Spirit 2: Koneko's Daughter

June 4, 2010
Chapter 1: Bara Buds

“Your hard work and commemorable efforts are recognized and so I shall give you one wish, as long as it doesn't inflict any evil upon a being, it can be anything, Koneko, Renka, Yami.”

“Thank you, oh mighty lord, we shall consider our options wisely-”

“I wish I could be alive again!” shouted impulsive Yami.

“Very well then, Yami, I shall grant your wish. How about you Renka and Koneko?”

“Well, I guess I want the same thing.” whispered shy Koneko.

“I third that.” Renka added with a smile.

“But we want to remember each other when we are alive again.”

“Well, I suppose I could do that but you can't remember heaven, only each other.”

“Deal.” Koneko said quickly as she covered Yami's mouth before he could say anything else.


Koneko comes bursting through the door of her two level house on Wind Street, a shady street in Kazeville and the most beautiful. Bursting with Sakura trees in full bloom that Saturday morning in spring. Flowers form all over and two of the kindest elderly people, a man and a woman, married and retired here. Yami and his wife, Diana, right across from them. “You're home my dear! How did testing go? Am I going to be a father?” asked eager Renka. “Well, let's just say... we're going to need another room and more room in the closet, I'm having a baby!” “Yippee!” Renka kissed his wife on the lips. She was about to kiss him back, but he moved and she missed. Angrily she stood up and grumbled “Oh gee Renka, I just love kissing the air, much nicer than you.” “Oops, uh sorry. Um, Koneko? Uh Koneko. Why are you holding a frying pan? This doesn't look good.... Run!!!” Renka dashed about the house with Koneko right behind him, chasing him with what could only be described as the world's largest, thickest frying pan. In the end she caught him and he ended up with an ice pack on his head and her lips on his for a long apology. “I'm sorry Koneko.” “It's alright, I'm sorry I hit you with a frying pan.” “Yeah... I think you scrambled my mind and fried my brain.”
She could only smile and say “You're a great kisser, but you're not funny, my little egg head.” The two laughed, relieved and happy that they were to be parents.

Chapter 2: Bara Blooms

Yami and Renka sat in an empty waiting room. “I'm glad you picked me as the godfather, but being a father seems like a lot already, Renka.”

“ I know, I think so too, even though I'm glad to be your child's godfather.” He added with a halfhearted smile. A few minutes later two nurses came out of the delivery rooms. “Renka come see your beautiful baby girl, Yami come see your adorable baby boy.” They said sweetly. The two married men walked off, in opposite directions, to see their children. Diana had their child one second before Koneko had hers, but like that matters. Yami and Diana named their bouncing baby boy Itazura and Renka and Koneko named their bubbly baby girl Bara. The two were healthy babies and in fact were introduced when very young, so they were best friends. Bara had neon pink hair and eyes the color of warm caramel. Itazura had mixed hair with sugary blond hair and rich black hair mingling together. His eyes were the color of the night sky on a summer night and he loved to get into mischief.

Chapter 3: Go to Sleep Little Baby...Forever

One rainy day in Spring Itazura and Bara were playing with the red bouncy ball Itazura received for Easter. The ball went rolling into the road and Bara ran to get it... without looking both ways. This would be one of the biggest mistakes of Bara's life... and possibly her last. Just as she scooped up the ball in her little arms a bus came screeching towards her. Time seemed to slow down. She turns her head. The bus whirls and attempts to stop. Itazura stares in horror. Itazura runs into the street with a speed unreal for a child his age. He shoves her out of the way. She screams, still clutching the ball. She lands on it, softening her fall on the sidewalk. Itazura is crushed by the bus. The bus whirls once more and crashes into a building. Time is continued as normal once more. All is quite. Bara saw Itazura on the ground. Bara didn't understand death, she thought he was asleep. “Itaz,” that was her nickname for him, because she was too young to say his full name, “wake up. Mummy and Daddy said it was dangerous to sweep in da middel of da road. Come un, it's nut funnay. Dis not a joek. Itaz?” Just at that moment the parents of Itazura and Bara came out of the house. Itazura's parents swept Itazura out of the road, realizing what happened. They wept all night and Bara was scared and confused. What happened? The next day, all over the news, the story of Itazura's death was publicized. Bara still didn't understand. She sat on her bed in her room in the attic. Her father came up. “Bara, are you ok?” “I just don't get it daddy. Itazura won't wake up, we don't get to play anymore. I'm sorry for whatever I did, I don't know why he's mad. When will he wake up? After all, he was my closest and only friend. We did and knew everything about each other, like broder and sista.” Her father was on the verge of tears, the truth, he knew, would break her tiny, angel heart. “Never.” “Huh?”
“ I mean never, he will never wake up, don't you see? He's dead, D-E-A-D, dead! He'll never wake up 'cause the bus ran him over and crushed his heart! When you're heart is crushed and stops working you die! You die and your soul goes to another world, beyond ours! So you will won't see him or play or talk to him again until the day you die! Get it?!” He stormed out of the room. Shocked, that in his anger and frustration he had yelled like that. Bara was shocked and destroyed, she became angry and depressed. She wanted him to come back and wanted it so much, to see him again, was even considering taking a nap in the middle of the road so she could get run over too! But of course her parents wouldn't allow it. They would keep an eye on her to ensure she didn't do that. From that day on, she would always hate her father.

