Murder Of Madness, Chapter One

June 17, 2010
By ty3547 SILVER, Hilton, New York
ty3547 SILVER, Hilton, New York
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"my mind is is like a dungeon. filled with things from the past. yet what you find would terrify you." Tyler Crawford (me)

My name is Tyler. I am the sun of two Earth parents. You could say I'm a normal kid. You could but you would be wrong.For one i am 14 years old not a kid. Secondly i have powers.No not magic powers.I'm not a wizard or genie. I'm not thousands of years old and live in a lamp. I haven't told any one about my powers for two reasons. One they would continuously ask me to do stuff for them. Secondly i don't want to end up at Area 51 as a science experiment for strange men with sharp needles. I'm not a fan of sharp needles. My powers a fairly simple. I have teleportation, intangibility, invisibility, telepathy, and shape shifting. With my intangibility I can phase through anything but adamantuim. The strongest medal on my planet. I discovered my powers about a year ago. Now i have noticed i am being followed. They could be government officials. Who knows? It's gotten so i don't leave my house for anything but school. Yet even there i feel watched. Someone knows about my powers but who?

The author's comments:
i wrote this book in honor of my friends. count yourself lucky if you appear in the later chapters. i will post chapter two shortly. thank you to my friends you guys are awesome

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