What Happened?

April 26, 2010
By volleyballchick09 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
volleyballchick09 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I’m falling? It feels like I am, plunging steeper and steeper, into what feels like a swirling vortex of nothing but the darkness. I can’t see. Am I blindfolded, or is it to dark? Anxiously I start to feel around, to find something to touch to pulse my senses. To let me know I’m solid, and try to stop this strange feeling. I go to lift my arms but a sudden stabbing strikes me, and I can’t help but screech in pain. The pain flows through me, infecting my veins, into my blood. Infecting my body as venom would. It hits my heart, and I cringe. The pulse picks up to a sprint. Is this what dieing feels like? Thoughts? Blank. Mind? Swirling. I can’t think about anything, I just suffer. But… where am I? And how?

Light floods the space around me, chasing the, all consuming darkness away. It burns to open my eyes, and honestly I would rather not, I’m to scared to what could be in front of me. But I can’t just chill here like it’s nothing, so I just bring on the burn, and open my eyes. It takes a second for my eyes to adjust, but I cautiously gaze around. I’m in a room, a plain Jane room. White walls, with a light brown wood flooring. Only one lonely, blue chair, the kind of chair you would see students sitting in at school. Theirs no life in this room, who would want to be in here? Struggling I try to move to stand up and try to get myself out of here. But as I do, footsteps fill the room, coming closer and, closer. I feel paralyzed in fear and just stay on the floor. A shadow starts to illuminate itself upon the wall, tall and mighty. Almost as if it was approaching to find something that was satisfying to the sight. The shadow creeps along the wall , stalking the ceiling. As if it was staling the prey before it attacks.

“Soo… you’re still kickin’ huh?” A deep, mysterious voice breaks the silence.

I don’t say a word, I wouldn’t dare to. Besides I can’t find the voice to say even a whisper. Sometimes silence is your death, but other times it can be you sweet escape. That’s all I want, to escape. The anxiety is killing me because I have no idea what could have lead to this. I’d rather just leave, I don’t need to know. Life is more valuable to me than dieing to find out.

“I guess so then. Maybe this will be easier for us, or you could just be making it harder for yourself.” The voice answered the words he spoke before.

The mystery reveled itself as a man. He strode over to the chair that was, oddly placed just to my left. He pulled the chair, turned it around and sat down all in one swift movement. His arms wrapped around the back of the chair and he just stared at me. I know he was waiting for words, to bad for him because he’s not getting any. What did he expect me to say? “Hey what’s up!” As if we were just walking by in the streets, or talking on the phone? Like this is just completely normal.

My eyes look around this boring room, seeing if I missed something. But I was really just avoiding his eyes. He turned his face towards mine and I can’t help it, I look into his eyes. They were beautiful, so mesmerizing. Almost hypnotic, like I was the victim of the magic trick. Green like the summer plants. So pure and deep. His skin was flawless, not a mark, blemish, pimple, anything. He’s a superhuman! Nobody has a completely perfect face! Right? He had tan skin, a light brown color.

Footsteps reemerged into the silence. The man turned his eyes quickly towards the door. I watch him for a second, but then join him. The came closer to this room, closer to me. Silence. They stopped? I waited for a second, and a sick-to-my-stomach feeling pegs me. So I turned my head and stared at the ceiling, which is still white as the walls are. It felt like a couple of minutes went by, and the man was still staring at the door, just waiting. I close my eyes thinking that I could always open them when I hear them again.

A sudden warmth trails from to my chin to my hairline that sends chills down my spine. I shift my face to the right, which is were the man was looking and where the door was. Another man?! But… he looks just like the man in the chair. I quickly turn my attention to the man in the chair, and he was still there. These two must be twins, wow that’s weird.

“What’ s wrong sweetheart? Confused are we?” He smirked a subtle smile, and said this so smoothly, so elegant.

His eyes fixed onto me, giving me this look as if he was searching for something. I looked into them and started to get hooked as I did to his twin, but then I quickly glanced away because I know something is up.

“Hmm…” He stated plainly, in a shrug response, disappointed.

“What’s wrong Jake?” The mystery man, still sitting in the chair, asked his twin that was, now, kneeling next to me.

“Nothing really. I just wanted to have some fun before we got down to business, but I guess Ms. Stubborn won’t talk to me. I’m actually offended.” Jake responded, putting his hand on his chest tilting his head upward. Totally over dramatic in my opinion.

“Well that might be because of her… well the “thing” is gone.”

“Oh! But that might be a bad thing…” His look seemed like he was pondering the thought. “But then again…”

What are they talking about?

“Yeah. I think your right Justin. We need to get what we need and remove the evidence.” Jake stated plainly.

He looked at me again, took his hand and lightly grabbed my chin and turned my face towards him. I stared into his eyes, sorry I couldn’t help it, and I swore I was looking into, like literally into his eyes. The more I stared into them the less I had the control to look away. A vision of sorrow but strangely there was a since of happiness somewhere trying to hide, filled my thoughts. I saw myself, and I was walking home from school. 17 is my age by the way, and I attend Lincoln High School (I‘m a eleventh grader), home of the mighty bears. But I remember that day, it was a stormy day. The clouds rumbled and boomed a warning to flee home. Lighting flashed, threatened the land of its presence. My feet dragged on the ground, and tears rolled of my face as I walked. I was depressed because my best friend, and I had gotten into a huge fight. And I stopped by the edge of my street just crying, thinking of any way I could apologize to her. I remember what happened next, I had found this necklace. It was magnificent, and it felt magical. The feeling returned to me in his vision, of the stone hanging on the string. I felt o.k. when I held it, the tears ran off my face and didn’t come back. I was happy holding it, and I knew it was special so I put in into my brown handbag, picked up my cat Sniffles, that was sitting beside me, and quickly walked home.

