June 19, 2010
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Avery Carter; sixteen; beautiful; alive.
Reid Darsen; sixteen; handsome; deceased.
Then they meet. And Avery’s world is turned upside down. She’s drawn to him, and soon she finds herself falling into the afterlife of Reid and coming closer and closer to the secret of his death.

Intro: A New Beginning. Bristol, England. 2009.
Avery descended down the staircase of her home in Bristol, England with her brother in tow. When they reached the bottom, they gave one another a glance, and eyed the room. Avery’s emerald eyes captured the mirror on the corridor wall leading to the family space, the square outline of where a family picture used to be, and the chair that was covered with a sheet; that was Marie’s favorite.

Avery blinked and took a deep breath. Her brother lightly squeezed her arm and led her to their parents. Avery didn’t want leave; she grew up in Bristol. Her friends lived here, and most of her family. But the Carters were being forced to go, only for reasons too brutal in their memories for them to relive.

Chapter One: A New Home. Coventry, England. 2009.

The sun decided to shine through Avery's car window and on to her ivory skin, causing more freckles to pop to the surface. She noticed this, and quickly moved her exposed body into the shade. She already had enough freckles, and she couldn't handle anymore of them.

She let the England nature swiftly pass her by while still making a note of how green her country really was. Her eyes glazed over, a result of being usually tired, and she decided to fall into her own world for a few hours; daydreaming. It was a way for her to get away from everything that has happened, and everything that will happen. She'd think and wish for the life she's always wanted. A life full of happiness, love, and peace. A life where everything was perfect. And daydreaming was the only way she would ever come close to that. She wanted so badly to get away from her sister's death, and the fact that it was almost her fault. She wanted to get away from the sadness of the world. At times, she would look around when she was out for the day, whether it was school, shopping or buying groceries, and notice that almost everyone's expression was full of distraught, worry and even anger. Where was the happiness? Gone; down the drain. She knew her parents, and her brother Anthony, loved her, but only once in a while do they make an effort to show it. How could they? When Marie is deceased, and you know your daughter or sister was with her when the incident happened, how could you show love? They didn't know Avery tried to stop the man; they didn't know Avery almost wound up being in the same position as Marie. Avery knew deep down inside that the death of her fourteen year old sibling wasn't her fault.

This perfect world that she dreamed of was always there to comfort her. It made time fly and it made her feel better. When her family shunned her from themselves, she'd camp out in her bedroom and think. Just think. Because lately, that's all she could relate too; her mind and thoughts.

"We're here." Avery heard her mother's soft voice linger in the car. Irene was a woman of 47, who thought she had three kids too many. Her husband, Geoffrey, was always the family man, always the parent type. All three of Irene's pregnancies were mistakes to her, but Geoffrey thought they were a blessing. Irene soon grew to love her children, and even though she didn't exactly know what happened that night with Marie, deep down, she and Geoffrey loved Avery just as much.

Avery stepped out of the car and glanced over her new Victorian style house. She wasn't ready to call it home just yet. The white wood complimented the saturated blue window shutters. The small tower at the top, Avery hoped, would be her room. Her sanctuary. The luscious green grass filled up the entire property, only leaving a small space for one car to park. The three story house needed some work, but over all it was beautiful; everyone's dream home.

After she hauled her luggage out of the car, she started towards the house, eager to get a glimpse of her new room.

She opened the front door to reveal the outstanding entrance hall. The large winding, marble staircase in the center of the room, was breath taking, and the middle of it was held up by skinny silver poles. To her right, Avery saw a sitting area with a grand piano. She smiled at the large shiny object; piano has always been a passion of hers.

Behind the stairwell was entry to the rest of the ground floor; kitchen, two bathrooms, dining room, den, and a guest room.

On her way up the stairs, Avery silently forgave her eighteen year old brother for almost colliding with her, without even an attempt to apologize. He was briskly climbing the steps, to trying to get to the third floor faster than his sister. He wanted the tower also; he had his mind set on that room from the moment he eyed the house.

When reaching the tower on the third floor, after her brother, Avery sighed. Nothing ever went her way anymore. Anthony's green eyes, softer than Avery's, noticed his younger sister by a year walk away from the room. After Marie's death, whether he knew what really happened or not, he promised himself he'd take car of his sixteen year old sibling and always did what made her happy. He inhaled deeply before calling her name.

"Avery." His deep voice startled her, but she decided to turn around and face him anyway.

She raised her eyebrows, letting him know to speak.

"Do you like this room?" he asked. "Be honest."

He watched his auburn haired, green eyed sister look around at the green walls, the windows, the closet, the bed, the dresser and desk. It was already furnished, and she liked the way it was arranged.

"Yes, Anthony. Honestly, I do."

He smiled slightly, and embraced her in a sisterly hug. "It's yours then," he told her. "I'll take a room in the basement, or a different one on this floor, yeah?"

They broke away from the friendly hug and Avery beamed. "Thanks."

"Love you sis." He felt awkward as he let those three words escape his lips; it's been so long since he has told her.

"Love you too," she replied quietly, a little surprised that he actually said what he said.

Avery lightly placed her things on the bed, and chose to unpack and get organized later. The bay window had a comfortable bench, which Avery decided to occupy. She looked out of the window of her new getaway place and smiled at the miles and miles of land that lay ahead. Coventry was just as beautiful as Bristol, and maybe her family did have a tragic past, but something in her heart told her things were starting to improve.

The author's comments:
I just thought, what if a girl fell in love with a ghost? And went from there. How would they make it happen, and things like that. I KNOW that the writing is bad here, but I wrote this when I was a little younger, so bear with me. The following chapters get better, promise. Comment, please? It'd mean the world to me. I wouldn't be motivated to post chapter two if I get no comments. :/ Thanks!

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