Under the Moons Beam

May 16, 2010
By JocelynnTaylor GOLD, Templeton, Pennsylvania
JocelynnTaylor GOLD, Templeton, Pennsylvania
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"Come along Piper, Selene. Follow me hurry along." I said while we were walking toward there destination which under this circumstance Piper and Selene have no idea what was going to happen in a matter of hours.

"Charlena, I am so tired can we not sit and rest a bit. Please! Oh, please my feet hurt. Where are we going any way? Are we almost there What are we doing out here in the middle of nowhere? Gram is going to be very worried." Piper exclaimed she sounded very tired I thought. I should really be a little nicer to them they are a bit younger, and a lot more curious.

"Piper, honey, we are going to do the forbidden spell to get my mom and dad back because I miss them a lot." 'sniffle, sniffle', "I don't have a mom to tuck me in and tell me everything will be alright. I don't have a dad to protect me tonight. I am fending for myself. I am all alone in this cruel world and i miss the fact that I used to have a mom and dad that loved me a lot." I am such a great lier.

"Ah. Charlena. Don't cry Piper didn't mean it. You didn't mean it did you Piper. You understand this better than me because of your dad last year. We all thought you had lost him but he came back and told you he loved you then he left again but it was to go to a way better place than where I would assume your parents would go because of there horrid deeds. Are you sure you want to bring that back to the world, destruction, hatred, deaths. All over again I don't know if I can stand it yet alone the humans." She said the last word with such hatred.

I loved humans because they were fun to mess with. I just looked at Selene and she gazed back I could tell she knew that I was not saving my parents that I was having them help me to do the most horrid spell in Grams "Book of Horrid Spells". I hate to lie to them but this has to be done, my mom and dad can wait I need Gram's memory back so I can get her to help me with this. She would have understood the fact I needed Zach to come to me. I was needeed for his spell to be completed but if he never go t ot do this spell then maybe jsut maybe the whole world would be safe from mass destruction and massive amounts of deaths. The apocalypse. I can stop it with the help of my soon to be blood sisters.

"Okay, we can stop," I grinned evily, "In about five minutes when we reach this place. Come on just five more minutes and if you want I will callI can call upon one of our most hated cousins... Quinn. I am sure the little puppy would love to give you a piggy back ride. Heehee. Little puppy wuppy wants a bone." I laughed a little girly laugh then felt a sudden breeze. I heard Selene adn Piper gasp and so did I.

I felt something stop behind me sniff and sort of laugh. I felt a furry paw, no a human hand on my shoulder. I shuddered at its present if it is one thing I didn't like it was an optimistic happy go lucky werewolf. "Why if it isn't my favorite cousin and her two littler ones." He smiled his hansome yet shy smile he didn't like Selene or Piper. He only had eyes for me of course the older of his witch cousins. His eyes were changing colors and I could tell he was trying to figure out what we were doing out in the woods all alone in the middle of the night.

"Why hello Quinn, didn't 'spect to see you out here. Lets go for a quick walk over here." to Selene and Piper "There you go guys Quinn just got you both a break. Enjoy!" I smiled momentarily and turned around, letting the anger rip out of me I ran to the final destination with Quinn. He was the one I could tell the one who would help me more than Selene or Piper.

"Ahh! Doesn't i feel so good to run freely? Don't answer that question." I said just in time to cut him short of saying what he said everytime I played with him. It always gave me goosebumps so I just didn't mess much, but I needed a little cheered up. I thought I cut him short that is.

"Well little sis, what are you and your followers up to now? Oh no, let me guess, I think it has something to do with your Grams ancient forbidden spell book in your backpack witch I all to cunningly took from your pack. While you weren't looking. Yes little Sis your big brother got mean. I swear I will always love you but I just can't be seen with you because of the new orders. You do understand don't you. I knew you would." He said when I shook my head. "I am not to tell you about it but as you can see it takes into precaution your little spellbook here and I am to take it do you understand. But instead you are going to attack me with your witchy magic and make me give it back to you. If you win you keep it. If you don't you are not aloud to tell anyone about this meeting or about me. Is that clear?"

I couldn't talk, he had figured out what we were doing who is to say he didn't send the mental image to his buds. How did I know that they weren't coming to kill us now? Maybe they wouldn't come, maybe they were not in their forms. But what if one of them go to change and is overwhelmed with the news. Will they kill us on the spot or torture us first.

As if to answer my question he howled, it was the eeriest sound I could have imagined, and said in the most cunning voice imaginable, "Now we wouldn't want you to think that now would we?"

It was a question but it had come out as a statement. "No, no I wouldn't want that, but would you want that? To see your favorite cousin ripped to shreds?"

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I am still writing but I have drawn a blank. Please post your ideas. Thanks!

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