Stolen Soul

February 14, 2010
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I sucked in another breath, ragged and uneven. My body ached and I felt motion sickness just from walking. I was starving.
I looked around the dark street for someone to get food from. An old lady was pushing a shopping cart filled with blankets. Heading towards and alley was a couple, giggling.
I moved silently and my bones ached in protest. The pain worsened to where I felt like I was on fire. Keeping my face calm I came up behind the couple.
The girl had lengthy blond hair and green eyes. The boy had red hair and freckles. His eyes were brown and wide. Both of their faces were twisted to disgust at the sight of me. They were probably wondering why this old, ugly, and balding woman talking to them.
I turned towards the boy first. I opened my mouth and a sucking sound started. The boy’s brown eyes grew dull and lifeless. His expression changed to horror than a sickening calm. His hair seemed to shorten and lighten.
I could feel the wrinkles on my face disappearing and liver spots vanishing. I felt my hair go down to my ankles and changing color. I was immensely better, but I was still hungry.
The girl was obviously terrified. She turned to run, but fell over her own feet in her rush.
With a sigh, I slowed my pace. I still passed up cars, but I was going much slower than I had a couple minutes ago. I still felt strong and I knew that I looked beautiful.
I pulled to a stop and glanced around me. The ocean was in front of me. Standing on a dirt trail lined with trees and bushes, I stretched my arms. It felt good to run, but I didn’t want to waste all my energy when I had already reached my destination.
Last night I was in California, now I was in Florida.
A smile playing on my lips, I scanned the beach for a lifeguard tower. I saw one not too far away.
It was still early in the morning so the beach was nearly empty except for the lifeguard. I walked swiftly in the opposite direction. I could still see the tower, but I knew that the lifeguard wasn’t able to see me.
The water was freezing cold as I ran into the water. It was the only thing that I couldn’t stand; cold. Still I was under the water and swimming towards the life guard. I focused on the character I was going to play.
I popped my head out of the water and saw the lifeguard playing with his thumbnail. I went back under. I swam closer to the shore. I made my body go limp as a wave pushed me onto the sand.
“Oh!” I heard the lifeguard gasp.
I coughed up water, "Help."
“I… um…” The lifeguard rolled me onto my back.
I moved slightly away from him. He was obviously new and didn’t know what he was supposed to do. “I’m okay.” My voice broke twice.
“Um… what’s your name?” He said fumbling with his walkie-talkie.
I closed my eyes for a second like I was thinking hard. “I don’t know.” I stole souls for food; I don’t feel bad about lying to lifeguards.

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nordgirl said...
Mar. 28, 2010 at 11:09 am
Sorry, when I posted this I somehow cut off part of the story.   :(
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