Dark Temtation Part One

June 1, 2010
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Chapter One

He watched her walk across the parking lot, her heels clicking gently on the pavement. He licked his lips, as the hunger grew. He felt his arousal grow heavy between his legs. Soon, he thought to himself, very soon.

Anya made her way across the parking lot, her new cars key in hand. She spotted her black Lexus just a few feet away, directly under the street light in her usual parking place.
The night was calm as a light breeze blew by, Anya felt the days stress slowly relieve as she unlocked the car door. She sat for a moment with the sudden unnerving feeling she was being watched. Shaking it off Anya put the car into drive and began heading home to a warm cup of hot chocolate with her name on it.

He sat atop the church tower many stories high as he watch the mortals continue on with life as if evil did not exist. Kale however knew better than that. He knew of the creatures lurking in the shadows, of the danger around every corner and the posing threat of the great apocalypse, the day evil would conquer over good.
The moon hung high this night, declaring it near midnight as she shone a pale yellow light over the city. The serene stillness had taken over below as parents put children asleep and lay to themselves. The streets were empty all except for the library parking lot. The young librarian locked the library doors behind her than strolled toward her car. Soft clicking of her heels echoed around in a hypnotizing pattern. The street lights played across her face, every now and than striking her delicate face. Even from far up here Kale could see she was beautiful, with an upturned nose showing determination, high cheek bones only the royal queens had, with a tint of rosy color to them. Flawless skin covered her face, with lips of perfection certainly made for kissing. And her eyes, shone brighter than the moon herself, a vivid emerald green which reminded Kale of the great wild jungles. She was like a rare flower Kale detected, tender on the outside but a vicious, uncontrollable creature laid dormant inside.
Kal continued to watch as she left the parking lot, never once noticing the shadow following her.

Anya walked up to the door of her small town house stopping only once to grab her mail. Upon stepping inside she immediately turning on all lights. A quick scan of her mail declared it all junk. With a trip to the fridge, Anya headed towards her bedroom.
Stripping down to her tank top and underwear Anya readied herself for bed. That eerie feeling of being watched fell over her again, this time she could help but to look behind her right as the bedroom door shut itself. What Anya saw made her scream.
A man stood with one hand pressing the door shut, a crooked smile on his face and a clear erection in his pants. His skin was pale, and his eyes so dark they appeared black. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt, over top his muscular body. There was no way Anya would be able to fight him. Disregarding that Anya processed any other escape route. Standing at the edge of her bed, and with the invader clearing not going to let her out the door Anya waited for his first action. She was not expecting his to stand there and lick his lips like she was a roast and him a starving dog.

“Who are you” Anya spoke breaking the silence in a voice that was nothing like her strong educated normal one. He continued to stand and watch her for moments before replying

“Finally…” in a murmur to himself before he launched himself, shortly before landing on Anya and the bed.

He heard her scream. His heightened abilities allowed him to hear a soft and urgent female scream before being cut off abruptly. After watching the librarian head home he had a strange gut feeling and in the centuries Kale lived he knew to always trust his gut. Instinct brought him to her town house building while current social skills taught him not to barge in and announce the non immediate danger yet to happen. After her scream pure warrior adrenaline forced him to leap down from the roof on to her balcony.
The petit librarian lay sprawled underneath the demon, tears leaked from her eyes as she struggled to free herself. A scratch bleed from the demons face, obvious defense wounds the librarian caused him, only furthering him in his desire than what she intended.
Kale crashed through the balcony windows and in a blur of movement held the demon by his neck. He stared into black eyes and razor sharp teeth. His salvia dripped rich with anticoagulants and a numbing substance. His cold pale hands gripped Kale’s as he attempted to rescue himself. Kales heard the librarian breathing heavy, and lift off the bed. For a split second Kale took his eyes off the enemy to watch the librarian exit the bedroom in a hurry. In his momentarily distraction the demon managed to get free and throw Kale off him, and head after the librarian.
Kale soon followed him.

Anya didn’t know what to do. As she ran through her living room she stumbled upon the coffee table, landing hard face first to her lush brown carpet. A thump coming from the hallway urged Anya to get up. She began crawling towards the front door when a cold hand grasped her left ankle.

“ Nooo” Anya whimpered.

Fear unlike she has ever known overwhelmed Anya as she began to struggle in effort to free herself. A ferocious growl echoed in the tiny apartment freezing Anya’s very blood. Her unnamed savior stalked from the bedroom door now in pieces. He wore a face so fierce Anya squirmed under the intensity but not with panic but incitement. Her anonymous protector had long un-kept hair that rested over his eyes showing just a hint of dark olive green eyes. His skin was rough as if he spent his days working, but showed no signs of the sun. He donned a pair of black jeans with black combat boots, a black button up blouse and a knee length leather coat hung off his strong broad shoulders. He was built tall and solid. Clearly this weaker invader stood no chance against him as her erotic defender gripped him once again this time by the leg and tossed him with force at the wall. His eyes never left hers. A large painful smack was heard as his skull made contact with the wall. His body slumped to the floor a pile of bone and clothes not moving.
As if suddenly realizing she was free Anya rose and nearly stumbled, a dark bruise was already appearing on her calf where the b*****d gripped her. Unsure what to do Anya lifted her right hand towards her hero
“Um, hi…I’m Anya…thanks for uh…saving me?” Uncertainty laced her words. She waited for a respond, when it seemed as if forever before he remarked,
“You are welcome” His deep vigorous voice shook through Anya sending shivers over her body. Slowly he advanced toward Anya, his walk very seductive. The way his body moved with determination and strength created heat between her legs. It’s been a long time, many too long if she was hungering over a complete stranger, even if he saved her life.
Kale reached for her hand when surprising sound from behind them both erupted. The place her assailant had once been he was now not. And currently nowhere to be seen. Seconds passed and in a blur of movement, Anya found herself in a choke hold. With barely enough oxygen to scream Anya didn’t bother to fight. She clasp his cold arm and braced for the blackness which never came.
“Close your eyes” Kale demanded
With exceptional speed Anya was released and realized she was no longer in the hold of danger but hero. His steady arms embraced her with warmth and safety.
A painful grunt sounded from his stern lips Anya could not help but look at. Pain briefly expressed on his rigorous face.
“ Are you hurt?” Anya asked concern showing on her face as she worried he might have been injured from saving her
“ Hush we have to run” He ordered as he began walking towards the window.
“ ok the door is over there-“ still holding Anya, Kale opened the living room window
“ We have no need for the door” Kale replied, and jumped.

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