Spirit: part 2

May 18, 2010
Chapter 2: The secret of the Spirits

“Please tell me Renka, where is the exit?”

“There is only one exit, but even if you find it, you will still be a spirit, it's in the town of Yami.”

“Yami? Tell me more.”

Renka sighed, “ You're quite curious aren't you? If you must know Yami is a town of darkness and despair. It's ruled by Akurei, the ruler spirit of evil, it's where all the dark and evil spirits go to stay after judgment.” Yami will lead you to the mortal world, but you will still be a spirit, no mortal will be able to see or hear you unless you come to them in their dreams, or,or some special mortals are able to sense us, there's too much to explain now, but you will understand in due time.”

Now Koneko's head was spinning, this was all so confusing. Judgment,good, evil, what's going on?!

“ I can see you are confused, let me explain. So, when a creature dies, their soul comes out, understand? The first place their soul comes to is here, Tamashii, where I give them a briefing, then they are sent to their judgment, based on what they did in their lives they are given an assigned a part of the spirit world, the good or the bad part. They aren't really assigned to the bad part, but rather banished as punishment. Once in their parts of the world the leader and the chief spirits of that world give them assignments and handle them in their new, eternal lives, where they make the lives of the creatures in the mortal world better... or worse.”

“Hm, I think I'm starting to get it.” “Yes, good spirits are souls and bad ones are ghosts. Oh and also, last thing before I head off, the reason there are some spirits here is because sometimes it takes a long time for spirits to be judged, you know, the line and all, good luck and I hope to see you in the future. Bye!”

“Bye!” (“Wow, he's so nice and kind of cute. Oh no, I'm not crushing on some spirit guy I just met, am I? Well, whatever. I don't really remember what happened before when I was a mortal or how I died, but, I guess I'll have to leave that for later, hopefully I'll remember soon. But on the other hand I'm a spirit! I can't believe it, oh, why me?”)

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