Begining to Eve

July 9, 2010
By evermore30 GOLD, Somerton, Arizona
evermore30 GOLD, Somerton, Arizona
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"Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk."-Anonymous

Our love was strong, passionate, and love at first site, but our love was also forbidden. He was a vampire and I was a vampire hunter, two different, but similar races. It all started with a cold December night, I was sent on a mission to an abandon warehouse were a few known fallen vampires have nested. The night was cold and the sleet and ice blurred my enhanced vision. I entered the warehouse, warmth filled me and I was shocked for this to seem so cozy, but the placed reeked of vampire. I silently crept into the darkness and cloaked myself with it. I found one vampire just laying there in a door way, I poked him once with the Artemis, which sent a jolt through his system. He opened his eyes looking straight up with a big smile and whispered “Good luck” in a husky voice before I stabbed the Artemis through him. I stepped over his pile of ash, to only feel a drop of blood land on my shoulder. Slowly looking up I see the ceiling filled with crazed fallen vamps snapping fangs at me. This mission was too big for one hunter this required more. Fighting my way through the nasty crowd of newly fallen vampires, I realized I wouldn’t make it, I just couldn’t, it was impossible. The rage set in and I somersaulted, kung fu, and kicked a** all the way out, but nearing the exit the rage ended, my inhuman powers shut off. Looking at my leg, a vamp had grazed it and it was going numb. I kicked the vamp in his face to buy me some time. I limped my way to the door when I fell to the ground it was useless, I curled into the fetus position to go to my happy place. When I heard his voice I snapped out of my hopelessness. He killed those vampires with a glare of his eyes. He was so powerful, none the less a pure blood. I could tell he was one of them but more controlled and much more handsome. He finished with them and started his way toward me. My heart fluttered with every step he took. He looked so perfect tall, lean, muscular, black mop top hair, and emerald green eyes. Those eyes so memorable, so perfect. His face was one I would never forget, remembering all those years ago. We had met before he had saved me once before when I was young; it was when I met my first vampire. Now I knew this was love at first sight, he knew the exact same thing. He helped me up and all did was embrace him with all my might. His cool stone body did nothing to my below normal temperature. I inhaled his musky scent. He did not smell vampire, he smelled human, but I knew he wasn’t. His velvet voice broke the silence, “Alas I have found you my Deleya. I knew I find you my love. No need to fear I’ll take care of you.” He leaned down and kissed me softly but with so much passion my heart nearly exploded. From that day forward our love was a forbidden secret and if either council found out we would not want the consequences.
We lived together in an apartment on the outskirts of Mystic, Connecticut. We lived together for two months; before we found out I was pregnant. We were so happy, too happy, nothing bad had happened since the night we met. I was old enough to be on my own, but I still had to report in to the council. I hadn’t since the day after I met Demetrius again. Now they would suspect something with my growing belly at eight months, I doubted if I could hide it. I went anyways. “Demetrius!—I’m leaving to the council I have to get out of any upcoming assignments, and maybe withdraw completely from the hunter’s society.” My heart skipped a beat when I felt his cool hands on my shoulders, then slid down to my swollen belly and cradle the baby as we swayed to the soft classical music playing in the background. “Whoosh, crack!” The sound of the broken door came from the front room. “DEMETRIUS! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? YOU HAVEN’T REPORTED TO THE COUNCIL IN MONTHS!” Ceres voice drifted into the dining area. “Have you told anyone about me? If he finds out we are dead! The baby!”I cried. My hands drifted from his to my stomach I had to go, I had to get away from this unknown person. I looked at his face; it was strained with concern and thoughtfulness. His eyes boar into mine. “I’m so sorry my love, my senses were down I didn’t see him coming, I will deal with him, go. Go to your council and we will meet at eight at the old café on Main Street.” He whispered into my ear, kissing my forehead and our unborn child, I ran out the back door. The May sun was nice and warm on my cool skin. The council building was in Stonington a quick ferry ride would be good. I loved the smell of the ocean it calmed me the rocking of the boat and humming Claire de Lune to the baby, made him/her nudge. I let out a small smile followed by a silent sigh. I reached the council building and walked through the building to the elevator and pressed the eighth floor. I cleared my thoughts and walked into the main room with my head high and my stomach poking out. Everyone gawked at my stomach, I was the top ranked female hunter at her peak, a pregnancy would have destroyed any other, but I was happy. “Hello High councilman Kita.”Crossing my hand over my heart and formally bowing, as I walked into her office. As well she gawked at my ballooned abdomen. “What have you done Deleya? A baby now? Who is the father