The Racehorse and the Farm Animals

April 25, 2010
By susannah davies BRONZE, Katonah, New York
susannah davies BRONZE, Katonah, New York
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A man was riding a horse around a farm to train it for the Kentucky Derby. The large colonial farm was mainly for breeding and training horses, but was also home to chickens, pigs, cows sheep and two donkeys. One thoroughbred named Kendra had high hopes that she would win the Kentucky Derby; in fact, she knew she would. She said, “I am going to win the Kentucky Derby and then I will go on to win the Triple Crown!” Kendra was very elegant, with a sleek and velvety chocolate coat. When she stood, she had a regal, muscular posture. Kendra, being conceited, only cared about winning and being the best at everything. She was not very well liked by the other animals. However, these animals, being affectionate, did not reflect this dislike, and Kendra thought everyone loved her because she was beautiful and talented.
With the Kentucky Derby only a few weeks away, the owner of the farm was paying extra attention to Kendra and less to the other animals. The animals did not mind as long as they were being fed and they could talk and play with each other. During a time like this, though, there was no time to play because there was to be a wedding! Phil, a donkey, was in love with another donkey named Annie. Phil was not physically attractive, but had the kindest heart. Annie was a bit more outgoing and bigger than Phil. While most of the animals were busy with wedding plans, Kendra was put in the trailer. All the animals were thankful to have a few days away from her, especially since she had rudely declined the invitation to attend before she even knew she was going to race.
She had said, “ I am sorry but I have better things to do then go to a wedding for two donkeys.” She then galloped off and found her trainer to plead for another apple. All the animals knew she probably did not have better things to do, but that she was not interested in anything that was not about her. After this incident the wedding was planned for April 29th because Kendra would not be on the farm.
At Churchill Downs men and women in sartorial splendor were placing their bets while horses were being groomed and jockeys were changing. Kendra was not favored to win nor was she expected to come in last. The trumpet went off with only five minutes left till the race. Jockeys mounted their horses and went into the gate. The gate opened. “And they’re off ” shouted the announcer. The race was close, but Kendra won unexpectedly! Kendra was elated and could not wait to share the news of her victory.
When she arrived back at the farm she noticed spectacular decorations and clean stalls. Kendra’s eyes spotted a five layer carrot cake that she automatically assumed was for her.
“Oh my! Thank you so much for this celebration! You are the best friends in the world,” Kendra exclaimed. The animals all blinked in disbelief as they walked to the cake.
Turning back Roxy, the energetic chicken, squawked “No, silly, it’s for Annie and Phil! They just got married!”
Kendra had to been too involved in her own moment of glory and beauty to even remember two of the farm animals were getting married. She tried to follow all the animals to talk more about her victory and to get a piece of cake, but it was too late. All the animals were laughing and dancing, not even blinking an eye at Kendra. The champion did not have the support of friends to congratulate her because she was self-centered.
Kendra, now alone, realized winning, success, and glamour was not everything, nor was it true happiness.

The author's comments:
This is an original fable that includes a unique but important to keep in mind.

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