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April 20, 2010
By Biels BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Biels BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Joni Lindgren is a 26 year old female. She lives in a one-room apartment in New York City with her twin sister Daphne. They share equal income and are living pretty well…for now.

One morning, just like any other morning, Joni wakes up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and prepares to eat. It is Daphne’s turn to prepare the breakfast and when she cooks, she does it quite well. All around the apartment, the intoxicating smell of freshly cooked eggs and bacon filled the room like water fills the sea. Joni was excited to eat and she did so with great passion.

After breakfast, Joni showers up and prepares for work. Once she steps outside of her apartment, however, she quickly realizes there was no one to be seen. To her bewilderment, she gives a quick yell and when no one responds, she starts to panic. When she turns around to head back inside to find Daphne, she sees her apartment start into wild, bursting flames. Screaming and yelling for her sister to come out, she suddenly witnesses a burning body fly out of a window that looks like her own, and watches her sister fall face first into the concrete of the sidewalk.

After two days of sobbing and depression from the death of her sister, Joni finally sees some form of a human still alive in Times Square. It seems to be some form of person in a dark cape, shoveling dead corpses into a pile by a garbage can. She walks up to the person and suddenly realizes it is not human at all. It has a twisted, blotchy, scarred up face that looks like it has been damaged by a knife or sword and is about eight feet tall.
Knowing it may know something about what just happened, Joni attempts to communicate with it, but only catches herself saying, “Hello. How are you?”

The man in black seems not to notice and keeps shoveling. After awhile, he turns to her, revealing the inside of his cloak and showing the numerous amounts of weaponry stored inside. Joni realizes that the man in black has about five revolvers and possibly ten razor-sharp knives. After seeing all this, she turns and starts to run when all of a sudden she hears, “Stop, do not move another step.”

Joni freezes and turns around to a revolver, staring her down at point-blank range, cocked and ready to fire at the hands of the man in black. She can suddenly feel tears running down her face like an April rain falling from the sky. Her thoughts are running like wild horses in the wilderness and she can’t find the right words to say.

“You should not be here,” says the man in black, “You are not welcome in this world anymore.”

“My sister has died, and it seems there is no one else left in the city,” murmurs Joni.

“Everyone has been infected with death, and there should be no one left living. I am the Angel of Death. What is your name?” replies the Angel of Death.

“My name is Joni,” she says, “Why was I spared and not my sister?”

“Your sister was not needed in the world anymore, but you are. Your body is necessary to test for newer viruses with which we can infect other worlds to wipeout their unnecessary races,” he replies.

Joni at once feels herself falling to her knees in defeat, and starts to sob once more. This time, it was not about sadness or anger; it was about knowing the fate of herself and other worlds just like her own. She looks up to see the face of the Angel of Death staring back at her with his beady, black-filled eyes.

“Now, miss,” he says, “you must go ahead to my master so he can examine you for further tests.”

“Do I have a choice if I can stay here and die like the rest instead of going to your World?” she asks.

“No. You do not have a choice. You must pay for your well-being, and then die like the rest of this world,” he replies.

Joni made her way into his Forsaken World and into the depths of its darkness. She then met the Angel of Death’s master. He tortured her, made her suffer, and starved her to test how strong her will was to live.
One day, all of the torturing stops and a gangly looking man with an axe walks into her room and tells her it’s her execution day. Joni’s been preparing to die, wishing it would come sooner. She’s laid upon the beheading table and in a matter of minutes the time comes. With one final swish of the axe handle across her throat, the world that Joni wanted to reach for a long time, was now approaching her in the distance.

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