which hunter is it?” She demanded. My throat was dry her eyes examined me fully she went over every pore with those hawk eyes of her. Coming closer she slowly put her hands on the center of my belly. A jolt sent us both back, she lying on the floor starring at me horrified. “A VAMPIRE?! This is an outrage, a disgrace it’s against the rules! You know this Deleya! DAMMIT!” she hissed. “It’s a devil child too powerful it can’t be brought in this world!” she nearly screamed. As she went for my stomach another jolt of energy surged through me. Kita lay twitching on the floor in front of me. I stared in disbelief at what my unborn child did. I was shaken out of my thoughts by the little nudge telling me to go. I ran and I didn’t stop until I was on the ferry back to Mystic. The fresh air cleared my head. Kita Knew and she would come for me soon. I was at the café around 7:55 and Demetrius wasn’t there. I ordered an ice latte and just sat by the window sipping latte and rubbing my belly. “Ding!” the door sang I turned my head and saw him all I could do is run to him and cry. He hugged me tightly back and his hand dropped to my stomach and whispered “I hope you know I love now and forever.” This sounded like a goodbye, it couldn’t be! Before I could protest the door bell sang once more. It was Ceres. He stared at Demetrius, then to me, then down to my belly. “Ceres before you say anything let’s take this outside.” Demetrius said calmly. Ceres nodded and we followed him to a nearby park. He spun around and hissed, “A VAMPIRE HUNTER! Really brother out of all the women you choose her, and impregnated her! What will the council think when they find about this disgrace.” He looked at me and shook his head. “Brother! Don’t speak to her like that; she is my love, my soul mate, no matter what or who she is!” Demetrius yelled thunder cracked in the background as these two fought. “Shut up!” I shrieked. “No more, I can’t do this anymore, the Hunter society is after me as well, and they want the baby! The baby has powers beyond what we can tell; he protected me when Kita tried to attack me.” I cried kneeling on the wet grass. Demetrius was by my side before I even sank to the ground. He had me in his arms and with pleading eyes he looked at his brother. “There’s nothing I can do brother, I must tell the council being one of the high five, I must.” He rubbed his chin and ran his hand through his hair. “I give you a week to leave brother before I tell the council.” He kneeled next to us and put his fist on Demetrius shoulder. “Ceres thank you brother, it’s all I could I ask she only has a few weeks left before the baby she could come we could go into hiding.” Demetrius spoke sincerely to his brother. “It’s a girl.” Ceres smiled. “What!?” Demetrius and I spoke at the same time. “Knowing you might not have time to get to know her, thought you might give her a proper name.” He stood up and hugged his brother, and said, “one week brother, one week.” He turned to me and said “Deleya I peered into your mind and you are a pure heart, and I’m sorry for what I said about you, I honor that you are willing to die next my brother to save your child.” He put his hand over his heart and bowed. I showed my appreciation by bowing and putting my hand over my heart. He left as soon as I was up. We walked home in silence not saying one word. I thought of what I was going to do. I knew I could give the baby…I mean her to my sister who lived in Cloverdale, Oregon. Mary was a good sister but she never really liked that father stayed with me more to prepare me for my huntress career, but all that matter is that I could trust her. When we finally reached the house and we were both soaking wet. I decided to take a bubble bath. The warm water was better than my wet clothes. The scented candles filled the air of fresh pine and Bahamas breeze. My belly bulged above water while the rest of me was submerged underwater. While I blew little bubble Demetrius came in, and sat down next the bath tub. His gaze was so passionate and powerful, I never wanted to look away. “I love you Deleya, and I love our daughter.”He ran his finger over my huge bulge. My hand met his at the center I spoke softly but in a tone so serious he knew I wasn’t lying. “Demetrius VanDan I love you, with all my heart and I know I’m going to be killed in the process of childbirth or after when I have to deal with the council but I’m willing to give up my life for hers. I loved the time I have had with you and it’s the best time I have ever had.” A smile ran across his face and I couldn’t help but laugh. The baby seemed to laugh too; she kicked away and made tiny ripples in the water. “How could something so small, be so powerful?” I asked aloud. He just looked at me and rolled his eyes. “Look at her mother, she is small and feisty, and the bravest woman I ever met.” He boldly said. I couldn’t help but blush. “You should also see her father; he is one of the most powerful men I have ever met, also very charming too.”I smiled. He winked and grabbed a towel to help me out. I got dressed and started to back a few personal belongings to leave in the morning. Even though he didn’t sleep he curled into to bed with me and hummed a soft lullaby. “Deleya, this may be our last night of peace with each other so let’s enjoy our limited time.” He sighed running his finger through my hair. I grabbed his hand and whispered “I love you Demetrius.” Curling into his chest and falling asleep.

