February 19, 2010
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I sprinted down the street searching for them. They were playing soccer.
The snow made them look like a perfect last moment. And it made me sad that I didn't have a last moment with anyone. When the world was going to end. All because of meteors. But I had to do something.
"Guys!" I waved still running.
"Jasmine," Edgar acknowledged as I skidded to a stop in front of him.
"What are you doing here?"
"I need your guys' help." I panted.
"Ask us anything. We want you to be part of our group. The world is
ending so we might as well make it worth while." Danny smiled.
Edgar shot him a warning look.
"This is not about saving the world is it?"
"Yes it is!" I started shivering under the falling snow. Everyone was wearing a light sweater. As if the running made them all warm.
"Jasmine, give it a rest already! National security has done everything they can-"
"But we haven't done everything we can." I explained.
"Those meteors are HUGE we can't do anything except slow it down by
like a centimeter. And besides, I doubt that they'll even let us into space anyway." Edgar pointed out.
He had a point. "There's nothing we can do." Jose said.
They turned around and started walking away.
"You know, I wonder where those giant spiders came from." Danny said as I turned around.
"That's it!!!" I yelled excitedly.
"What?" Daniel asked looking at me as I turned around.
"The spiders!!! They've been doing this all along!" I said jumping up and down.
"What are you talking about?" Edgar asked. Obviously thinking I was crazy.
"The spiders. Those giant spiders. Remember when we were looking at
spiders in science?" I asked.
"Yeah." Danny replied unsure.
"We found out that they could interfere with signals coming from a distance! If tiny spiders can do that, then imagine what those alien spiders can do! They made us think that meteors were hitting the earth."
"But what about the machines we were finding in the stores?" Jose asked.
"I don't know what they are but it has to be the work of the spiders."
"How do you know that the spiders interfered with our space detection
system?" Edgar asked trying to find a hole in my story.
"It all fits together! The sticky glue on the satellites, the death of almost all the adults, the screeching noise in broadcasts! They are doing this!
"These things are smart and we have to do something."
"Jasmine this is too dangerous for you to get involved in." Edgar scolded.
"Edgar, I'm not gonna stand around and wait while our planet gets
destroyed. And knowing that I had the information to stop it. I don't wanna die with that on my conscious." I argued. "They killed my family and I have no one else to turn to."
"Well how do you think we feel?" Jose asked. "They killed our families too."
"That's why I need you. If I tell this to anyone else they won't listen to me."
"Other people aren't the only ones who aren't listening to you." Edgar said quietly. I scowled.
"I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling. Revengeful." I said looking at them. "Edgar, please don't let me do this alone. I've been alone through everything. With no help. None what so ever. And why don't you want to do it?
You claim that it's the end of the world and you don't want to do anything exciting.The snow hasn't stopped you from playing soccer or playing whatever. What's stopping you now?"
He just looked at me. "Please." I stated holding my hand out palm up. He just stared at my hand. Someone placed there hand lightly on mine. I looked up. Danny smiled.
Jose placed his hand on top of Danny's and Daniel did the same. I looked up to see Edgar staring at the pile of hands. He put his hand on the top.
Everyone dropped their hands and cheered while I hugged Edgar. "Thank you." I
whispered against his cheek. "Now we need to find out what those machines are." I said pulling away
from him. I started running down the street and the others followed.
"Oooo!" Daniel exclaimed running in front of us. "I know a short cut to King Supers!"
We followed him as he disappeared into the trees. I went in about three feet and crashed into Daniel. He stayed up while I fell to the floor. "Ow." I whined
quietly as I got up. Everyone was beside Daniel looking at what he had found.
There they were. The machines.
The colorful flashing lights circled around a clear dome on a white cylinder. These things were twenty times bigger than the ones we had found in the stores. About as tall as the trees were. There were a lot of them now. "Dang,
stupid spiders know how to fight." Jose complained.
"I don't know what they are but they must be pretty important if they had to build bigger ones." I said.
I walked up to one of them with the nozzles and buttons. I pushed a
