My Journey to Planet GiggleGoober

June 8, 2010
By hiddenangelz211 DIAMOND, Haverhill, Massachusetts
hiddenangelz211 DIAMOND, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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It all started when my five-year-old sister exclaimed, “We are going to the center of Planet GiggleGoober”. She loves playing games where we go to other places and she had just finished watching the movie “The Journey to the Center of the Earth” so it was no surprise to me that she wanted to go to this make-believe planet. At the time, I really didn’t believe that we would find anything at all but playing this game was much more fun than doing my Spanish homework. I told her I would play her game and we got into our spaceship and headed off into the great unknown. We flew by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and then Pluto. Finally, another planet came into view. It was about the same size as Earth but it was lime green!

When we got off the ship, a tiny creature walked over to greet us. He was small with one gigantic eye and he had a cute little hat on his head, which was extremely essential due to the frigid temperatures of this planet. Obviously, his species had adapted to their environment. Anyway, he was blue with white polka dots and he had two big teeth that stuck out of his mouth. “?uoy era ohW .oolB oolB si eman ym iH” he said. We had absolutely no idea what he said, but he looked friendly when he said it so both smiled at him. Emily asked him if he would let us study him to see if he was a living thing and he responded by giving us each a tiny translator and laughed. Then he responded “!oot pleh lliw sdneirf ym fi ees neve nac I dna esruoc fo seY”

This is what we had come all this way for. He was our little alien and we just had to know everything about him. It turns out he and all of his friends were multicellular which basically means they have many cells in their bodies. Also, we learned that they are extremely sensitive to the color pink and if they were exposed to it, they burn up so my sister had to take off her pink Barbie bracelet. Also, we learned that they have asexual reproduction patterns. It actually was incredibly cool seeing them split in half right before our eyes! Sadly, their life span is very short. Most GiggleGoobers only live a few weeks so they grow very quickly! We actually saw some of them get bigger while we were talking with them!

oolB oolB was just about the same age as Emily so he explained everything about he and his friends to her so she could understand, which was great because I am not good at explaining things. While Emily was talking to oolB oolB, I spoke with another GiggleGoober named daeH nomeL who told me the scientifics of her species. She said that just like human beings, GiggleGoobers, each have a different genetic code, or DNA. She also said that they were created with the hats on their heads because the environment would be too cold for them if they didn’t have them. She said they helped keep their internal environment stable or their homeostasis. daeH nomeL then explained to me that all GiggleGoobers have a metabolism, which they use to grow and eat food just as we do!

We stayed and hung out with the GiggleGoobers for a few more hours and we really got to know them pretty well. Then I looked at my cell phone and realized that if we didn’t leave right away, then we would be late for dinner! We quickly said our goodbyes to our new friends and took off. On our way home, I discovered that the GiggleGoobers were indeed living things and I shared my information with Emily. She didn’t understand what I meant but she knew I believed that Planet GiggleGoober really did existed. As we got off the spaceship in our backyard, she looked at me and before disappearing into the kitchen, she shouted at me, “I told you so!”

*To read GiggleGooberian: Read the whole sentence backwards!*

The author's comments:
This was a preoject for my sophmore biology class!

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