March 1, 2010
By plushenko BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
plushenko BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
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That was it; I shot him and watched him die before me, my eyes in disbelief of what I had just done, my hands shooting the gun again and again. I had just killed him. He was the man who killed my parents, justice was served and for the moment I felt happy.
“I killed him” I said out loud in a triumphant voice.
“Open up, or were going to blow the door open.” said the officer outside the door.
The room was dark portraits across the walls gave me a feeling of being watched, but I made no sound. I thought this out and I was going to escape.
I found a latter up into an addict where my time traveling staff was. I could hear them preparing a bomb to blow up the steel door but then through a small window I could see that there were no police officers in sight just a bunch of explosives and a record player. No police officer was ever outside the door just and old record player. The clock next to the explosives said five seconds left Oh no! Everything seemed to stop, there was a feeling of a pounding heat across my neck and everything began to spin around me.
Barely conscious, I took a comforter from the bed and soaked it with water from the shower. After it was completely wet I wrapped myself in the comforter and ran out the door which was obliterated by the blast of the bomb, it was too late to get my staff and the only thing on my mind was getting out before the building would collapse. The cold water from the shower made me feel wide awake. I ran out the door into an open field.
A white police man around mid 30’s with a confederate flag on his head was waiting for me outside.
“Assume the position boy” the officer said in a cruel tone.
I reached for my gun, an AK-47, he shot and missed me. He shot again but this time the gun made no sound. He was out of bullets and suddenly the smirk on his face turned into the look of a horrified child in the second grade being surrounded by 10 high school bullies. It was over for him, I shot. I thought, yet another person had to die because they were in the way of my revenge. But I felt no sorrow. It felt good to kill in the name of my parents. My staff was obliterated but I had to get back to my own time. There was only one way to do that now. I had to reach the Emperor.

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