Black Ops

May 19, 2010
By Connor Dunn BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Connor Dunn BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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“ Cameron dinner is ready!”, Cameron’s mother said

“ Okay I’m coming.” He set his XBOX controller down and went into the kitchen.

After dinner he headed straight for his XBOX to play some more Call Of Duty Night Ops© (COD). When he walked into the room something was strange. He checked every in of the box but didn’t know what it was. Is it a noise? Is it a light? He thought to himself. After a while he gave up and turned on the XBOX. When he least expected it the screen flashed and in a blink of an eye he was enveloped into the screen and was all of sudden in a strange place. He was in a desert with an army. The US Army! Cameron was extremely excited. He has been a fan of the army ever since he dad was recruited for the Persian Gulf War. He was five years old then.

A man came up in a beaten down Jeep. He wore a pair of aviators with Croakies and he had bag with his gear. He walked up and introduced himself.

“Hey I’m gonna be your new partner, call me Ghost.”

Cameron was in awe like he has just met God. He stuttered, “My… my name is Cameron.”

“Good to meet you. Go get your supplies at the tent and meet me here at 1100 hours sharp.”

They went in separate ways and returned at the same spot at 1100 hours. Cameron came back with a Ghillie suit with a silenced semi-automatic sniper rifle, a sub machine gun, and a silenced Colt Revolver pistol. He carried a small backpack on his back and had a Bowie knife strapped to his ankle. Ghost was wearing a camouflage Ghillie suit with a larger backpack. He carried a bolt-action sniper rifle and a silenced pistol on his hip. They climbed into a helicopter and flew for what seemed like days. They arrived at night and took refuge in the grass hillsides from all the missiles being fired above. They were in Vietnam.

Here in World War III the Asia Alliance made of Vietnam, China, Iran, and North Korea. They have threatened to use nuclear bombs again and they aren’t afraid to use them. The United Nations were attacked in England with a nuclear bomb destroying most of the city. Millions of people died. The UN decided to declare war on the Asia Alliance and have deployed half a million troops in various locations to stop these evil people from destroying the world.

Cameron and Ghost took refuge is a bunker in a side of a hill where the US army was located in Vietnam. They stayed there until it was safe for them to be deployed to Tiajin, China south of the Asia Alliance capital of Beijing. This is where their nuclear facilities were moved to and where they are launched. Cameron and Ghost’s obligation is to get into that building and blow it up.

When they arrived there they were ordered to go to Beijing immediately. They had a long car ride to the monstrous city which gigantic buildings loomed above the ominous smog from many years of pollution. They floated under the river until it took them to the center of Bejing where the factory was and where they need to go to destroy it. They had to be incognito but there were too many people walking.

“Where gonna have to wait here till nighttime bud. Once it gets dark we will hide in that building so we can see the factory and it will get us a clear view at the guards that watched intently to any detail along the wall”, said Ghost.

“All right.”

Once it was dark we climbed out of the freezing water and headed to the ally where the building was. They waited behind a dumpster for an opportunity to go in. Eventually, a small man opened the door and walked the other way. Cameron quickly put his foot between the wall and the door. A check appeared above them signifying that they have reached their check point. Ghost checked the corner.

“All clear Cam. Run over there and take a left to find an elevator.”

Cameron took the corner and was immediately was dropped by a stocky security man. The Security guard quickly put him in a sleeper hold. Cameron couldn’t breath and realized that he would have to live get through this video game to live. His face was turning purple and he was still struggling. With all his strength Cameron reached down, grabbed his Bowie knife and stabbed the man the heart. Though Cameron was free but realized that he kill the man. All of a sudden a strong hand gripped over his mouth and pulled him into the elevator. Thankfully it was Ghost.

They set up in an empty business room and knocked out the window. Without anybody noticing Cameron took out the man smoking a cigarette and Ghost took out the other three. They base jumped out the building onto the dark asphalt. They were weaving through the streets hoping not to be seen when they came to a tall gray brick wall.

“I’m going to boost you over the top, check for guards, then bring me up”, said Ghost.
Cameron and Ghost executed this perfectly and were over in less than a minute. They ran across the lawn with their pistols, through a long hall, and into the busy factory full of thousands of workers. It was a large factory with many levels and the amount of silver metal would blind you.

“There are to many of them”, said Cameron.

“Keep your head straight boy. Take your C4 bombs and plant them on those huge silver barrels. I’ll go right and you’ll go left and we’ll meet up at that crate on the other side”, said Ghost.

Cameron hid behind the boxes and planted the C4 on all the barrels. He wait for Ghost for a while but he didn’t show up. He was suddenly grabbed by a huge burly man with a mustache. He brought Cameron up many stories to a large room with 4 men at a long table and Ghost with another guard.

A man with spiked up hair, glasses, and an asian accent said, “You Americans think that you can come into here and blow it up? Do you really?! I will kill every last one of you, if it isn’t the last thing I do!”

He walked up to Cameron, took a look at his Bowie knife, and stabbed him. While the guards weren’t looking Ghost pull the switch on the C4. Cameron took the knife out of him and threw it at the evil man with spiked hair and killed him. Ghost got Cameron and scrambled out of the room with out anyone else noticing. The factory was going down and they probably weren’t going to get out. The walls were crashing in, fire was spreading, and Cameron was bleeding. Running to find a solution Ghost saw the helicopter coming down to save them.

“Cameron I’m going to throw you on. Are you able to?”

“Yes....” he whispered

Cameron caught the rope and slowly climbed up. Time was running out for Ghost. He had to jump but Cameron was in the way. The place gave away, Ghost jumped, and grabbed onto the rope dangling 400 feet above the ground. Cameron climbed off the rope onto the helicopter, sat down, and all of a sudden came out of the TV.

“Cameron, time for breakfast!” His mother yelled.

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