The next week went by in a blur, we left Mystic the following day and by Tuesday we were flying to Cloverdale. We had no time to talk, people were following us so Demetrius and I didn’t see each other until the hotel in Oregon. When I got to the hotel first I decided just to sit in the room and wait, but then that’s when the pain started. My lower abdomen was tight with pain every few minutes my belly would tighten up. Concentrating real hard on my breathing I laid on the bed and tried to control myself until Demetrius got here. I knew the baby was coming, no time for the hospital or a doctor, all I needed was Demetrius. Demetrius if you can hear me get your butt here now! I thought over and over again. Finally when my pushing time was near he rushed through the door and I couldn’t help but smile through the pain. “Bout time you showed up.” I said sarcastically while grimacing in pain. His face twist with concern, nervousness, and happiness at the same time. “My love, you can do this you are the strongest woman I know, and I am so proud to the father of your child-our child.” His cool hands wiped my matted hair out of my face. I pushed one last time and there it was, there she was. She was so perfect, pale skin, rosy red cheeks, a fast beating heart and dazzling blue eyes. I could see tears on the corner demetrius eyes through my own tear filled face. He wrapped her up in some clean sheets and sat next me. We both cooed at the pretty little girl that just made our world much more complicated. The same girl I would give my life to keep her safe. I held her in my arms and peered at her pretty blue eyes. She had all her father features, but her eyes, she had my blue eyes. As he cleaned up our mess he stopped and opened the curtains. “What a beautiful evening.” I mumbled over to his direction. “That’s it! That’s her name!” he shouted moving towards the bed. “Evening?” I asked confused. “No, Eve. What about Eve do you like it?” He said playing with the baby’s dimpled hands. I love it, it was beautiful and perfect. “Yes Eve VanDan, is just perfect.” That night we were a family, and the three of us got some sleep. It was the last time we would be happy. By morning one of the hunters’s found out where I was and was on their way to Oregon and so were a few vampire high councilmen. Demetrius and I said our last goodbyes to each other and went our separate ways. He kissed me one last time with more passion and fierceness it could last me a life time. I snuck my way across town to my sister house and dropped off Eve and talked to my sister and told her everything. My final goodbye to my sister was full of tears. The hardest thing in the world was letting go of Eve. I loved her more than anything in the world, and goodbye was hard. I snuck back to the hotel just to find Kita waiting in my room. “So I see your monster hasn’t been born yet. I think we should take care of that problem very soon.” She said looking at my still swollen belly. “Over my dead body.” I smirked in her direction. Holding the Artemis to my neck, I took one last breath and then she swung the Artemis and that was the end.

The vampire council had Demetrius on his trip on the town. “Demetrius I hear you have committed a crime with a human.” Aleki said walking towards him. Ceres lingered in the background. “Yes can we meet this lovely lady of yours?” Atlas asked with a sly smirk. Demetrius was in shock three of the four came to prosecute him. Suddenly a ripping pain came to his neck, then to his head. He let out a loud muffled scream that sounded like he was dying, and fell to the ground. He passed out knowing that Deleya was dead and he could do nothing to stop it. Ceres rushed to his brother’s aid and looked over every feature. Ceres knew he wasn’t dead but just suffering from the loss of a love. “Hmm... Atlas it looks like our work is done.”Aleki said nodding at Demetrius and Ceres. “Aleki, Atlas, he is not dead my dear brothers, he is suffering from a loss of a love. His wife and unborn child have just recently died by the head of the Hunter’s Society. His soul has just been shatter and will need time to heal.” Ceres said hiding the actual fact. “Oh! I see Ceres, since she is no longer a problem, his punishment will be to mourn her for the rest of his days.” Atlas said sleekly. “As you wish my lord.” Ceres bowed his head. Staying with his brother until he awoke was all he could do. As soon as Atlas and Aleki had left Demetrius started to come around. His eyes red and filled with tears, begging if the baby was okay, but Ceres couldn’t tell him anything and just said she was protected. “At least Deleya’s and my forbidden love still goes on in her.” These were Demetrius last words before he went into an eternal mourn.

The author's comments:
This the prolouge to a story I am writing about a half vampire hunter / half vampire teen. This is how her mother and father gave her up.

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