The Tower

July 19, 2010
By DeathlyGrace GOLD, Kingwood, Texas
DeathlyGrace GOLD, Kingwood, Texas
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Ruby lips parted, raven hair spilled across her back. Eyebrows arched into a serious expression.
"What are you doing here, Aaron?" as she said it, a man stepped from the shadows. He was strangely beautiful. His dark skin and silver hair were indeed lovely, yet his most frightening features were his eyes. They had neither an iris, nor pupil. They were simply white.
"You've grown stronger, and more beautiful, since we last met." Aaron chuckled.
"I'm not sure if I feel more flattered or sickened." the woman tilted her head back, letting the moon illuminate her pale skin. "You forgot to tell me why you are here." she glared at him, her brown eyes reflecting the light.
"What, old friends can't occasionally visit each other?" he smiled and continued, "Anger is a good look for you."
"I don't see any old friends around here." her words were laced with poison.
"Are you truly still upset about that? You should be grateful of me!"
"You took my childhood from me, Aaron! Why should I be grateful for anything you've ever done for me!?" Aaron's kind smile was replaced with rage.

"Get over it already! As far as I can tell, you still act like a child, so grow up and move on, Merna!"
A brief moment of silence passed, Aaron looked up. Merna glanced at him, then back at the sky.
"Full moon. Bring on the werewolves."

The author's comments:
*NOTE: This was not inspired by Twilight. Merna is not a vampire, and I own this!

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