The infection

May 25, 2010
By Teenwriter BRONZE, Hancock, Maine
Teenwriter BRONZE, Hancock, Maine
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John sprinted around the corner not looking back or even pausing to catch his breath. He had seen something horrible. Something that he had feared would happen since day one. Animal activists. They had broken into the damned lab! They had released a toxin that was able to turn any sentient being in to a raging flesh eating murderous creature. This virus turned a person (or animals) primal instincts on high. Worse than high. And it mutated them. Instead of thinking things through and only killing something that was of a different species they would feed on whatever was available. If blood pumped, these things would find it and tear it apart. He had tested it on things ranging from bugs to cadavers and every time something horrible happened. They got up and started killing. Even the bugs had swarmed and tried to break the glass to kill the scientists. They of course had grade 10 pure titanium that closed over the windows so that the creatures could be completely incinerated. And they could never open the main entrance! These idiotic activists were angry that animals were being abused and tested and as soon as these people opened the door two creatures attacked them. A once human and a once dog. They managed to shoot the dog but the human had not been contained and now it was chasing john down the hallway. He pulled out the emergency revolver stashed in a wall compartment. He aimed it down the hallway. He was nervous too. he knew that this virus could go airborne and infect him too but he was ready for that. He was a catholic so he couldn't kill himself he knew, but he would lock himself in the incinerator if necessary. When the others got in they would see him and start the incinerator. He tensed as he heard the thing running after him. His back was against a wall. Literally! He waited and then the thing came around the corner. He took steady aim and fired. The thing growled and lunged landing on top of him. It gashed his shoulder and he yelled out in pain. He was now infected. He pushed the thing off of him and fired again this time putting the round right between the eyes. The thing toppled backwards and fell down. Suddenly the alarm went off. "NO!" John screamed. The guard didn't know about these things and had just locked him out of the incinerator. He was now going to change and the only thing he could do was shoot himself or he would risk killing hundreds. This made him quake in fear but then he was saved. The venom started searing through him and he dropped the gun. He screamed and then everything went black. His heart stopped his body started convulsing. This lasted for a few minutes. The guard had called 911 and was down beside john trying to revive him. He turned to see paramedics running down the hall and then turned back to john. Horror pulsed through his body as the ruby red eyes stared up at him. With a scream of rage the thing grabbed the guard's neck in its teeth and started ripping. The paramedics were locked down here and in a few minutes there were 20 fully fledged zombies. Maybe if the scientists had seen the blood on the walls they would have locked the things down there. But they didn't. They only knew that an alarm had gone off. They ran down the hallway to find nothing but blood on the walls. They started searching the area and soon one of them called out "Hey! Over here I found john!" he walked slowly up to john. "John are you.......?" He froze john had ruby red eyes. And behind him were 19 more sets. "Ru.......!" but he never finished his word. It was over. The doors were open and the only ones that knew how to create an antidote were dead. It was as if hell had opened up and whatever lived down there was coming up to kill everything.

The author's comments:
This is a story I wrote in my free time I was inspired by many zombie movies. This is very much from my thinking about 28 days later.

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