Goldilocks Glutton

April 26, 2010
By Tierra Ouellette BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
Tierra Ouellette BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
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I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror. Blonde ringlets shining like the sun fell down to my shoulders and my clear eyes were filled with sleep. I yawned and smiled, today is going to be a good day I thought to myself. I quickly got dressed throwing on the typical pink dress I wore almost every “lucky” day. I brushed my hair and stuck an enormously huge pink bow in it and laughed like a kid. This is what I did every morning and I like to call it my prepping to be innocent. But you and I both know that I am anything but innocent. So I skipped down the stairs and ate some yummy porridge for breakfast. Porridge was my favorite food and my mom seemed in a good mood today which in turn boosted my mood. Everyone in the village knows my mom as somewhat of a w**** but I know that she is more. She’s a w**** that can cook! After eating I went to feed my pet bunny coincidently named Porridge and we were off on our adventure for today. As I walked outside into the sunshine and clear skies I breathed in deeply and basked in the sun. “It’s time to get down to business” I said to Porridge. I informed her on the mission for today, apparently there’s a house in the middle of the woods that is own by a family of evil bears and that they are hiding a secret treasure within their cottage. After telling her this we headed out for the adventure promising woods. We walked for awhile until we finally saw the cottage described to us in our mission, small and brown with flowers neatly placed in the garden and a big WELCOME sign. I slowly made my way to the front steps of the house. As I peeked through the window I questioned why a family of bears would live in a house this small. This was a strange matter. Well no one was home so I climbed through the open blue shutter and eased myself into the house like butter. At first I was disappointed realizing that the house seemed very normal and bland but then it hit me; of course they would want the house to appear so typical, they’re evil bears! I smelled aroma coming through the kitchen of my favorite food, porridge. As quick as lightning I was in the kitchen staring down at three bowls of poured porridge. I tried some of the first one but it was too cold and ew I absolutely HATE porridge that is not the perfect temperature. Hoping that the second bowl would hold the porridge I so desperately desired I took a bite out of that one. This time I screamed in pain as the heat of the porridge seared through my mouth and down my throat like a fire ball. Almost in tears I took a gulp out of the last and final bowl and to my content it was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. After finishing of this porridge of royalty I explored the bedrooms of the three bears. Jumping on to the first bed I made a plunk as my butt hit something that felt as hard as cement I winced in pain and got back up. I then made my way to the second bed which I hopped in and fell into a deep hole, this one was too soft. In my frustration I marched angrily to the third bed and plopped down on it. I let out a sigh of relief as I floated on the air which was the bed and drifted off to sleep.

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