"The Truth Trees"

February 16, 2010
It was snowing a cold wintry day in my town and I was in the den looking out into the world. The natural world seemed so beautiful to me. Every time I would look up into the sky I would in vision all my dreams for the future. The cold couldn’t carry my eyes away from those beautiful trees in my yard. They had a way of talking to me in there soft everlasting beauty. I would look at them and it was like by looking at them I saw my future before my eyes. I saw myself graduating high school, going to the college of my dreams, getting married to my best friend to whom I have always liked. I saw myself having twin girls which I had always dreamed of. I continued to look into those tress into the natural world and vision by vision came true. I felt as if I had esp. but I couldn’t in vision my future by just sitting indoors. So I continued on and on year by year to bask in the beauties of the earth. One day I got pregnant by my best friend or my husband I was so thrilled. One day I was sitting at the doctors office and the doctor announced I was having a little girl. I started crying tears of joy. I was sitting near the trees one day enjoying there peacefulness in visioning what life would be like if I had, had twin girls. About a week later I went into labor and I delivered my baby girl. Next thing I knew the doctor was freaking out saying to quickly get the other baby out. My husband quickly corrected the doctor saying we only had one baby picture on the sonogram. The doctor said there was another babies heartbeat in me and I had to deliver ASAP. So I gave birth to my second baby about five minutes later. “it’s a girl”, the nurse said. I was overthrown with emotion. I had always wanted twin girls and somehow even while the doctor was checking on my first born for nine months the doctor never saw my other baby in me. Then I thought of the trees how I had envisioned having twins just weeks before my delivery. Then I had thought it was just coincidence there was no such thing as magic. Then I thought well there is such a thing as a sign and they had been hidden in those truth trees all along.

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