Daughter of the Forest

May 28, 2010
Sorcha is the seventh child of the powerful Lord Colum of Sevenwaters. Sorcha’s mother tragically passed away shortly after giving birth to her only daughter, leaving Sorcha’s six older brothers to raise and care for her. Sorcha is the sunshine of their lives and they thrive in her happiness. But her happiness is short lived as Sorcha learns her father plans to re-marry. Little does he know that his new wife is an evil and powerful enchantress, strong enough to tear their whole family a part. Soon she finds her brothers trapped under a terrible spell that only Sorcha can break-by staying silent. She may not speak one word until she completes her quest set out by the Fair Folk, or she loses her brothers forever. But her love for her brothers knows no bounds, and Sorcha is determined to set them free. But when she is kidnapped by her people’s worst enemies, she fears she may never finish her quest in saving her brothers. Can the magic of the Fair Folk of Sevenwaters be enough to help save the brothers she loves so dearly? Or will they forever be trapped as the fierce winged creatures they have become?

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