My Abyss

March 23, 2010
By ChloeA.Hauser BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
ChloeA.Hauser BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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Among the smokey abyss of the battle feild that represents my life, I realized something, I have no heir to my name. I don't know why this was what came to mind through all of the distruction around me, consuming me into its ingloriousness.

It was as though the gods had handed me a key, one that will open the doorway of knowledge even in the most ignorant of men. An understanding of which I would have never thought of on my own. I now new what my mother tirelessly tried to tell me. had I listented would things have been different now?

That night I made myself a promise. "If I survive tonight I will settle." Yet here I am today still wondering the dreary abyss of the battle feild that represented me and everything i stood for. I will forever be fighting a never ending war that began with a man whose name has long since been forgotten. All there is to show for it now is the invisable armies made of the same men as before,and the inaudible clinks of ghostly weapons and swooshing of flaming catapults.

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