May 27, 2010
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the grass turned blue and the sky turned green? Well I wondered and it happened. In the world of me, Scarlett , my world is totally opposite than the rest of the world. With my red hair the color of a rose freshly bloomed, things are a little weird for me. It all started with my sister , Lynn. Lynn is 15 years old same as me, we are twins. Lets just say that in our experience with different worlds we have had some weird ones. For example just 10 years ago my mom took Lynn and I to a world called the rainbow world. It was really colorful and different. Everything was rainbow/multicolored. We have only been there one time though. In that time we have come to realize that it is possible to go to other worlds. So one day Lynn decided she wanted to do a little experiment. I of course, being her sister said I would do it with her. She wanted to see if she could make a piece of grass blue without dying it or coloring it. I told her that this was a stupid idea, but she didn't listen to me of course. So things ended not the way she was hoping.

“Today is the day” I told Lynn as I went into her room.

“I thought that you said you thought that this was a stupid idea.” Lynn said with a smile on her face.

“I lied, you should know that I have been doing that a lot lately.”

“yeah I have noticed that.” She said with a I-love-you-more-than-ever sort of face.

“Did you change the color of your room?” I asked, as I looked around her room.

“No why?” “Does it look any different to you?” She asked with a weird look on her face.

“No, never mind.” I lied again, it did look different but only to someone with an eye like me. Lynn's room had Dark purple walls with pictures of her friends and me. Her carpet is pure white, like ice snow. She has gone through a lot of work to make her room clean. She is a very messy person. Our mom Chloe, the blond blue eyed beauty. Tries to make sure that it is as clean as possible. Lynn looks a lot like our mother but in a more modern way.

Later that day Lynn and I went outside to do the experiment. It was raining and the thunder was as loud as a shotgun. “Lets just do this already” I shouted over the storm.

“Okay, Okay I'm going” She shouted back. She got an orange cone and put it over the patch of grass that she wanted. The cone, white striped and triangular, was very big and smelled. But it worked out with our experiment. Then hands shaking, arms shivering, she slowly poured the purple fluid we made this morning down the cone. Immediately the cone started shaking and the fluid started to bubble up. It smelled fruity like juicy fruit gum. It was really weird. Then all of the sudden we saw a huge flash of lightning coming for us. Right when it was about to hit us it curved to the right just a bit and hit the orange cone. All I can remember is hearing Lynn scream then everything went black.

Where am I? I thought. I tried to get up but I got a huge pain that shot through my head, so I fell to the ground. I opened my eyes for the first time then. All I could see now was blue. It totally covered my vision. Forget the pain I thought inside my damaged head. So finally I got up and looked around me at this brand new world that I was in. It was a very blinding site. I felt like I wanted to fall over again. Everything was opposite than it should have been. The sky was green like the grass and the grass was blue like the sky. All around me trees were floating and their colors were opposite too. I was so confused and then I remembered Lynn. I looked around and then I saw her. Lynn, confused and dirty, was lying on the ground. She looked like she had just come out of bed and wanted breakfast. Whining, sighing, and pouting. She got up. Then she walked over to me and said “what happened.” The usual words that come out of people's mouths when something weird and unexpected happens.

“I have no idea” I said in response. I walked on the blue grass over to one of the clouds that was on the ground. To my excitement it was made out of cotton candy of course. I picked some up and ate it. It tasted like sweet, sweet home. “How are we going to get home, its impossible” I said.

“I'm sorry this is my fault anyways” Lynn said sadly.

“It's okay” I responded. Then all of the sudden an idea flashed through my head. “What if we flew home on the clouds?”

“oh my gosh, your a genius” she said. So we got on the clouds and then all of the sudden we were in the air. It didn't take long to get back to the tornado that the orange cone was making. I was so scared but I didn't say anything. Right when we hit the tornado I got slammed into the ground I looked up but nothing was there just the blue sky that I missed so much. I was confused and hurt but all I could think of was that I was home with Lynn. Have you ever wondered what would happed if the grass turned blue and the sky turned green. Well I wondered and it happened. Lynn and I went back to the world that I called the opposite world. We eventually got older and found more interesting things to do though. So we passed the story down to our children and I'm sure that it will get passed on through the years.

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