The Living Dead

February 4, 2010
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This is the story of Michael Johnson, a 28 year old doctor whose only goal in life was to make money and to make himself happy. One cold night, a patient with a horrible cough and pale skin walked into the hospital Michael was working at and out of nowhere attacked the desk assistant. The nurses that had survived that night remembered screaming in horror as they watched the man graphically tear the woman's head off her torso.
One of the nurses ran into Dr. Michael's office and screamed out the message that she was told to tell him. Michael's eyes had grown wide with fear and quickly without second thought; he grabbed the pistol out of his desk and ran out the office door. Once he had reached the hallway, half of the nurses had already been slaughtered and were standing back up. He screamed when he saw that one of came charging at him without the top half of her head and immediately shot at the woman's legs, causing her to fall over.
With warning, he felt something grab his left arm and saw it was the nurse who had came and told him about the man. He looked down at her name tag and saw that her name was "Samantha". "Please take me with you," she begged, "Wherever it is you're going. I can't stay here by myself they'll surly eat me alive."
Michael at that moment figured that he could take her with him, but he needed to make sure that he was definitely going to make it out alive. He paused for a moment and saw that the door was only about 20 feet away. He could make it, but he needed bait. He smiled as he looked back at Samantha and said reassuringly, "We're both going to make it out of this."
Samantha smiled and said, "Really?"
Michael nodded his head and with one big push, shoved Samantha into the horde of zombies. As Michael made his way towards the door, he looked back to see Samantha screaming and pleading for him to save her. Michael shook his head and busted out the door and into the cold rain where he saw his car. Smiling and laughing as he ran towards his vehicle, he thought of the poor girl that he had left inside. He shook his head to clear that thought from his mind and pulled the lever on the car door. It didn't budge.
Panic and fear had swept over Michael as he realized that he had left his car keys in his office. He cursed himself for being so irrational and ran back to the door to get them. Once he opened the door, he looked inside to see that all of the zombie nurses had disappeared. Surprised by the disappearance but not forgetting his mission, he quickly ran to his office to fetch his keys.
Once he reached the door, he stared at it for a moment in confusion. "Strange," he thought, "I don't remember shutting the door." Deciding that it wasn't important, he opened the door and quickly shut it to prevent anything from getting. Immediately afterwards he realized something was wrong. He hadn't had noticed it when he walked it, but the lights in his office had been shut off.
Only seconds had passed and soon he heard labored breathing along with a few cackling laughs. Without his help, the lights flicked on and with fear he realized that he wasn't going to be living after all. At his desk sat Samantha…holding his keys and smiling.

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Autumnfox said...
Mar. 24, 2010 at 8:26 pm
It end with a good cliffhanger
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