button and a little red ball came out of the nozzle falling to the floor. I picked it
up. It felt squishy and moist. I squeezed it and it popped with several tiny spiders crawling up my arms. I yelped brushing them off. "They're eggs!" I yelled.
"They are trying to over throw our planet!" Edgar complained.
"Someone give me a boost!" I said. I looked behind me. Everyone was in a line and they all stepped back except for Edgar. He looked to my legs and blushed deeply. I looked down. I was still wearing my mini skirt. "Oh my god!" I
yelled. "You guys are so immature!" I said starting to climb a tree that was about
the same size as the machine I wanted to look at. My legs started getting scratched up. I reached the height of the container and strained to look into it. I
finally got a look into it and there were a lot of red eggs in it.
Startled I fell of the tree into the moist and wet leaves that cushioned my fall.
I got up brushing down my skirt and shirt of leaves. "There are a lot in there."
I said. What had startled me, was what the other containers had in them. It was as big as the containers that held them. "In the other ones are giant spiders." I said.
"What about this one?" Edgar asked beside a white box. There were a lot of blinking lights and wires. I looked into the glass top. My heart stopped.
It was a bomb. Even one as complicated as this one. It was still a bomb.
"It's a bomb." I said backing away and falling on my butt.
"How can you tell?" Daniel asked.
"Janice taught me how to make a bomb once. And this is one of them."
"Why'd she teach you how to make a bomb?" Jose asked with a raised
"Nothing!" I said quickly getting up. "We have to warn the police." I said.
"They won't listen to us anymore." Danny stated. "Now that everyone
thinks the world's ending, they don't care about anything anymore."
"I know one that will!" Jose exclaimed behind me.
"Who?" I asked.
"You mean that one who stopped you from running into an exploding
building?" Danny asked.
"Exploding building?" I asked.
"No the one that was almost tricked into giving me poison."
I raised my eyebrow. Kids' been through a lot of stuff.
"Why would he care about you?" Edgar asked. "He said you were a
"No he'll believe us because recently, he hit his head and remembered everything but the past week."
"Well let's go!" I yelled starting to run. I staggered back getting to the bomb. I had no idea when this thing was about to go off so it was a risk.
I lifted one side of it trying to lift it up. I didn't care that I was wearing a skirt. I tried to
pick it up but it didn't budge. I looked at everyone else who was watching me.
"Well someone help me here!" I commanded. They all came rushing to
pick it up.
As soon as we got to the police station. I dropped my side of the bomb and ran inside panting. Everyone struggled to not let it fall. "We need to get national security on the line." I panted.
"Honey, they can't do anything else about the meteors." The officer said in a deep voice.
"The meteors aren't gonna kill us." The guys came in with the bomb. "This is!" They set it on the counter and he starred at it in awe. He picked up the phone
and started dialing rapidly. I smiled and hi-fived Edgar.
A couple hours later we were getting on a plane. I was surprised they even took us seriously. I tapped my foot impatiently. Edgar sat next to me trying to calm me. "When is this plane gonna take off!" I yelled.
"Don't worry. If the spiders wanted us to think that meteors were hitting the earth tomarrow they're probably gonna set it off tomarrow." He assured.
"But I wish we'd just hurry up." I moaned.
"Water?" A stewart asked.
"No thank you." I said bouncing in my seat. "Wait why are you here?
Shouldn't you be with your family?" I asked.
"The spiders killed all my friends and family. So I'm just trying to make the best of what I have right now." I felt pity for her. No friends, no family. This is why
I need to avenge so many people. Other people were in pain and I had to do something.
"I'm so sorry." I said my voice filled with sadness.
She looked at me surprised. She shook her head as if to get something out of it. She shrugged and walked away.
I blinked feeling just about to cry. Edgar put his arms around me in comfort. I closed my eyes a hot tear running down my cheek.
"I'm scared." I whimpered. "What if we don't get there in time or they can't do anything about it?" I asked sounding helpless.
"Don't worry." He hushed. He grabbed my face in two gentle hands. "We are gonna make it I promise."
"Thanks." I smiled and leaned against him. Falling asleep.

To be continued.......

The author's comments:
I got this out of a dream. I could've made it longer but I didn't feel like doing the work

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