Chapter 4: Ghost on Windstreet

Three years later. Bara grew to be a sixteen year old who mostly kept to herself.
She wasn't as upset as before, but still upset. One day, before class, she heard some girls whispering to one another. “I heard of a terrible ghost story.” One said. “It's about Windstreet.” Piped in another. “How if you go to Windstreet at midnight and see a teenage boy bouncing a red ball. And if you call to him he won't respond. So then of course you cross the street to talk to him, thinking he didn't hear you, but then a ghost bus comes and runs you over before you can scream or see who the driver is. But the screeching of the wheels are the screaming people who died by it. All of them riding that bus, waiting for the day when they can go to the afterlife, but that won't happen until the boy's spirit is at rest.” “Yeah, but the only way that will happen is if the real red ball is returned to him and he gets to contact the girl he died trying to save.” “And the only way that'll happen is if she dies too, right? Because spirits can't talk to mortals. So who could that girl be? We need to know so we can kill her and end the boy's reign of terror upon us all.” After listening to this, Bara knew what she must do, to save all of them, and possibly the world. But was she willing to take the risk? 'Cause once she made her choice, there was no going back.

Chapter 5: Bloody Rose
(A.K.A. This chapter is not for the squeamish.)

Bara walked to the Lunch table with her Pizza. It was fresh but felt cold. The sun shined but shadows swallowed her. It was hot out but she felt cold. She felt like crying but her eyes were dry. She knew what she had to do, she knew her plan. She would save them but sacrifice herself. Now all that was left to do was do it. But how much courage does a 10 year old have? She prayed to the lord and kissed her mother and father and hugged them. She said she forgave them and asked for forgiveness. But she didn't tell them. She did all these kind things. They were glad but couldn't understand her sudden kindness and dependence as she had always been complaining about not being given enough independence. Then, that night she snuck out the window of her bedroom to a nearby tree. Then she climbed down to the street and proceeded down the road until she came to a bent stop sign with blood on it. “Yup, this is it.” she sighed. Suddenly a fog appeared and she saw a young teenage boy who looked like a teenage version of Itazura. “Itazura?” She called softly. Tears streaming she took one step, then another. Her life flashing before her eyes. How when she went to a fireworks show with her father when she was five. And played soccer, catch, softball, basketball, all with her father. His smile, always encouraging, loving. Her mother's hugs, playing video games and watching T.V. Cuddling on cold winter nights with them. Her parents pushing her down the slide and on the swing. All the carnivals, the love, movies, mother's hot cocoa. Swinging in their arms, swept in their arms when she cried... It was almost too much, she was almost half way across the street. “No, I... I want to go back. I can't... I need to do my duty. But is duty really worth it if... No I must.” Bearing it no longer she pushed her stone legs to run into the road. All slowed down. A crow squawked. The moonlight shone on her like a spotlight. The boy stopped bouncing his ball and looked up. The bus rammed her. Pain, only pain. Crushed, her heart and guts spilled out. Blood spilled everywhere. Bara was covered in blood. Her sweet amd thorny rose-like nature. Her name in Japanese was rose. She was named Rose and so now you could say she is a bloody rose. The bus stopped. Itazura walked over. “Heh, another dead fool Grandpa, and....... Bara?! Bara! What happened my childhood friend... why? Couldn't you live without me? Bara you fool... Why? Why? Why?!” He reached in pulled out her soul. Quickly two ghosts, frightened and upset, came out and disposed of her body and cleaned up the mess. They boarded when finished and Itazura carried Bara's soul onto the bus. When she woke up he sat looking at her in the back of the bus, in a secret room in the back. “Itazura...”
“Bara you fool, why did you do that?” “I wanted to see you, and return this.” She held up a small red ball. “My ball! Oh, Bara you didn't have to...” “Oh it's no problem.” “But... Bara... I don't know how to say it but... YOU'RE DEAD! How's that no problem?” Uh, well...” “Exactly.” “Please, don't haunt anyone anymore, Itazura.” “Well I'd love to, now I have my ball back and got to see you, but my Grandpa... He still kills humans.” “Who's your Grandpa?” “The driver of the bus, the devil. The old one, the one that killed me, is burning in hell.” Now Bara was shocked. “Wha- what?!” “So we need to take him down, too. Well father always said Grandpa loved wine...” “How's that gonna help?!” “Don't yell, just a suggestion.”

