain. I wanted to put my hand to his face to reassure him, but it felt like the entire world was on me. Finally darkness started to take over thank God for the numbness because I don’t think I could stand the pain. My eyes finally shut to a world of darkness, and no reality. No time, no space, no reason to try. Then I saw his face, my love, my life, my everything, he was the only thing that kept me there alone in the darkness waiting.

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mudpuppy said...
Aug. 5, 2010 at 12:49 am
I can't wait to read the other parts of it. I love sea creatures.
evermore5 replied...
Aug. 5, 2010 at 12:51 pm
thanks the next part is kinda hard its guna be from Taylor's point of view. THANKS FOR READING!
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