the hero inside me: part one

March 28, 2010
By welshkidjosh BRONZE, Cwmbran, Other
welshkidjosh BRONZE, Cwmbran, Other
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I wouldn’t call myself a superhero, if anything I would call myself a super villain. The only reason being is because I don’t do anything to help other people, I only use my uncontrollable gifts to benefit myself. I’ve had many opportunities to help someone in need, but my angry and depressive emotions hold me back. The anger and fear I feel inside me, I can’t control it. Everything around me somehow makes me temperamental. Its as if I’m having mood swings that decide whether I help other people. Its not the person I want to be, but unfortunately it is the person that I am. However, I feel that there is still a good person inside of me, I feel that I could help those people in need, I just need to find that hero inside me.

It all started when I had the uncontrollable need to go to the bathroom. I know it sounds bad, I really should not have ate those school cafeteria tacos. I ran into those swinging bathroom doors as fast as I possible could. My stomach was pulling and tugging my body apart. I quickly picked one of the five bathroom stalls and threw my bag onto the floor as I took my rightful place on top of the bathroom seat. Ten or fifteen minutes later I began to feel calmer, as if the stress of the school day was flushed out of me, literally. As I was about ready to leave and make my way back to the hectic school day, I heard the sound of voices and thought I would be nosey and listen in on their conversation, its not like I would get this moment again. By the sound of their voices, I could tell that there were three boys, probably in my year as their shadows cast a huge image on the wall. I pulled up my trousers, and pushed my ear against the wooden door.

“It’s just not fair that you are the one to do it, I mean, common let someone else have a go for a change.” one of the boys said as I rearranged my ear against the surprisingly cold door.

“You thing that this is a game?” another one of the boys said. “This isn’t supposed to be fun, this is serious business that we have already got ourselves into. Do you want to make a sloppy mess of the situation and get caught?” he asked almost in a rhetorical tone.

“Fine, you finish this one, but can you promise me that I can do the next one?”

“Sure whatever, I don’t really care, as long as it is done properly. Do you understand?” he asked the other boy. I began to worry, I had no idea what they were talking about, but for some reason I wanted to find out what they were doing.

“I get it, I understand. So what time are we meeting tonight?” he asked. “I can’t wait to see some blood.”

“Be careful what you say in school, someone might here you. We’ll meet at the warehouse at eight. Now lets go, I got to talk to someone about a certain gun.” he answered pulling open the door as the three exited the room. I gasped, my face dropped and my expression grew. I was shocked at what one of the boys had said. I had to do something. Blood. That was the word that gave me the most disturbing feeling. I couldn’t imagine how anyone would want to cause someone to bleed. I must find out what they have done or what they are about to do.

Later that night I went to the warehouse they were talking about, it wasn’t that hard to find, this is a small town and there is only one warehouse. Coincidentally the only warehouse in our town was about a mile’s bike ride from my house. I brought a bag with me containing some things I might need, this included a sharp kitchen knife, a towel, a toothbrush (you never know), a fake gun, two energy drinks and a small box of donuts. I didn’t know what exactly what they had planned to do so I also brought along my camcorder to record anything unusual that might happen.

It was nightfall so I didn’t need to hide my bike incase it got stolen or something, you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. I saw a light flicker on in the warehouse and crept towards it. The voices grew louder as I reached the back entrance. I stopped, thinking what am I doing here. This wasn’t my business, but yet again, I couldn’t let these hooligans kill innocent people. I reached into my bag, grabbing my camcorder, then I put the bag behind a crate full of boxes. I but the camcorder on one of the windowsills facing the next room, hoping they wouldn’t see it, then poked my head around the corner to observe and hopefully still be alive long enough to report. The three boys from the bathroom were unloading weapons from a truck, I’ve never seen so much artillery. There were four men blindfolded and chained to chairs in the middle of the room. This surprised me because they were fully grown men and yet the boys from the bathroom were my young are of seventeen. I questioned myself what they could possibly do with these men. I wanted to find out just what they attempt to do. After the three boys fully unloaded the truck of weapons, they gathered around one of the guns that they unloaded.

“Is this it?” one of the boys asked. “It doesn’t look like much.”

“Of course it is Jared, and that is because it is supposed to look ordinary,” the other boy replied as he picked the gun up to see how it felt. “It’s light, which is good, Ryan to you want to try it out first?” he asked the other boy as he stared at the guns build.

“You bet!” Ryan grabbed the gun from the boy’s arms and chose his target, the man in the middle of the chairs. “Will we be ready for the effects?” he asked the Jared getting a tighter grip on the weapon.

“Yea we got a real gun loaded and ready if anything goes wrong, go ahead try it out”

“Alright, here goes nothing.” he brought the gun up to his line of sight and aimed directly at the man’s forehead then shot. I gasped, trying to keep quiet. The bullet blared out of the gun and quickly changed from it’s color of fire into a icy blue ghost of a bullet. It passed through the man’s skin into his head, leaving no trace of the bullet entering the man. He fell backwards off of the chair as the impact of the bullet charged through him. He stayed still and remained silent as the now broken chair pieces laid next to him.

“Did it work?” Jared asked. “Rich, did it work?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t know how long after until it takes effect.” Rich replied staring at the body with a confused but also concerned look. I grew afraid, I had no idea what they were talking about and wondered if the man was alright. They were waiting for something to happen, I don’t have the slightest idea what. “Did you get the right b…” Rich’s mouth dropped as he saw the man stand up, his expression of confusion quickly turned to shock. The man began to walk towards him, the man’s appearance changed at a constant rate as he gained control of his body. He stopped halfway across the room, his hands were shaking and his eyes glowed a red orange color. I was shocked by his new appearance, his size grew along with his muscles. I checked to see if my camcorder was getting this whole experience. This was like a dream, I needed proof.

The three boys quickly ran towards the unloaded weapons and grabbed a handful of guns. They aimed at the towering man, the sweat dripping off of their faces. They shoot, opened fire on the man, if you would call him a man anymore, he was more like a beast.

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