Life As A Hammock

April 26, 2010
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A Hammock, a couch or bed for the weary, I offer an outdoor nap under the shade or the trees or the moonlight. A place for friends to slow down and relax, I can seem very quiet but I can also rustle with the wind. Flexible and soft, I can take on the shape of those who come to rest upon me. They can trust me to keep them safe and keep them from falling. Woven into the threads of fabric, each thread holds a secret to my friend’s personality. It tells my interests, hobbies, and dreams. However, I do have my gaps where I make mistakes and sometimes let important things slip through. I offer laughs to friends who “hang out” with me.

As a hammock, I rely on stronger things to ground me. My parents are the two trees that anchor me. They stand there to calm me after a fierce wind or storm. Resilient I consider myself, strong and supportive, a great place for friends to come to if tired or have a bad day. I lift their spirits by giving them a nice place to relax as I listen to their stories.

I love the fact that I live outdoors and have the chance to experience all of the elements of nature. The sun and fresh air strengthen me. Wishing for warmer days, I feel humble during the cold, rainy days of winter. In the summer people see me as a great place to enjoy a glass of Nanny’s sweet tea. I like to listen to music made by the creatures of the night. In the autumn, I lie there to catch leaves as they fall, while their colorful quilt keeps me warm. The cooler days bring friends out to play football and have picnics. I offer a great place to catch your breath between plays. During the winter month’s things slow down, it becomes quiet and the days seem shorter. It gives me time to rest and enjoy my memories of warmer days, a time for me to dream about the good things to come. When spring arrives, I acknowledge the suns warmth. I feel happy to see new signs of life and look forward to longer days with more time for friends and family.
As a hammock, I hope to one day retire near the beach or on an island. I can see myself, stretched out between two palm trees on a sandy white beach. I feel the cool breeze flowing through me as I swing and sway with the beautiful island music. The views from home will be certain to bring friends visiting often. Once again, I will offer a safe place to rest and relax. I will offer comfort and friendship and a whole lot of fun.

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