In the Shadows: Preface

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The dream is always the same. I doze off only to find myself in a forest, surrounded with silence as a single twig breaks. The adrenalin spreads quickly through my veins as my legs start pumping. Faster and faster and faster. I continue on until I look back, only to find that I was running straight off of a cliff. And then, nothing. The world draws a blank as I fall in utter silence down into the abyss of existence. Suddenly, I stop falling and begin floating whilst the universe unfolds around me in all of its wonder and grandeur. I stare at all the stars and planets, and then it all comes to a halt. At an accelerated rate, the entirety of my surroundings seems to be falling, so quickly that I could no longer breathe. I close my eyes begging for air as I feel my throat collapsing. It all stops as my feet are once again planted firmly on the earth. I open my eyes only to find myself back in the place I started, surrounded by creatures of another place and time, one which I have no desire to exist in. Just as I start to breathe sweet air once more, a burst of immense pain invades my chest as I crumble to the ground. Fire spread like poison throughout me and built up progressively until…

…Until I awake to an alarm clock buzzing in my ear. There are many unfortunate occurrences in life, and the infuriating toll of the morning drone that is the alarm clock awaking those who are most definitely not morning people just so happens to be the most maddening. My long, sleek black hair is sprawled across all in its reach, including my face. As the buzzing persists for a moment, I sweep the hair away and despairingly slam the snooze button. And so begins another seemingly eventless day.

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