The Forest of Mythics

March 24, 2010
By Anonymous

“Stop playing” I yelled to Blake, who is a hybrid which is a creature who parents are two different creature. It is so unfair as I run the forest of Mythics, a realm where you can only enter if the Royal allows entrance, where as Blake hops on trees above. We go back go back to our picnic. You can say it is something you dream of at night, where you are enjoying your lunch with a loved one.

Blake is a hybrid heir to the throne. He have black hair, light skin, and is muscular for what he is able to do. I can’t believe he like me, Cindy. I’m a brunette, your average girl who is 5”4, and is skinny.
After our picnic we went back to his house, which look more like a mansion, but he denies it because it isn’t big enough. Inside the place is so nice and very welled detailed in decorations. Leather couches, Plasma TV, Granite kitchen, Gold tub, and a personal chief who is an ogre, which is the reason why I make my own food. Every room you go to there is always something nice in there. Inside his fish tank is a lighting system so celestial compare to others.
I walk inside the kitchen to find Blake tearing up a whole centaur’s leg, cooked, since he knows I don’t like the look of him eating raw meat with blood all over his face, then it came to curiosity that I wonder what it is like to eat a half-man half-horse leg.
After his meal we headed out the door, but heard a loud crash, so we went back in to check what just happen. It was a tire, which look like it was ripped off the Chevy Camaro, and flung through the window. Outside I see a strange man with red eyes wearing a long cape. He was white with little sharp fang-like teeth showing off his crown.
Then Blake pushes me into the kitchen, tells me to hide, and meet him at Cliff Mountain. I run up stairs to the bedroom. Down the window, I see Blake and the stranger get ready to clash. They start off clawing and punching each other. Blake seems to be injured with the large scratches on his back blood seeping through the scars.
With my emotions suddenly taken over, I pick up the monitor of the computer and heave it outside. It misses the stranger, giving off my location. He eagerly stares at me, showing those fangs for teeth, then bows to me. He reaches down, and pulls out a dagger, then prepare to jump. Blake just getting up, immediately knowing what he is about to do, leaps on to the opponent. Able to drag him down, he strips him of the dagger, and breaks his neck.
I stare at him with nothing to say. He pulls out the black ford f-150 yelling “we have to go”. With my head boggling with questions, I go silently, trying to relax. It feels someone is hitting me in the head with a hammer as they play a gong. So much questions race through my head that I finally pass out.
Waking up 5 hour later, the questions start flying out: who is he, what does he want, why is he here, do you know him? Before Blake could answer the truck speeds up. I turn around to see the stranger run after us. The only thing he told me is that it just began!

The author's comments:
i choose this piece because it is for a grade and is easy

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loc nguyen said...
on Apr. 6 2010 at 7:58 am
loc nguyen, Orlando, Florida
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this is such a good story

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