March 3, 2010
By lanieroxsox BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
lanieroxsox BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Maybe it was just my imagination, but I swear I am dripping sweat. My legs are burning like their on fire, the weather isn’t much better. It feels as if the world is a sauna. Push glide. Push glide. Feel the wind in your hair. Push glide, Push glide. The pattern keeps going and going in my head. I love skateboards I really do, but on hot summer days especially July, it’s not the best. I take my usual short route to the bookstore. I am the average book worm, who spends most my allowance on books instead of shoes and clothes like most girls my age. Everything about me is typical. Small American girl living in a small little town. Well Colorado isn’t really small but all I usually see is my neighborhood, so to me it’s pretty small.

I finally see the front of the bookstore. My chest heaving, I walk through the big blue front door. The cool air conditioner hits me like a wall, it must have been on full blast. I weave in and out of aisles pondering each and every title. I stop in mid step. I turn around to look at a book that doesn’t quite fit in. the binding’s old and ruined brown. I slide the mysterious book out of its slot and twirl it in my hands. It’s pretty plain. I can’t find a title so I open it the first page. Blank, second page, blank, third page? Blank too! All the pages are blank! It looked like a journal, but as I look at the pages I could tell there was writing. It wasn’t faded but you could see the indent marks from the pen. I stare uncomprehendingly at the blank recycled paper. Out of no where, words start to appear.

The Beautiful slender girl

Steps forward to the counter

To buy the new-found


Before I could stop to process what I just read. My feet move as if on command. I grab for things to hold on to, but the slip out of my grasp. I can’t control my legs. I slam into the counter. The wind got knocked out of me like I was punched in the stomach. My hands are forced into my pockets with such momentum the bottoms come un-seamed. I put my book money on the counter and leave with the door chime ringing. As I reach my skateboard I come out of the weird trance. “Delanie!” the scream made my ear buds pop.” What mom!” I scream back.” Oh, I didn’t mean to sound mad, I was just excited you’re home!” My mom’s 100 watt smile lit up on her face. She is a beautiful woman with beachy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. She is always smiley and happy, which explains the smile-wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.” What did you buy?” she asked her eyes drifting toward the book I grip tightly in my hands. “Oh, just this weird book. Id doesn’t have anything in it, Look.” I hand her the book cautiously like it was going to bite her. She looked confused as she searched it cover to cover.

“It was so weird,” I said,” It was like it was controlling me.” I had just told my mom my experience I had with the book.” Well I don’t know what to say……………. So the words just appeared on the page?” I could tell she didn’t believe me. I nodded, my loose hair swaying back and forth. She was curious about it but was sure it wasn’t real. “ I wonder if it could happen again?” she said. She cautiously opened it and turned to a random page. Just as I expected words appeared on the page

The temperature drops

To freezing. Droplets of

Fine clear rain wet

Your body like a


“ oh, well, nothing happened, are you sure this happened before?” what?!?! Did she not just see that! “ what do you mean? The book just said ‘the temperature drops to freezing. Droplets of fine clear rain wet your body like a shower!” I pointed to the page. “Honey....” she put her hand on my shoulder, instead of calming me down it made me even madder. “I think you’re seeing things; I mean a book can’t say things.” Her sad blue eyes were locked on mine, eating me apart. “I am not seeing things.” I told her suddenly very serious. “ I am pretty sure your seeing things”

I storm into my room and slam the door behind me. “I can’t believe she doesn’t believe me!” I say with a flop on my bed. Cuddling with my stuffed animals I sank deeper and deeper into my pillows. A dripping sound filled the room. Lifting my head from under my pillows I stare at the ceiling. It looked like it was melting away! The drops simply vanished when the went past my ceiling line. By the time the ceiling was gone, I had gotten out of my bed. The night sky could have been spread out in front of me. But instead were dark dingy storm clouds. Freezing rain fell from my now-open ceiling, and soaked me. The book did it again! As an ice cold rain drop trickled down my cheek I thought of mom. I ran out mf my room to go get her. “MOM MOM MOM!” I scream” what?!” “you have to come see this the book came true.” I had a huge run-on sentence and was sure she didn’t understand me. As we walked in my heart sank. The rain stopped! It didn’t even look like it rained at all! “I see nothings wrong so I am just going to leave.” She said as she backed out of my room. I can’t believe this just happened! Suddenly the book flipped itself open. It picked a random page and began writing. I walked up to the book and began to read.

The beautiful demon

Comes to kill

I was freaking out! All the other things that the book said had come true. Is this emon goddess girl gonna come to kill ME?!?! This book is not good news. A beautiful woman with long straigt dark brown hair and long legs poped out of the book. She had beaty red eyes. I am not talking red pupils, I am talking all of her eye was red! She slithered up to me. My heart racing I backed up to the wall. I was sweating soo much. Right then she snarled and pounced.

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