Chapter 6: Killing an Immortal
“I know, we can poison some wine and give it to him, it's perfect Itazura!”
“Ah, not so fast, unfortunately the devil is immortal, but we could demortal him. With a special potion, found in the deepest corners of hell.” “Well, let's go get it!”
“Well first we're gonna need a plan. We gotta sneak out of the bus, make our way to hell, get past the guards. Sail the lava seas, and then get to Hell Peak to scoop up some dark lava and mix it with wine and poison. Then trick him into drinking it so he'll become mortal and die.” “Sound's easy enough.” But little did Bara and Itazura know, little did they know.

Chapter 7: The Great Escape

Swiftly Itazura and Bara snuck to the emergency door of the bus. Putting a finger to their lips to let other spirits know to be quiet didn't work. “We want out too!” demanded one young girl spirit with ruby eyes. “What about us?” questioned a adult women spirit who appeared to be her mother. “Hush, hush, if you keep quiet and help us then you can all escape. But out escape will be a failure if the devil catches us doing it. Stealth is of utmost importance in this mission. Got it?” “Got it.” All the other spirits agreed. Forming a tower of spirits, Bara was able to stand on top and unlatch the escape door. Quickly and silently, one by one they helped each other to escape. All that was left was the young girl from earlier. “It's been wonderfully quite back there, but I want to know why. What's going on, I'm coming back there to check.” “Quick!” Bara whispered, holding out her hand to the young girl with the ruby eyes. “No, it's too late, go on without me, if I can I'll catch up, but for now I'll hold the devil.” “But-” “No, go now!” Bara with tears of admiration, fear, and grief for the girl just nodded and said “Best of luck to you and remember-” “Here I come.” the devil sang. “Go!” And not a second too soon Itazura pulled Bara up and they ran. One hundred spirits running, sprinting, flying. Towards the sun and beyond the clouds, where heaven lies, without a doubt! The devil screamed in fury, sending the girl with ruby eyes flying. “Noooooo!” “You know,” Itazura panted, “we could always just destroy the bus and put the devil out of business that way.” “Good plan, I guess.” Sobbed Bara still running and crying of fear and grief for the girl. Itazura and Bara and the rest of the spirits ran to the front of the bus and began work. Busting and breaking the bus apart. “Nooo!” the devil screamed in Fury. He dashed out of the bus to stop them, but even that was a foolish mistake for the clever and cunning devil. For the sun was rising and turned him to dust, creatures of hell with no trace of light in them cannot last even a second in sunlight even if they immortal, for sunlight can penetrate the powers of an immortal and make him mortal while all the while killing him.. The bus whirled out of control and with him turned to dust. The spirits cheered, but Bara cried. “Why, why her. She was... so... pure.” But out of nowhere a baby appeared. It was a baby with skin so pale and fine it was like poircelain. It had ruby eyes and fine snow white hair. Like an angel. “Could it be, the girl's reincarnation?” “May- maybe.” Bara wept more, happy to see her again and relieved, despite that she was in a new from. The spirits flew on to Heaven, but Bara and Itazura stayed behind. “We have to do something with her, we can't just leave her here in the middle of nowhere.” So Bara and Itazura carrying the baby floated miles to the nearest town, a town in the desert on the border of the United States. There they left her to the care of a local orphanage, but not without their goodbyes. “Goodbye, I never knew your name, but you will not be forgotten, fromt his day on in your new form I dub thee Rubii!” “A good name for such a beauty.” added Itazura. When the orphanage owner had her back turned they dashed in and left Rubii in one of the cribs. Outside the orphanage they could hear the orphanage owner's coos of how cute she was and her amazement to find this new addition to the orphanage and even more amazed by the tag attached to her that read “Rubii, please give to a good home.” “Our work here is done.” And together, Itazura and Bara flew off towards Heaven, to be reunited with their parents and family, after a hundred years passed so quickly on that bus and escaping from it.

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