He closed his eyes, and my vision returned to normal. I was shocked, how did he do that? But much more, how did he know that? Now I think I understand how people feel when they are stalked, paranoid.

“O.k. listen here. That necklace is very important to us. So important were willing to kill everyone in our way to retrieve it. You see I’m not going to give you much details but, as you can see, were not normal humans. Nut I’m not going to tell you what we are because that’s not what is important right now. We just want it back so we can leave, without destroying any peace between our land.” Jake was explaining to me.

“Now, I know you have it! Where is it?” Justin asked in a stern, intimidating voice.

“…H-have wh-what?” My voice was shaking, and I was having a nerves breakdown. But I knew what they wanted.

“Don’t act stupid! You know what we want! Don’t make me ki-” Justin stood in rage yelling at me. His eyes glowed a dark blackish color and his teeth looked like they were much sharper than they were before. He clinched his fists and went to attack me.

I sat up and pulled myself towards the wall, like a dog would when their owner was about to hurt them.

“Justin! Calm down! Were not going to get very far if we kill her, she’s the only one who knows where it is.” Jake quickly interrupted, putting his arm in front of him to block him from me.

He inspected Jakes arm, and cocked his head the other way, and walked back to the chair, clearly angered.

“Now listen.” Jake softly, and calmly said to me. He walked over to me and sat down next to me, then put his arm around my shoulder. “This can go smoothly, or roughly. I want everything to go easy, and quickly so we can leave. But if you make this hard things are going to be different sweetheart. And were on bit of a time crunch here, so we have to go as soon as possible.”

I studied his face, and his arm around me. I know he’s faking this, I know what he wants. He just wants to try and be nice to get me to forfeit my prize. But whatever that was, it has to be something important or they wouldn’t be so antsy.

“Soo… what’s it going to be girlie?” Jake asked after a moment of silence.

Thinking about it wasn’t hard, giving it up was.
“…F-fine, I will. But! I have to go get it.” I told them.

“No. We have to go with you.”

“You can’t!” I yelled. The truth was… I lost it. The next morning when I woke up, after finding it the day before, went into my bag to wear it an it was gone.

“……You have twenty minutes to get it, or I’m coming after you and the consequence won’t be pleasant. Trust me.” Jake agreed, aggravated.

“I’ll kill her myself. I’m sick of her, she’s annoying.” Justin placidly stated. He reached out to grab me, and I shut my eyes in fear.

I opened them after a few seconds. I was expecting to be hit or strangled. But to my surprise, I was inside my house.

“You have twenty minutes, I mean it. You better have it. I’m watching you. And your body should feel fine now, thanks to my help.” Jakes voice echoed through my thoughts.

In a panic I rushed to my handbag that I put in a few days ago. It still wasn’t there. Fear pushed me foreword, I tore my room apart. Searching up and low, everywhere looking for it. This necklace is impossible to miss. The stone is bright purple, and looked as if it glowed. And the string was made out of tiny, but still beautiful orange shells.

My arm, which now that I realize didn’t hurt anymore… how was that possible? I was sure that I broke it. My arm slid under my bed and felt around in a desperate attempt to find it. Something warm, and fuzzy rubbed against my arm, and I screamed like I have never screamed before. Jerking my hand from under my bed and ran to the other side of my room, I stared at my bed. Sniffles crawled out, which was my black cat that I have had for all its life. He’s an old cat now, with his walk slower than it used to be, his hair a faded black, and his look wiser, but more tired. My heart eased itself, while my body tried to calm down. Sniffles slowly dragged his little paws over to me, then sat down at my feet. He lifted his head and met my glance.

“Two minutes left sweetheart. You look a little short handed, unfortunate really.” Sniffles said.

My body froze, I rushed over to the clock, and I was right I’m out of time. I started to run, faster than I ever have before. Isn’t it weird how adrenaline and fear can push you to new heights of you physical being?

“You can’t run from me!” I heard Justin’s voice sounded in rage.

I turned back, there he was running as well towards me. The more I looked, he seemed to be flying, he didn’t look as if he was even touching the ground. I pushed myself faster, praying for my life. A sudden, heavy weight slammed into my back, forcing me to the floor.

“If you don’t want to save your kind from us by giving us what we want, then theirs not point in having you around.” Justin whispered into my ear, then his teeth pierced my throat, and cocked my head to the right.

Gasping for air I opened my eyes. I was in my room again. Not a scratch, nor touch on me. I lifted my arm to rub my face, to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, and I felt something hard scratch my face. I glanced to my hand, and there it was the necklace. I threw it across the room and just studied it.


I turned my attention to the noise, which was from my cat Sniffles. He sat at the edge of my bed and meet his gaze with mine. Turned his head a little of to the left, and smirked.

“Times up sweetheart.”

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