The Shadows

March 1, 2010
Kristen walked silently through the dark forest. She took in her surroundings with an eye for detail. She tried to squint deep into the dark shadows around her. She had always been paranoid.
From deep within the shadows of two large oaks, the gray, bloodshot eyes watched closely as Kristen searched for him and his small army without knowing it.
The trees waved gently in the wind causing the shadows to shrink in size. She gasped as the eyes turned into a head covered in black fur and slowly grew into a large black dog. No, thought Kristen as the canine bared its teeth at her, a wolf.
As she marveled at the wolf wondering how one had appeared in the wilderness of a rural Virginian town, he changed into a man. His hair was a long, frizzy, black mane that as plastered to his face with sweat. “I’m sorry Kristen,” He said in a rough voice, “though it’s unfortunate I must dispose of you.” With a swift steady motion he snapped her neck. He left, leaving her lying on the forest floor.

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