The Unknown

March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

It all began in the year 2051. A planet had been discovered that was as lush as green as Earth had been. Since Earth had been drained of its resources and become a wasteland people flocked to the new planet. Most of Earth’s population came but some stayed behind. Those who stayed behind warned us the new world. We ignored them. This choice sent us to our doom.

The date now is 2055. Four years after the discovery of this new planet. Most of my family is gone by now. All that remains is myself and my two brothers. One of them is 22, the other no larger than 14. I myself am about 25.

We survive by moving from place to place. But whenever we even glance at it we move. It stuck fear into the strongest of hearts. It devoured all in its way and there were more of them. Humanity had become the prey. It was something from the deepest pits of Hell. It was The Unknown. The Unknown resembled something out of Heaven. It shined like an angel. But its trickery and appearance consumed everything. Some tried to fight it but were killed.

This whole mishap traces back to about mid 2051. My family traveled to the new planet in search of a better life. Upon arrival another ship hit an asteroid and was gone. We set up our colony at about the equator. This is where The Unknown nested waiting for prey to come. As we stepped out of the ship it seemed this place was Heaven. Lush plants glistened in the sun; palm trees covered our heads from a sun as large as our whole solar system.

About two months after we landed people were seeing these “Angels”. These “Angels” gleamed pure white. As soon as the “Angels” got into our colony everything went wrong. First, food and water disappeared. Then, weapons disappeared. The last thing to disappear was the ships. One day the “Angels” came and BAM! The nearest person to them was gone. All that remained was a drop of blood dripping from the “Angels” mouth. Screams ripped through the air at this horrific sight. The Unknown had revealed itself to us. The one in the lead had a smile spread across its face. Others sprang from behind it and devoured others in the crowd. The person next to me was gone in a flash. As one of The Unknown landed next to me it turned its back to me and ate another person. Thoughts raced around my head. Slowly the Unknown turned in my direction. My first thought was to run but since others around were running and getting killed I decided to duck and pray. To my surprise it worked, the Unknown just looked above me and jumped over me (onto another person though). I escaped through an alleyway and ran home as fast as my little legs would carry me. As I arrived I saw my mother packing food and bottles into the truck, my father grabbed his old twelve gauge from his closet and threw that in the truck also. My siblings were grabbing there clothes and packing bags. The next thing I know I’m on my back with my ears ringing. Our house was gone along with one of my sisters. At the end of road stood an Unknown with its mouth wide open. I guess it used some sonic boom or something like that to level our house. The next part was… was… just to gruesome to describe. Well I hope some one else finds this and is now educated a bit on what has happened but for now; Humanity is the prey or what is left of it.

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