Night Star

April 22, 2010
By Anonymous

In the past there sat small red bud. Deep in the bud there was a sprite, for here she had to stay in the bud for the light of the sun would kill her. She could live with the moons light, but not the suns. One day the suns ray of light shone on the small field full of fresh green grass, dark brown trees, light brown trees nuts, and her one small red bud. Green eyes looked through the small cracks to see the white, red, green, brown, and pink hues that light the earth near her small bud. Why must I wait for night fall to come? Soft cream white hands slide down the cool side of the bud that sat on a small thin stem. The sweet smell of dew on the grass filled her small nose. How nice the day has come to the end for now, till the next day and the next. Oh how I wait in the cold night air for the day hat I can bask in the suns rays.
Then, her eyes saw big tan hands slide to the tip of the bud. Who could that be? For no one dares to come here at night for, the bats that hide in the trees. From what she could see, the man had long black hair, grey eyes with thin eye brows just on top of those gray eyes. He had a nice face with a small nose and thin red lips. His neck was long and the rest of him she could not see for the buds cracks were small to start with. “Oh, what do we have here,” said a bell like voice?
“Who might you be?” she asked.
“Me? Oh I am a light elf. What might you be small one?”
“I am . . . her voice fell. Should I tell this elf that I have just met, who I am? Her eyes saw the gray eyes look through the tip of the bud and knew some how that she could trust him. “I am a sprite, my name is Lu. What is your name for you did not say?”
“Oh, yes my name is Ray. It is nice to meet you small one. But why are you in there?”
“I can not live in the sun for the light hurts me to the point that I could turn to dust, but I can live in the moon light. Plus my name is Lu not small one, so if you would, could you call me Lu and not small one? For I know quite well that I am small and it does not help me if you say my name wrong.” Small flakes of moon light fell on her bud. The soft sides of the bud came down. There in the heart of the bud sat Lu. She had long white hair that came down to her back. Her skin was peach like with a hint of cream. She had on a short black dress that came to the top of her knees and a chain of gold with red gems at the end, sat on the crown of her head. Her long wings that were on her back, were see through and had hints of gold through them.
“Oh how the light makes you glow. The gold in your wings are so sweet. It is as if you have stars in your wings.” A hint of red came to her face as he said that.
“Why are you here? This land at night is full of bats that hide in the trees. They wait for you to be caught off guard then kill you.”
“I could say the same to you. Why is it your bud is here, but there are no more?”
“I wish I knew why, but I do not. All I know is that I have been here for quite a long time.” Her wings fell back. Small clear pools shone in her eyes. “Sir Ray it was so nice to meet you, but you flee from here. The bats you see have a sharp sense of smell and they like the sweet smells. You have the sweet smell that the bats like. If they get a whiff of your smell, I am sad to say you will never make it out of here. So I beg of you flee from here.” His big hand came down and touched the top of her head.
“It will be ok, trust me. I am not that weak. You see I came here to see if the tales were true. They say at night a small girl comes out of a small red bud and brings the stars to the night sky with the gold in her wings. That her hair shines like the moon light. I came here to see her bring stars to the sky, but it seems I would like to see more. In my home land we do not have stars we have a dark sky. The moon is there, but it does not shine like it does here. So if you do not mind would you come with me to my home land to ring life back to the night sky?”
“How far is your home land from here?”
“Not far, my home land is near the Sea of Lakes. Will you come with me?” He put out his hand so she could climb on and sit down for the ride. Her eyes came up to meet his.
“Ok I will go with you to your home land, but we must get there fast for the sun will rise in a few hours.”
The two of them left the small area where Lu was born. They went over hard plains, small lakes, and high hills at last they came to the end of their long trip to Ray’s home land. Their land was bigger than Lu thought. It had a huge clear blue lake. The grass was so green that you could not tell that it was just the start of spring. Trees rose up to the black night sky.
“Oh so it is true, your night has no light, but why? The moon does not shine?”
“You see we have a curse on us that does not let us see the light of the moon or stars just light that comes in the day. That is why I thought that you could bring the night’s light back to us.”
“What can I do to help I am but a small sprite . . . ?”
“You can give up the gold dust in your wings and the white in your hair to the sky and that’s how the stars and the moon will shine again.” Lu looked up to see an aged elf stand there right in front of her. Her eyes were blue, not like the grey that Ray had. She was small too. She had long grey and white hair with a green clip in it.
“I do not mean to be rude, but who are you?” The old elf looked up at Ray ang gave him a cross look.
“You, my child, may call me Gram. I am the old one of this clan. It is nice to meet you. What is your name child?”
“My name is Lu, Gram; it is nice to meet you too.”
“Are you sure you want to help this small elf clan with our curse?”
“I have never felt the light of day or sat in the warm sun where the grass grows and watch clouds move to form shapes. For you to say that you can not see the moons or the shine of the stars makes me sad for I know how you feel. I would like to help you.”
“You are a kind night sprite.”
“How did you know I was a night sprite?”
“I am an old elf I know a lot more than what you think I know, trust me. I have been here for a long time. For you to help us you must give up the star dust in your wings and the white of the moon in your hair. Do you get what I mean?”
“I think I do.”
“It means your body will go to the sky to stay. You can not come back here or to the place that you once were. You will not die, but you will not be here. Ray has said he will go with you, but he can not go all the way to the stars with you.”
Lu stood up in Ray’s hand and said, “I will bring you the stars and the moon. I am glad to have met you. I will watch you from the sky and give you the light that you want. Now I can live with the sun.” That night Lu flew to the sky and gave up her star dust and her white light of the moon, for that gave her the life she wanted. A life with the sun.

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