Live and Death Chapter One (Rewrite)

February 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Live and Death, it not far away. It looks far, but it isn’t. It just a few inch apart.
-3 years ago-
Time past by so fast, two more months and I am out of the 11 grade. It pasted by without me knowing it, it just like a blink.
"Good Morning Nina," Kristy greeting me.
"Good Morning, How was last night?"
"Hahaha, it so sad you missed it Nina, if u didn’t missed it, right now you standing next to the love of your life."
"Stop messing with me, you don't want me to go tell Dylan about it," the word came out my mouth without my permission.
"Why? Why? Why God? Why did you sent this little witch down to earth to be my best friend?" she burst it out.
"That mean and hurtful." I said.
“Nah, u don’t need to feel hurt, because I love you the most,” Kristy said.
“Save that love for Dylan,” I request.
"Morning sweetheart," Dylan said.
"Morning Honey," Kristy said.
Hearing thought sweet talk gave me a chill, or more like a creep.
"What wrong Nina?" they both ask.
"Lucky I didn't eat anything this morning," I joke around.

*Ring Rings* -The bell ring-

"Well cya around," I said.

"Bye bye," they reply to me.

'Huh? what going to happy today? is there anything new?' I wonder to myself.
Stepping into the class, I saw someone sitting next to my desk. A new face into the class room, but somehow I have a feeling that I met him somewhere, somewhere that I don't even know. Strange huh? I just take my sit.

"Hi," a deep wonderful voice.

"Oh hi, you need anything sir," I said.

"Mr. Wong please stand up and introduce yourself please," the teacher talk to the guy next to me.

“Hi everyone, I’m Andy Wong, I just came back from America. Please support me,” a deep, wonderful voice said.

This dude seem strange, well it not my problem anyway. Every girl in the class tried to talk to him.
‘Are there really a human like that in this world? A golden brown eye color, tan color skin, but lighter than tan, shinny dark black hair, a clear smooth face, are he some kind of prefect person that god sent down from heaven?’ I wonder to myself.

*Ring Ring* -The lunch bell –

“Nina over here,” Kristy yell across the room.

“Shhh, yours too loud, you want everyone in the whole school to know me or something?” I said.
"Yea, it will be wonderful, you will be able to find your lover that way," she said.

I was sitting there eating, minding my own business, but into something caught my eye. It was Andy and some other people. They look kind a like, but they still look little different. There were 4 more people with him, 2 girls and 2 boy.

“Nina, Nina, come back to earth,” Kristy said.

“Sorry, hehehe” I said.

“What was you thinking?” she asked suddenly.

“Nothing, hey why are you here, go find Dylan and leave me alone,” I said.

“Are you sure you can stay here by yourself?” Kristy asked.

“Yea I’m sure, I’m Nina Chu,” I point it out.

After Kristy left, I went throw my food away. I went out of the cafeteria, trying to find a place where no one can find me there. I went behind the school ground, there a little forest behind the school ground. I went in the there. After I got deep inside of the forest, about to sit down, but before that I look around to see if anyone there. I smell a sent of blood, my start heart beating faster. A white circle surround me.

To Be Continue

The author's comments:
This is the edit one. The other one i make so many mistake, I'm sorry

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