Taira chapter two

July 8, 2010
By ty3547 SILVER, Hilton, New York
ty3547 SILVER, Hilton, New York
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I arrived at a train station to go to the school. I’ve never seen a train before because we never needed any in Kesima. “Taira right this way.” I heard someone say. It was the same man who told me I was accepted into the school. I was hesitant at first not knowing what this train was. “Let’s go.” He said. We board the train as I looked around it in amazement. I never saw anything like this before. “This is going to be a long ride you might want to get some sleep. You’re going to need it when we reach the school.” He said as we took our seats. While sleeping my mind recalled another memory from my youth.
“Tari I heard our forest is haunted.”Arisa said. We referred to it as ours because unless someone had to we were the only ones who entered this forest on a daily basis.  “Don’t be silly Ari there’s no such thing as ghosts.”I replied. Just as she had a nickname for me I had a nickname for her Ari. “I think we should check it out just to be sure come on it will be fun.” She said. “Fine ill go but just to make sure you don’t get hurt.”I said. I was very protective of her physical safety. Whenever she got hurt I blamed myself for not being there. “We will go tonight” she said. By the way we were about seven at this time. As best friends we did everything together. Anyway later that night we arrived at our entrance to the forest. The farther we went the darker it got. “Tari are you scared?” she asked me. “Nope are you Ari?” I said my hands shaking like crazy. “no.” she responded. Off in the distance we heard a wolf howl. “AGHH!”She screamed in terror as she grabbed my arm.
“Taira wake up we’re here." the man said. When we got off the train I saw the city of Tatsi. I heard from some people in my town that Tatsi is the governments capital. the town was filled with buildings with security guards blocking the doors. "This is the last time you will see this town for the next couple years." He said. We walked in silence until we reached a large wall that split the town in half. I put my hand against the wall for a minute. "Don't even think about it this wall is impossible to climb." He said to me as he drew a symbol on the wall. There was a bright light that surrounded us then the scenery changed. Instead of the gray sky the sky was clear you could see the detail in the moon. Then i saw it the biggest dojo ever. As we walked in I was amazed at what I saw amazed me. There were four stone doors. Each one had a different animal on it. A dragon, an eagle,a cobra, and a tiger. He opened a plain door with no symbol on it and said "This is where you will stay for the night. You can't get to sleep i promise you that. We will find you a room in the morning. Now just meditate on the thing that gives you absolute strength. Good night." Then he shut the door and left. The room was designed so no one could get to sleep. There was water dripping from somewhere but i could find it. I decided to do exactly what the man told me to do. I thought of the time I spent with Arisa. Then I wondered if I would ever see her again. Then I felt something weird. A pain in my heart and head at the same time. I couldn't stand. I randomly burst into tears. I can't explain it.

"Taira its time." the man said as he opened. I stood up and followed him. I wasn't sure where he was taking me. "The only time all the clans gather together is if there is a new recruit or the seniors tournament. Anyway all you have to do now is open the door and confront the challenge." He said pointing to and ordinary door that looked like it led to a broom closet. When I opened the door I saw an arena. There were only five other people in the arena not including me and the man. They each had a different color headband on. Except two of them they each had the same color. the colors were red, green, black, and white. The two who had the same color had the green ones. "This is the newbie. Ha Kensi show him what a real warrior is made of." One of the green headbands said to the other. "Let the fight begin." The one in red said. Every time Kensi went for an attack I jumped out of the way. Then I went for an attack. For some reason being in this room my rage got the better of me. I started randomly hitting him with punches and kicks. I finally did a flip over him and did my signature kick. "Winner Taira" The man said as he left. The man in red walked up to me. "Your agility showed the flight of the dragon and your rage showed the strength of the dragon. Welcome to the Dragon clan. Your stuff is in your new dorm." He said
End Of Chapter

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