The Search For the Truth (Continuing of No Name Yet. Chapter One) Chapter Two

January 23, 2010
I looked around the kitchen at the sober faces, glad that I couldn't look at my own. There was Papa, Mama, Gran, Arianne, Andrew our baby brother, and me. "Um, how was work, Papa?" I asked, "work was fine, Asher" Papa said, his tone brought my spirit down more. "I want Grampy" Andrew whined, throwing rice all over us, "Andrew" Arianne yelled, grabbing his plate and taking it to the kitchen. "I don't know what we're going to do, Arianne has it, no one had had it since Fern...died" Mama whispered, not wanting me to hear but I heard her clear. Fern was her sister, "Mama, why is it bad I mean is it jinxed or something?" I asked and Mama shook her head, "I don't know, Asher, eat your food and don't say a word to Arianne" I nodded. I knew Arianne was listening, she came out of the kitchen and sat down, she looked up at me, can we be excused we're not really hungry?" I said Mama nodded. I picked up Andrew, and carried him to the basement where Arianne's room was.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Arianne frowned and said "I feel something, Asher, it's not good it's near it wants to kill" I sighed, "sucks being able to feel stuff like that" i rocked Andrew back and forth as he whined. I smiled and said, "Do you feel like seeing Shawn?" Arianne's head jerked up and she smiled at me, "I guess" she said and grabbed the laptop off the counter. "Show me, Shawn," she whispered and Shawn appeared on the screen, he looked up from something he was building right at us. "Hey, Arianne" Shawn said, smiling a modest smile and jumped up, hiding whateverhe was building. "Ooh" Andrew said, I smiled and said "someone saw what it was you were building, you little builder" Arianne looked like she missed what we had seen. Shawn shook his head, "Asher, will you ever use your powers for good?" he asked, "I dont know what powers you are talking about" I said, "maybe Austin will" Shawn smirked and started to scream for his brother. "Shawn, no" I said, jumping off Arianne's bed to the floor and I heard Austin talk then. "Hey Arianne, Andrew" Austin said, "hey Asher" I swore on Austin's life that I would get Shawn later. "Sorry, but Asher is not her only Arianne, Andrew, and Charity the maid you can leave a message after the beep beeeeeep" I said, using a British accent and Austin said "I know you're there, Asher." I popped up slowly and said "hi, Austin" then I went back down.

"I cant help it whenever he's around I get nervous and a little scared" I said to Arianne as I closed my locker, "Asher, you 've got to be strong like me I never get nervous when Sha---" Arianne said but stopped when she saw Shawn. Arianne jumped behind me, "I thought you said you never got nervous" I teased, she shook her head, "I meant when he's not here in front of me" she said and pushed me forward. "Hey Asher, have you seen Arianne?" Shawn asked, "I saw her hiding behind my back about five seconds ago" I said turning around and Shawn said, "there you are, I've been looking for have to cancel out friends date thing something came up I hope it wasnt that important to you." Arianne's eyes narrowed at Shawn for a small second and she shook her head, "no it wasn't important" she said sweetly, Shawn smiled and said "I'll see you later, Arianne." Shawn walked past us, "no it was just the most important thing to me these days" Arianne said, hitting a locker and then she looked at me, "can we leave now?" Arianne said, "okay" I said.

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