Why You Must Look Up

February 13, 2010
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Long ago, star roamed amongst humans in one body. He was a loving man, and could see light and hope in everything. He saw beauty in everyone and brought out the best in everybody.

Every morning he would walk on the earth, checking that was well, and every night he would return to his castle in the sky and shine upon the humans, whom he loved so much.

But one day, foolish men started a war. People were left helpless, mourning over their families and their friends, with no access to any help from anybody else. Star cried for them. He did everything he could, but what could one body do for millions? Knowing that people died, and anything star tried to do wouldn’t bring them back left him crippled and lonely. He saw children alone amongst debris of homes that once sheltered them, and mothers and fathers crying for their children.

“I am lonely and scared,” one child said to him. “I do not know who to turn to, and the dark of the night frightens me so very much.”

Heartbroken and shattered, star returned home. He could not think of anything to do to lessen the disaster of the humans. Being a body of perfect innocence, he could not return to Earth.

Looking down from his throne, he noticed a small boy staggering in the woods. The boy looked very frightened and was crying. The iron noose around star’s heart tightened, because it seemed to him that there was nothing to do. Then an idea struck him.

Star split his arm from his body and threw it in the direction of the boy. His arm’s light shone upon the little boy and the little boy immediately felt hopeful. He split himself up, and divided himself equally amongst the sky.

“There.” he said, “whenever you feel like nothing’s going right, look to the stars.”
Because the stars, they shine for you.

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