May 26, 2010
Chapter 1
There once was a beautiful young girl named Nicole. She was very beautiful and had almost everything she could ask for, a loving boyfriend named Tyler, a family that cares about her, and an amazing home. She has blonde hair and brown eyes and she loves going to the mall with friends.

One day when she went to the mall with her two friends Angie and Hailey, they sat in the center of the mall and watched people and tried to judge who they were for fun. When they got bored with that they wandered to the food court, unaware of the actions that were to happen next. As they received their food the ground started shaking and screams filled the air. People started panicking and running for the exit, all of a sudden men in black combat suits started crashing in on zip lines helicopters zoomed over head as a loudspeaker went off, “This is Vladimir Khruschev, I am in charge of the Russian terrorist group: Black Widow. I command you to get down on the ground and stay down.” The voice has a thick Russian accent to it and speaks with confidence. Immediately everyone ducks except for one man who stood proud and shouted, “I will not bow to your ways!” immediately one of the suited men screams something in russian and a man to his side walks up to the man, puts the gun in his mouth and whispers to the man, “Get down now.” The man obeys and cowers to the ground. Now a man in a black suit walks in holding a loudspeaker, “I want you all to line up single file and give me your purses, phones, wallets, and all other methods of communication!”. The Russian combat suited men immediately move forward and haul up every single person. When they reached Nicole and her friends they immediately started pleading and sobbing. “Hey beautiful, how are you?” says one of the men. “P*** off!” Screams Nicole as she struggles to fight the man. “Just take my phone dammit!” she hands over the purse and phone and lays back on the ground. As soon as the men turn around she immediately pulls out her ipod touch and sends an email using the malls wifi signal. She sends a message to her boyfriend…

Chapter 2

Tyler was sitting in his room on facebook with his ipod touch. All of a sudden it beeped and a message popped up: HELP ME! AT MALL! EAST SIDE! PLEASE! – NICOLE

Immediately Tyler runs to his car and starts it up, he peels out of the driveway and speeds through the streets. He dials 911 and tells them something is up at the mall. 30 minutes later he gets outside the parking lot that has choppers hovering all over and men in strange suits holding machine guns he’s only seen in video games before walking around. Tyler’s first thought was how to get in. he would have to sneak in. He opens his door and walks up to the first guy he sees. “Halt!” shouts the man, his accent thick. “What’s going on man?” Tyler says as he starts to walk away. The guard runs after him and grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around. Tyler looks around and notices that no other guards are around. Tyler immediately grabs the guard and flips him to the ground, a dumpster nearby posed as the perfect weapon. Tyler drags the guard and slams his head onto the dumpster knocking him out cold, immediately Tyler takes the guards uniform and weapon and walks slowly through groups of men speaking in Russian paying no attention to him. The gun feels heavy in his hand as he opens the heavily guarded doors to the mall. Once inside, he looks around the food court people are laying on the ground silently as more guarded men walk between the people, their footsteps breaking the silence. Tyler spots a bathroom and unzips his combat suit when he is inside. He grabs his ipod touch and uses the translator. He studied as fast as he could and as soon as he felt confident he got out of the bathroom and started walking through the groups of people looking for Nicole and her friends. Five minutes later he found them. “Come with me. Say, I have to go to the bathroom.” He says as he bends close to her ear. “Oh my god! Tyler? Is that you?” she whispers with delight. “Shhh! You cannot let anyone know I have to get you out of here! Sorry about this.” With that he grabs her by the arm and speaks in Russian to the nearest man, “This one needs to use the bathroom, I’ll watch and make sure she doesn’t screw around.” The man says something in Russian and nods his head.

Once in the bathroom, Tyler pulls off the mask, sweat is beading on his face. “Now, we need to make a plan…”
To Be Continued….

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