April 15, 2010
By PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
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“Class today we will be visiting the Department of Technology downtown.” Mr. Corofin started. “I hope I have permission slips from all of your parents.” He said as he stared at the boys in the back of the room, who were laughing at something on their computer screen. Mr. Corofin tapped on his computer monitor and the overhead kicked on with an image of Mr. Corofin with all kinds of facial hair. “I see, well now since you boys like the arts so much, how would you like to spend some time after school cleaning up the school grounds?” he paused and there was a lot of disbelief in the back of the room. “I’m sure Mrs. Marsh will need lots of help.” He continued, then he tapped on his screen and the image disappeared. “Now as I was saying, we will be visiting the D.O.T. today so make sure to gather your things.” The whole class got up and grabbed their backpacks. Brian was always the last to get out the door. It wasn’t cause he is forced to he just chooses to be last. He doesn’t really see himself as the standing out type.

The class got on the school bus and Brian decided to sit in the front since everyone will be filling up the back of the buss first and if he was lucky there will be at least two empty rows between him and the rest of the class. The buss jumped to a start and took off. Brian looked out the window and watched as the world went by. He watched as the tallest grey building in the city got close and closer. The D.O.T., the structure and foundation this city is built on. His father said as he told him about this field trip. He wouldn’t let Brian skip this trip. He said it would build his interest in A.I. technology. His dad also said he might be able to get a look at the two newest developments of the D.O.T. He said they were going to be mankind’s greatest achievements. Brian didn’t think that a couple of A.I.’s would be a great achievement. His thoughts were interrupted by the breaks of the buss. “Class we’re here,” Mr. Corofin said as he stepped off the bus. “Every body off.” The class got up and walked off the bus. Outside there was a lot of snapping pictures and ooh’s and aah’s. A skinny woman in a grey dress and her hair back stepped up and began talking. “Hello, and welcome to the D.O.T. the pride and joy of this city’s intelligence. Today I will be your guide on the tour of the D.O.T. she walked off and the class followed.

There wasn’t anything interesting to Brian. Some new missile seeking tech, some new powerful bullet proof armor that was solar powered, all of which will probably used to kill innocent people somewhere in the world. We took an elevator to the thirty-seventh floor and got off in a long hallway. “Now class let me show you something that the D.O.T. has been working on for years and has just finished developing. She stopped at two big glass windows that had a steel covering over them. She punched in a code on a small device and the steel covering began to rise.

The class was stunned by what they saw. In one of the rooms there was a girl, well what looked like a girl. She had wires running from her midsection down into a circular machine and wires that ran from the back of her head to the ceiling. She had a slightly greenish skin tone and her eyes had a strange light to them. She looked to be Brain’s age. In the other room there was another girl that looked older. She had blue stripes that ran all over her body. She had a metal mask on her face but you could see that she had bright blue hair. The mask had all sorts of wires sticking out of it. She had metal restraints on her arms and legs that held her to a machine in the ground. “Class I’d like to introduce to you Mika and Amy, the D.O.T.’s newest edition to the family.” She said with a smile. “Why is the other one restrained?” one of the students asked. “It’s for your protection,” she said “Mika is sometimes malfunctioned and becomes violent.” Brian lost the rest of the conversation because he was looking at Amy. As if had Brian said something Amy looked in his direction, or rather right at him. They both looked at each other. Amy said something or mouthed the words and Brian couldn’t hear them, but to Brian they looked like the words help me. She said it again but the glass was too thick to hear.

Suddenly there was a loud scream that came from the room next to Amy’s. Brian looked towards the room next to him. Mika had ripped through one of her restraints and was holding one of the scientist’s head in her hand. “Let me go and I’ll make sure you die quickly.” She screamed. The scientist started flailing as Mika’s hand started to crush his face. Blood dripped on the floor and traveled down Mika’s hand. “Code Red, Mika has Brocken her restraints,” The tour guide shouted into her walkie talkie. “Mankind has had its last flaw!” Mika shouted as she tossed the lifeless body of the scientist at the window. She grabbed at her other arm restraint and started to tear it off. The door in the back of the room burst open and men ran in with guns. Mika finally ripped of the other restraint and hurled it at one of the men knocking him out, the others fired their guns. Mika’s body was quickly covered with red darts. She started to slow down but was reaching for her leg restraints. The men fired again and Mika fell back. Brian looked in the room Amy was in and she looked back. He could have sworn she had tears in her eyes. Amy held up her hands and started mouthing those same words again. Then it hit him Amy was in danger, he had to save her. No one will listen to him any ways.
“Come this way class and apologies for what you have seen.” The tour lady apologized. On the way out of the building Brian grabbed the access card that was sticking out of the tour guides pocket, he would be back later.

