Nightmare of Hell

June 9, 2010
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I awakened found myself in a world.I wasn't on earth even though there was grass and trees and flowers.I knew i wasn't on earth in heaven.this place was called hell.I saw an angle near by;I walked up to ask why I was here.I taped her on the shoulder and she turned around.At first she made me jump because her face was covered with blood bugs,worms.Her eyes were white at first but then they turned to a bright red.Then straight to pure black.She nudged at me and tried to bit me.I bounced back so she missed,after that I started running.while I was running everything I touched seemed to turn black,the grass;trees;dirt.I started freaking out.The Angle wasn't chasing me anymore.I lost her through the woods.I stopped to catch my breath.I notice every thing was turning black the sky,sun,moon,clouds. The water was the only thing not turning black.It turned into blood.I had nothing to survive on.I was simply surrounded by darkness.I kept feeling presences around me.I was beginning to think I was trap in a box,but the box didn't have an end.eventually I knew I was going to die.I was weak so I fell to my knees with the desire for food and water.My time seemed to be up.I laid on the ground.I had nothing to survive on.Then I had die.

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