Road to True Love part 1 Chapter 1 section 2

February 10, 2010
By fanpire13 SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
fanpire13 SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
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We were finished unloading the truck in twenty minutes. Kris decided he was going to stay and help me get settled in. I could see in Eddy eyes, that he wanted to stay, but I wouldn’t let him. At least not with my brother here. After they left we got everything in my room set up.
“When will mom be back?”
“Really soon, probably.”
“Do you want me stay here until she gets here.”
“You don’t have to.”
He gave me a hug and said “When you got here you weren’t sitting close enough for your hair to smell like him. Will you please tell me why you were taking so long to get here?”
“Fine, but it’s your fault. You made that comment about me liking him.”
“He pulled the truck over about half way here to talk about it. Then he tried to get me to stay with dad, but I still refused. Then he got sad and…”
“Let me guess you just had to give him huge hug because you felt bad about making him sad, right?”
“Yes and if you have a problem, then you can leave.”
“I’m sorry; I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
Then we heard the sound of a car in the driveway. It wasn’t long after that, that the front door opened.
“Hi mom.” Kris and I said at the same time. Then we went to give her a hug.
“Hi, are you going to dinner with us Kris?” mom said.
“No, he’s not going…” Kris put his hand over my mouth.
Then said “Sure I’d love to, just let me call dad.”
We left as soon as he finished talking to dad. I knew the only reason changed his mind was because of Eddy. He probably had more questions, about what happened on the way here, with Eddy. Now mom would know. Even though she would have figured it out pretty soon anyway.
The drive to Port Angles seemed to take forever. My mom and Kris were talking in the front seat. Even though dinner Kris didn’t say anything about Eddy. The drive home was the worst part, because he hadn’t said anything yet. I was getting extremely anxious. I kept looking at my phone to make sure Eddy hadn’t called and to check the time.

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