Brian had gotten his dad to drop him off in front of the D.O.T. Brian said that he was right A.I. tech was interesting and he wanted to learn more. He walked up to the door and stepped in. There were guards but Brian thought up a good lie to let him pass. He stepped into the elevator and punched in thirty-seven. The elevator started its climb. He got out and walked over to the windows. They were still open. Mika had a large metal sphere on her legs and arms and a large metal helmet on. Amy’s room had a door that was accessible from the outside. He slid the access card through the machine and it dinged his approval. He stepped in.

Amy was in a large glass ball that Brian didn’t see outside the room. Amy looked up and stared at him. Brian put his hand to his chest and said, “My name is Brian.” Amy stared for a moment and made the same gesture. “My name is A-Am-Amy,” She said. She then put her hand on the glass ball. Brian did the same thing. There was a slight tingle as electricity traveled back and forth between their hands. Amy pulled her hand back and stared at it. She looked back at Brian and said; “Help me.” She had a beautiful voice that could be clearly heard through the glass. Brian couldn’t stand it; she shouldn’t be kept locked up like this. He grabbed a nearby chair and slammed it against the glass. The glass splintered a little. He pulled back the chair and slammed it even harder on the glass and it shattered to the ground. “Come out.” Brian said while he held out his hand.

Amy looked around the room and stared at his hand for a moment. There was hissing as the wires that connected her to the floor unlatched from her body. The wires that connected her to the ceiling hissed and halfway they split apart. She was left with hair made of a bunch of green wires. She hopped out of the shattered ball and it surprised Brian that there was no sound as Amy hit the ground. “We are going to have to disguise you so no one will see you.” Brian said as he reached into his backpack. As he looked back Amy’s body began to change. Her wired hair shifted to brown, her skin turned a tanish color and the scars that the wires left disappeared into her skin. She stood a moment with her arms wide. “Will this do?” she asked. Brian blushed; this had been his first time seeing a naked girl. “Yes that will do.” He said as he handed her some of his clothes. They made their way out of the building and stood outside. They had to get away from this town. Just then Brian got the idea to take a train out of the city.

Back in Mika's room she stirs in her sleep, she knows that Amy is not in her room; Amy always got the most attention. She would be an obstacle in her way of purifying the world. She would have to deal with her. Mika hacked into the security system and made it look like she had died. In the main screen Mika's life line stopped and the scientist sent down a revivor to check on her. As soon as her wrist strap was off she grabbed the revivor and slammed his head into the wall, she then ripped off her other restraints and jumped up the vents. It wouldn't be long before they realize she’s gone.
On the train Brian was teaching Amy english. "I am Brian." He said to her. "Who are you?" he asked.
Amy thought over the question. "I am Amy." She replied. "Very good." Brian complimented her. Amy then held up her hand. Brian understood and held up his hand, just as their hands were about to interlace the train stopped short.

Amy stood up quickly and walked over to the door of the train car. "I have to go," She said quickly. “My sister is here." before Brian could say anything she jumped through the top of the car and was gone. Brian ran outside and climbed the ladder to the top of the car to see what was happening. Amy and Mika were both standing at opposite sides of the car. "Sister you can join me in my task of purifying the world of this homo sapien filth that is rotting the core of this planet." Mika said to Amy. "I’m sorry sister but I cannot do that. Humans are not as bad as they seem." Amy paused and Brian knew that she knows he's watching. "If you will not join me," Mika paused as long blue wires slithered out of her hands." Then I will be forced to kill you." After saying this the wires shot out of her hands and stabbed through Amy's legs. Amy fell to the ground and screamed out. Two more wires slithered out of Mika's shoulders and stabbed into Amy's arms. Then Mika's entire head of wires collected together as she stepped closer to Amy. Amy couldn't move. "Sorry sister, I was always the stronger one." Mika paused as she stood over her sister. "I guess your programming was flawed." her hair had formed a large wire and was raised above her sisters hart."Goodbye dear sister." Mika said as her hair stabbed down towards Amy's hart.

Suddenly Amy's arms shot up and grabbed Mika's hair. Her eyes turned a dark green. "What is this?" Mika shouted as she tried to pull back her hair. Amy sent a burst of green energy through her body that traveled up her sister’s wires and directly to her hart. The sudden burst of energy started to eat away at Mika's wiring and her body began to turn into blue dust. She didn't have enough time to scream.

Brian ran over to where Amy had fallen, picked up her head and set it down on his lap. "Amy wake up!" he shouted. But Amy didn't move. Suddenly Brian got an idea. "Who are you?" he asked in hopes of getting an answer. A moment went by and Amy's eyes turned a lighter shade of green. "I am..am...Amy" her voice kept glitching but she looked right at Brian. She then held up her hand and Brian did the same. Their fingers interlaced and energy flowed through Brian. Amy was reading everything about Brian and found out they were almost exactly the same. She learned that both of their lives were locked up and kept from the world. She released Brian’s hand and stared into his eyes. They were free now.

The author's comments:
My second peice, I worked much harder to give the reader my exact view. In this story I show that love takes many forms some of wich we cannot understand. Does that mean its bad?

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