Who am I?

July 13, 2010
The green glow. Oh yes, I've seen it before. I walked across the cold floorboards to my dresser. I grabbed my binoculars, and stepped slowly to the window. I opened the window slowly making sure not to be heard. I put the cold, black plastic rims to my eyes, and looked straight at the forest. That's where I saw the green glow. Some brain cell in my head snapped, I suddenly grabbed a snow cap and jumped out the window with my binoculars around my neck. I ran through the snow, getting my P.J. bottoms wet and my bare feet cold. I ran faster suddenly realizing that I should have brought a flashlight. The snow didn't let up and it was coming down hard. I slowed down as I neared the forest. I realized that I could die of hypothermia out here and my parents wouldn't find me until morning. So I decided to speed things up a bit. I ran through the forest with branches catching on my pajamas and twigs cutting my feet, but I had to get to the green glow. I got there after a few minutes. I could barely see because my eyes had about frosted shut. Fifteen minutes ago when I saw the green glow, I should have stayed in my nice warm bed. Now I think the saying "Curiosity killed the cat." could apply nicely now, considering that my feet were blue and bleeding, I couldn't feel my face, I could barely see, and my new P.J's had tears in them. But, I had reached my destination. It was a clearing in the forest. Like a circle had been cut out of the forest and a large silver thing had landed there. I saw people-like things standing there. I ran to them, "Hey could you help me? Guys, hello?" They turned to me and what I could see was that their bodies were human, but their faces weren't. They had huge eyes, but barely any mouth, and they didn't have a nose, just two little slits. I backed away. My heart pounded. They grabbed me and pulled me into the huge silver place. They laid me on a bed and started talking frantically while pointing at the three dots on my forehead. "It's just a birthmark!" I yelled. Just then, I noticed they all had them too! One of them stepped forward and said in a smooth deep voice "Do not fear. You are one of us. You blend in well, but I hope after 14 years you did not forget the mission." It pulled out a sheet of paper with weird symbols written on it, but I remembered it and could read it. Two of the things stepped out and suddenly warped into my mom and dad. "Your human body has suffered some damage. I know you're curious to learn about your heritage, but you can't until you're 16." My mom smiled after she spoke. "Now just go to sleep and everything will be normal," my dad said. I laid down and obeyed.
The next morning I woke up to the same torn P.J's and a bandaged foot. I thought it was a dream, but maybe not. My dad popped into my room. "Good morning. How are you feeling? We found you in the forest frozen solid last night. We brought you home and took care of your wounds and called the doctor. He said you'll be fine, but you may be a little sore today."
I sighed, it was just a dream. Dad smiled and said "Just don't forget the mission, and be more careful with the human body. It's on rental" He smiled and left.

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BaddChick13 said...
Sept. 18, 2010 at 3:19 pm
I love it ! its so good !
mudpuppy said...
Aug. 6, 2010 at 3:42 pm
I wanna read more of this! :)
JorJorBinks replied...
Aug. 8, 2010 at 4:53 pm
Thank you so much! I'm so glad that someone likes my work!
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