March 3, 2010
By AliceHime BRONZE, Somerset, Other
AliceHime BRONZE, Somerset, Other
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I knew it was only a dream, yet I didn’t comfort me in the slightest. My dreams had always been vivid, but this was unbearable. I was standing in a huge room, which was dark and the lighting cast a dank and distorted shadow from the various weird twisted sculptures that lined the floor. My attention wasn’t focused on these horrific forms, but they interested me in the way that the workings of a killers mind interests you. It leaves a sick feeling in your stomach, and you feel dirty and unclean after witnessing it, but you can’t help but be compelled. Although abstract and alien, the figure like sculptures influenced my mind to think that they what they represented was sinister and disturbing, and the smooth lines of them created a fluid and live edge to them, which meant I couldn’t take my eyes off them, for fear that when I turned around they would have changed to reveal their dark intentions.
Reluctantly shifting my gaze to the corner of the dank room, I saw what my eyes had been drawn to the moment the dream began. It’s strange how dreams can influence your thinking, and because of this I knew this creature was there before I saw it, and I knew that it was the object of my attention, the subject of my dream, the creature was small, and skeletal. Its backbone protruded through its thin, grey and opaque skin, giving it a weak and yet prehistoric essence. Its limbs were unbearably thin and lacked any muscle. The skin looked as though it had been stretched across tits arms to the point of tearing. Because of this its greyish blue veins stood to the surface, defined and bounded. As I watched I saw them quiver, as the undoubtedly thin blood was forced through them. This made my skin crawl, and I forced myself to look away.
Its head was turned away from me, facing the corner of the room, but its skull was huge in the comparison to the rest of its form, giving it a childlike and helpless appearance. Suddenly my hearing seemed to cluck into place and I could hear its sobbing, the cried racking its small body, causing it to shake. The sound was strange, muffled and full of pain that cut you deeply. All I wants to do was fall to my knees, and cry myself, to somehow share its pain. But I didn’t, I just listened, and the more I listened the stranger the sound became, it was muffled yes, but its hands were by its side, and it wasn’t close enough to the wall. And I couldn’t see a scratch on its frail body, and the cry that was filled with pain was one of unbearable physical torture, I was sure. I stepped forward towards the creature, and as my foot landed, the noise stopped it sat there silently as I approached it, its large head still turned away from me. I felt a chill of wind shiver along my spine, and glanced around. I was no longer in the large room that I was stood in before, I was stood in a clearing in a wood, but the creature was still there with me. A huge towering fire billowed in front of me, inches from the small creature. Quickening my pace towards it, I felt the extreme heat against my face. I reached out and touched the creature’s shoulder gently, it was freezing. It turned its head slowly, and I gasped. Its large mouth was roughly sewn together, thick gold thread woven through its lips, and blood seeping from every entry point. Its huge blood shot eyes looked at me, pain swirling in their depths. Crimson tinted tears ran down its grotesque face, and it pleased to me with its eyes. Reaching toward sit slowly, watching its every move, I grasped the end of the golden thread and undid the knot. As I pulled the blood drenched thread from the creature’s lips, it blinked its large staring eyes. I dropped the thread to the floor and took a step back, and watched as the creature slowly raised its tiny hands to its mouth, and then looked at me. A wide grin spread across its face, exposing thin sharp teeth buried in its dark purple gums. Its long split tongue ran over them slowly, and its face contorted into a evil grotesque smile.
Realising what I had done, I stepped back quickly, but not quick enough. It sprang at me, teeth bared and sunk them into my flesh, pain shot through me, I collapsed.
Opening my heavy eyes slowly, I look up to see the large figure bending over me, I blinked, confused at the person who looked exactly like me, who stood staring. I tried to speak, and pain ripped through my body. I couldn’t open my mouth. Reaching up, I felt a thick coarse thread binding my lips together, and I felt thick warm blood seeping from the fresh cuts. I tried to gasp when #I saw my hands, thin and with papery skin stretched over them, I looked towards the figure, myself, pleading them to me, but they just grinned, showing long thing sharp teeth, and walked away. I curled into a small ball, and wept,
“It’s only a dream… its only a dream.”

The author's comments:
This is a peice that I submitted as a short fictional story for part of my GCSE. Hahaa, I beleive my Teacher left me a postit saying: "Gory, But Compelling."

Must say, That made me PROUD. ;]
I Hope you like it, Its the first thing I have submitted in here! >o<

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wow...disturbingly cool.

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